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RT @bbcsoutheast: .@sussex_police are ready! Preparations well underway for the 25th #BrightonPride! @EllieCrisell has more at 1830 31/07/2015 14:31:34

@dex2500 Hi - your local PCSO will be able to supply them. Here's the link to our website, pop in your district: 31/07/2015 14:28:51

@matthewasavage No problem, thanks for your tweets. 31/07/2015 14:19:09

@matthewasavage no one is above the law. No matter who it is, if you think the driving was dangerous or anti social please report them 31/07/2015 14:15:59

#Hastings Police use new anti-social behaviour powers to close property 31/07/2015 14:13:24

RT @SgtPeterAllan: Come and see @sussex_police in the park at this year’s #BrightonPride and pose for a #SusPolSelfie on our motorbike 31/07/2015 14:11:06

RT @CInsp_Kundert: Working @PrideBrighton tomorrow. Information will be available from @sussex_police all day 31/07/2015 13:52:37

@rebikins you can complain here: 31/07/2015 13:08:15

@matthewasavage please report this to Operation Crackdown here: so we can look into it. 31/07/2015 13:05:03

Talk to us if you were in Southfields rec, #Littlehampton, between 1.30pm and 2.15pm yesterday. A boy was assaulted. 31/07/2015 12:57:18

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