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Saturday April 19

Jane Derrick

Jane Derrick

Superintendent Jane - Arun

My name is Jane and I'm responsible for Roads Policing in Sussex. More about me

My blog

Sunday 16 February 16:59

Sunday Afternoon Reflection

I haven’t written a blog for quite some time. It’s not because I have nothing to say ( those who know me know I always have something to say !!) but there has been an awful lot going on at work and at home and some of that has merged at times .

Firstly what’s my current job all about then ?

Well I am the Supt looking after Roads Policing in Surrey and Sussex . That’s not just about the dedicated officers who attend crashes and  monitor the speed cameras. It’s so much more subtle than that . I have never worked on the Roads Policing Teams before and therefore have had to spend some time soaking up what they do, their acronyms and view of the world . 

I am very humbled by some of the work that goes on to keep people safe,support families and victims and look forward to the new engineering opportunities. Some of you may know that I have a background in Divisional work as well as the worlds of Public Order and Firearms . At a recent ACPO conference Tom Winsor stated that he thought officers and staff within the RPU world have the most dangerous job .

Using my personal and professional judgement I have to agree. I have seen officers in Surrey and Sussex over the last few months putting themselves between harm and the public. They are berated by some for doing this but they are right and if they had not further questions would be asked and people would have been hurt - seriously 

Working closer - Surrey and Sussex Roads Policing

We have different methods of working,  but the bottom line is that we all come to work to do the same thing and each day we are working closer . I’m proud of the support Surrey offered to allow officers from Sussex to attend the funeral of a colleague who taken from us so suddenly . Likewise the flooding has offered opportunities too.

I really feel for those affected by the Flooding , we saw the impact of flooding In Arun 18 months ago and know that when the waters subside that is the beginning of the recovery phase, the most difficult for all concerned.A time when the cameras disappear but you really need support and commitment going forward

Other opportunities - partners

The support from partners in relation to road safety is really tangible and gives me alot of hope for the future as we move forward . I know that the  20 mph speed limits have created a great deal of debate . Early indications are that they are the way forward, but very much community driven ..

In Conclusion

Bottom line is that I am very proud of all the people across Surrey and Sussex  that work within my remit . I’m humbled by their commitment to the families of those involved in collisions . It’s not a role it’s a vocation and recognition came at a recent coroners court in Brighton.

For Me ..I have recently hung up my Bronze Public Order boots, a sad time for me as I love being on the ground and taking time to talk to staff and getting involved.

In  February I attended and passed a Gold / Strategic Firearms Course in Durham . I learned alot from colleagues from Forces I don’t normally mix with, as well as placing alot of pressure on myself to pass !!

Looking forward I will be working Brighton Pride Late Turn as the Silver and a couple of other operations including football at the Amex . #seagulls!!

Lastly I’m training for what I think will be my last Brighton Marathon. I had a year off last year but was there when Sam collapsed; so sad, a young man with so many dreams and so much to give … I realised that I missed the camardary of the event and wanted one more go - How foolish am I ?

Today I took part with my son in the  Brighton Half Marathon, a well organised event as ever . As I passed the bottom of Grand Ave I remembered Sam and what he could have gone on to achieve.

Going Forward

For me there are so many opportunities in my current role, there are some fantastic people committed to making a difference. 

They don’t expect or need a medal as they  reach a milestone, as I got today, but they do need recognition from the public and people like me . I am more than willing to do that and need to stay focused on that throughout .

In the background the training continues for early April . In essence the common themes are that at work and in my own life we are all looking forward getting ready for new challenges whilst maintaining normality .

Lots to do but a real opportunity to make a difference


Tuesday 24 December 10:03

A little Christmas magic

For the attention of all PARENTS of young children: On 24th December at just before 6pm, the International Space Station will make a pass over the UK, lasting for about 3 minutes. Clouds allowing, the pass will be bright and clear.  For the attention of all young CHILDREN: On 24th December at just before 6pm you will be able to see Santa’s sleigh flying through the sky. Please share this 

Thursday 31 October 19:03

All assembled and ready to go to look after our honoured guests #topteam

Thursday 31 October 19:02

 The foul weather didn’t dampen the spirits of all involved in Op Colour today.

Thursday 31 October 19:00

RPU officers getting ready today for a very special visitor 

Saturday 26 October 16:42

Early Days But....

So having shut down Operation Mansell, the Force wide policing response to the protests at Balcombe I took some time off . It was booked prior to the start of the Operation and couldn’t have come at a better time. It meant I could spend time with my family, get used to my eldest son going back to Uni and spending time with some people who are really important to me.. they know who they are !! 

On the 14th  Oct  I started back in my new role as the Superintendent for Roads Policing in Sussex. My role  is not just about us responding to crashes but working together with a number of partners and parties to keep people safe on the roads and to disrupt/ deter/ capture those committing offences across Sussex who are using the roads to commit crime and ASB .

What I have been  impressed with is the professionalism of those committed to the investigation of the crashes, the support  they offer to families and friends of those sadly affected by crashes and the drive to support the Force in targeting criminals travelling in and out of Sussex.

We are also working closer with colleagues in Surrey and on Thursday I saw them in action at a serious accident involving a motorcyclist and tractor . Hopefully the motorcyclist is on the mend and my thoughts are with the driver of the tractor too.

This morning I promoted the refreshed Op Crackdown website at the annual Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Conference  - all great work driven by C/I Natalie Moloney and her teams .

It’s early days but yet again as at Arun I find myself working with some of the most dedicated and motivated teams aiming at keeping everyone safe , no matter what age .. That’s what it’s all about ..

