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Do any of the items found hidden in a Worthing pond belong to you?: Police are hoping to reunite... #sussexpolice 27/08/2014 10:42:58

@scrapperduncan Ah yes - we need to reply to a 'real' name so that's correct (ICO guidelines). Instructions are here 27/08/2014 08:36:55

Help sought to trace Seaford prowler: Police in Seaford are appealing to local people for help a... #sussexpolice 27/08/2014 08:31:11

@scrapperduncan It would be a FOI request I will forward this on to the team who will respond to you here within 20 working days. 27/08/2014 07:53:40

: #sussexpolice 26/08/2014 21:03:05

Missing girl Lacey Easen, 15, has returned home to Crawley: Lacey Easen, 15, reported missing fr... #sussexpolice 26/08/2014 20:58:44

Concern growing for missing 15-year-old girl: Police are growing concerned for a girl who has go... #sussexpolice 26/08/2014 17:08:49

Replica OBE medal stolen in burglary in West Hoathly: Police are appealing for witnesses after a... #sussexpolice 26/08/2014 17:08:48

Pensioner attacked in aggravated burglary in Burgess Hill: Police are seeking two young men afte... #sussexpolice 26/08/2014 16:21:06

Appeal for two injured in motorcycle collision near Hooe: Police are appealing for witnesses to ... #sussexpolice 26/08/2014 16:21:05

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Wednesday August 27

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