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@HattieMclean Thanks for reporting. This was also reported by another member of public and officers have attended and have no concerns. 27/11/2015 11:43:33

RT @SusPolLicensing: Good morning Twitter! From Tues, 8 Dec this will be your one stop shop for @sussex_police licensing news and advice. P… 27/11/2015 10:36:45

@seaniemarathon Any unexpected/cold callers should respect the messages indicating your wishes 27/11/2015 10:32:33

@shivieedwards The system is slightly different in Wealden, if police do see the offence they will issue a ticket. Please use local contact 27/11/2015 09:32:28

#A27 near #Firle is going to be closed at 10.30am for a while as a lorry that went 'off-roading' in early hours is pulled out of field. 27/11/2015 09:24:09

@blue_fairy6 could have been related to what @NPAS_Redhill were helping us with in #Brighton. Take a look at their feed for info. 27/11/2015 09:20:51

#A23 at #Pyecombe now mostly clear. One vehicle awaiting recovery, but almost back to normal. 27/11/2015 09:17:44

Several minor shunts on #A23 and #A27 this morning. Let's keep Black Friday in the shops and off our roads. Keep focused folks. 27/11/2015 08:35:27

Visit the NaCTSO website today for info about protecting online devices like mobile phones: #CounterTerrorismUK 27/11/2015 08:29:57

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Friday November 27

Is it illegal to carry a knife around in my pocket?

It's illegal to carry any sharp or bladed instrument in a public place, with the exception of a folding pocket knife which has a blade less than 7.62 cm (3 inches) long.

A lock knife is not a folding pocket knife and therefore it's illegal to carry around regardless of the length of the blade.

A lock knife means a knife which is similar to a folding knife, in that there is a spring holding the blade closed. However, a lock knife has a mechanism which locks the blade in position when fully extended and the blade cannot be closed without that mechanism being released. A lock knife is not automatically an offensive weapon because these knives were made with a specific purpose in mind and not as a weapon. However, possession of a lock knife in a public place without reasonable excuse is an offence.

Possession of a multi-tool incorporating a prohibited blade or pointed article is capable of being an offence under this section even if there are other tools on the instrument which may be of use to a person in a public place.

The ban is not total, but it's for the person in possession of such an instrument to prove on the balance of probabilities that he or she had good reason for its possession. For example, someone backpacking across the Lake District may reasonably be expected to have a knife for the preparation of meals. It will be far more difficult to justify on the streets of a city or town, but there will be occasions when someone is genuinely going to something like a martial arts class or scout meeting.

The penalty for committing this offence is a maximum prison sentence of four years.