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If you have knife/bladed weapon to surrender take it to a police station or call 101 for advice. Put in box or wrap safely. #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 11:13:50

Fraud investigation launched after a pensioner in #Pagham pensioner pays £3,000 for work not carried out 31/07/2015 11:09:47

More than half of recorded violent crimes do not involve injury. #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 11:05:39

We’ve worked hard to improve our recording. That’s led to increases in recorded crime. Sussex is not a more dangerous place. #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 11:04:03

NHS must now share information on victims of FGM and we are working closely with other partners for info/intelligence. #suspolscrutiny 31/07/2015 11:01:02

Police officers at Gatwick trained to spot signs of people travelling abroad to prevent FGM occurring. It's Op Limelight. #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 10:56:04

Female genital mutilation (or cutting) is illegal. It is child abuse. Visit for more information. #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 10:54:20

We're working with Gatwick and charities to protect vulnerable children from FGM (female genital mutilation or cutting). #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 10:52:27

@rebikins we of course can deal with aggressive behaviour. Noise complaints are dealt w/ by councils. More info here: 31/07/2015 10:52:17

@Darrensantoro local councils are responsible for noise complaints. You can find out more here: 31/07/2015 10:50:44

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Friday July 31


District Commander Chief Inspector Warren Franklin

Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Neil Honnor


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  • Dear Rother residents,

    Many of you will be aware of the current pressures that are facing the majority of police forces across the county, for Sussex Police, this means that we are working on a new vision for policing Sussex. Recently Chief Constable Giles York launched the Sussex Local Policing Model, outlining how we will protect our communities, shape our resources, so that we can continue to serve the residents of Sussex.

    Any changes will happen gradually over the next four years, but we will remain a service that protects the community and is relentless in the pursuit of criminals at all times. Further information can be found by following the link on the Sussex Police website homepage.

    Throughout the summer we will inevitably start to see an increase in visitors, this in turn can create more opportunities for criminals to commit crime. Please think about your personal security, i.e consider vulnerabilities in home and business security, such as windows and doors being left open. In addition when you are out and about keep personal possessions out of sight, if they are to be left in your vehicle and keep your possessions safe on your person. For more tips on summer crime prevention tips visit our website.

    During the summer we instigate Operation Radcott, jointly with RDC whereby our officers and PCSOs assist the council’s coastal control team and offer a positive police presence. This is due to the high surge in visitor numbers and due to the increased demands which the large holiday centres create. With joint working we hope that the large holiday sites will contribute more to community safety in the future.

    I'd urge anyone who spots any suspicious activity, or behaviour to call us.

    Our best source of information is from your calls, so when you see something suspicious, call us on 101. Please look out for your neighbours, your call and observation could be the difference to catching offenders.

    Criminals need to know that where we think they have profits, hidden though they may be, we don't give up after sentencing. Financial investigation is increasingly at the heart of criminal investigation. Under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) I am pleased to report that in the past year we have stripped criminals of their criminal profits to the tune of over £9 million in the past year (2014/15).

    I am please to report Rother residents are becoming more aware of the various scams out there, which proves that the work that Sussex Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other partner agencies is having a positive effect.

    We do still receive reports that the scammers are not giving up, and that they are still using the phone to try and trick people into handing over their bank details, or cards. However, more people are now recognising the signs and not falling for their lies and becoming a victim of crime.
    Please do be aware that they are still out there and make sure friends and family know that police will never call you and ask you for your bank details. More information on scams can be found on this website - as well as

    Another excellent source of information - on scams, or other forms of crime prevention - is your local police community support officer. Look for your town, village, or ward in the list above, click on it to get their details, and find out if there is a street meeting coming up. These are an excellent way for you to talk to your officer face to face about any local issues and receive crime prevention advice.

    Our website, continues to provide valuable information on crime prevention, latest news, details of your local policing team and has an option to report crime, in addition to calling 101, plus much more.

    On a final note If you've not signed up already, visit , it's a free website where you can register the details of your property. It can be especially useful if you have been victim of theft. We have a better chance of reuniting items with their rightful owners, if they are property marked and registered.

    I hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable summer.

    Kind regards
    Warren Franklin

    Your local ASB Co-ordinator is PC Alison Puddefoot who can be contacted on 101 ext. 564242 or via email at: If you experience anti-social behaviour in your local area, contact PC Puddefoot who will be able to assist you.

    If you would like to receive weekly e-mail updates from your local Neighbourhood Policing Team, contact us at:

    Also consider following us on our various social media sites:

    Facebook: BexhillPoliceUK, BattlePoliceUK, RyePoliceUK.

    Twitter:@Bexhill_Police, @Battle_Police, @Rye_Police.

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