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RT @SgtRoyHodder: Looking forward to Cadet Annual Parade #VCC2014 21/11/2014 15:53:21

Have you had your bike stolen in Brighton but not reported the theft?: Have you had your bike st... #sussexpolice 21/11/2014 15:48:04

@The_Whetherman As in 'we saw a need'. The hazards of writing concisely for Twitter! 21/11/2014 14:12:01

@_Wilx_ As in 'we saw a need'. The hazards of writing concisely for Twitter! 21/11/2014 14:11:39

Could manage training of officers centrally rather than on divisions to save costs #SusPolScrutiny 21/11/2014 14:05:39

The force’s highest spend with the College of Policing is on training for specialist roles determined by need #SusPolScrutiny 21/11/2014 14:03:27

Need to look hard at how we deliver policing in the future #SusPolScrutiny 21/11/2014 13:58:38

Sussex Police rated as good for efficiency in the HMIC Value for Money profile #SusPolScrutiny 21/11/2014 13:55:19

Sussex has the 5th lowest expenditure per head of population of all forces #SusPolScrutiny 21/11/2014 13:49:04

Police have identified lead officers to work with members of the Sussex Youth Commission around its recommendations #SusPolScrutiny 21/11/2014 13:43:47

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Friday November 21

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