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Currently evaluating two car and a van for neighbourhood policing at Hastings - not emergency response - report by February #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 09:18:33

We have been evaluating several different types of hybrid and electric vehicle #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 09:17:18

We also support lead role of Border force and NHS England at Gatwick #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 09:00:05

We work closely with Sussex Local Resilence Forum who plan local response if needed #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:59:09

National Ebola response is led by NHS England but police support local planning #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:58:21

Lawfull undercover policing a legitimate important tactic - closely supervised by Office of Surveillance Commissioner #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:56:37

Victim satisfaction really important to police - new review of how we deal with this #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:49:48

Work is ongoing – but meanwhile we have been dealing with another separate 127 cases, at higher levels of assessed risk #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:40:14

Allreviewed and assessed for evidence of actual offences – but we focus on whether any pose physical risk to children #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:39:53

We received 68 reports from CEOP in Operation Spade #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:35:30

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Wednesday October 22

Policing one of England's largest counties presents us with continually evolving challenges as we serve our diverse and vibrant communities.

Specialist teams are responsible for the security of our ports along the coast and for Gatwick Airport: they work with their colleagues across Surrey, Kent and Hampshire as well as HM Coastguard to provide the most effective cross-border policing for the south-east of England.

Although they all have specific skills, our teams of dog handlers, specialist search units, roads policing and tactical firearms units all work in unison to ensure the success of large-scale operations around public order, counter terrorism and major incidents.

While some of our work makes the headlines, much of our daily work is much lower in profile but no less important: we find missing persons, protect vulnerable residents and keep our communities safe.

Behind the scenes, police staff collect intelligence and run the operational side of our organisation so that our frontline officers can do what they do best.