Sunday 15 September 16:21

Update on my current role

I’m still dedicated to the protests and other activities at Balcombe.

This has required a few officers from across the Force to come together and work with me for a short while. We have brought in officers from a number of Forces to support us at the site whilst we maintain ‘business as usual’ across Sussex. 

The aims for the operation at Balcombe are in essence  :

To keep people safe 

To facilitate peaceful protest

To allow Caudrilla and other businesses to carry on their legitimate business

To minimise the disruption to the community in and around Balcombe.

Thursday 22 August 19:40

All Change

Just thought I should explain why I am not talking about my new job on Roads Policing.

I have currently been seconded onto the operation associated with the protests at Balcombe. This is not long term but I need to focus on what was required in this operation to make sure we keep everyone involved as safe as possible.

This has required a few officers from across the Force to come together and work with me for a short while .It may be all change for a short while but for the very best reasons.

Our aims for the operation are :

To keep people safe 

To facilitate peaceful protest

To allow Caudrilla and other businesses to carry on their legitimate business

To minimise the disruption to the community in and around Balcombe.

Tuesday 23 July 20:51

New challenges

So, after the second day in the new job, I am beginning to understand what the Roads Policing Unit and associated partners are all about .

First impressions were what a bunch of professional, compassionate and motivated people . Second thoughts - (and normally a good objective reaction,) nothing has changed today and is unlikely to change I think and it’s backed up by lots of  evidence .

We have had to develop some strategic objectives to support the PCC plan and that of the Chief constable

In essence they are

  • Reducing those injured & killed on our roads,
  • Supporting a reduction in crime ,
  • Enhancing partnerships,
  • Improving satisfaction & confidence

Over the coming couple of months we need to translate that internally and externally. All good fun but what it is all about no matter what rank we are

Wednesday 26 June 19:38

Moving on ...

Over the past 8 weeks a number of colleagues and I have taken part in an internal promotion procedure, hoping to become Superintendents. There are only a few of these posts across the Force and as such they are tactical guardians for the Force setting the direction and keeping the hand on the tiller. 

Whilst it is very competitive and competency based I have no doubt that any one of the those who were initially supported could have been appointed because of their experience and commitment. 

Last Thursday myself and a few others had the phone call to say that we had been successful, sadly others received a call none of us want to take. As a result of that I will be moving to our Operations Department in July, looking after the Roads Policing Unit and other areas .

I won’t deny that I am excited by the opportunities now in front of me, however the past 2 1/2 years I have spent at Arun have probably been some of the best years I have had in the Police, I have learnt a great deal and have hopefully made some life long contacts.

I shall miss the teams, partners, the councillors, my early morning runs along the seafronts in Bognor and Littlehampton and the buzz when I walk in the door to hear of some great pieces of work going on. 

My replacement for the time will be Pip Taylor, Pip is highly motivated has a wide experience as a detective and uniformed officer and will undoubtedly take Arun onto higher things.

I might be moving on but Arun certainly has left a mark on me .

Friday 24 May 15:44

Earlier this week the West Sussex Divisional Command Team got together. We were asked to draw a metaphor which represented how we saw life in the service . 

This was what I talked about , enjoying the success but understanding there will always be a hill to climb …

Sunday 12 May 08:04

Could you help us to make a difference ?

Operation Accent is a year old this week and we have been looking to see what has gone well, what we could do better and what we could do differently. 

At the heart of the operation is a team of dedicated and motivated people, many of whom do not work for Sussex Police.

Many are Outreach Workers who have great language skills and an ability to put people at their ease.They have worked with us to inform people arriving in the UK what they can expect from the Police and other public sector organisations.

What we have learnt over the past 12 months is that we have to change our style of Policing, taking into account the cultural differences.In essence we need to recruit more people from our  Eastern European community. It’s no good trying to work with the community when your workforce does mirror it .

Our PCSO recruitment opens tomorrow morning and we are really keen to hear from any one who is from Eastern Europe to join us at Arun ..

If you want to know more have a look at the website  from 0900 tomorrow.

Sunday 7 April 19:56

Hitting the target but missing the point

I could sit here bathing in the substantial crime reduction that we have achieved in Arun but I won’t .Community safety is so much more subtle than that.

What do you mean I hear some say ? Well we have had 1274 fewer reported crimes on Arun, with a 25 % reduction in burglary and similar reductions across the board on various crime types but that’s not good enough in my humble opinion..If you have been a victim of crime this year you need to feel safe in knowing what we and our  partners are doing to reduce the chances of it happening again.

What we are about on Arun is working with our partners to change behaviour long term and to drive out antisocial behaviour and crime. Where that doesn’t work we will use all of our powers to stop such behaviour, which means arresting people.

Over the past 12 months we have really focused on those who do  not chose to engage through Operation Impact. Over 200 people have been arrested and 75 search warrants executed.

I’ve not gone soft nor missed the point. I understand that some people need a 2nd chance and we should facilitate that but where they don’t please be sure of what we will do to stop offending.

It’s not about hitting a target but focusing on the victim and doing the best we can ..  


Long may that continue 


Thursday 14 March 08:39

I think I’m going to adopt this motto as it sums up what we are doing on #Arun and starting to see the benefits 

Saturday 2 March 16:11

Ten years on .. PCSO's the foundation of Neighbourhood Policing

Ten years ago I know exactly what I was doing this weekend ; Photocopying handouts and doing all sorts of things getting ready to welcome the first PCSO’s into Sussex.

Initially funded by the Home Office for 3 years, I wonder where we would be today if it weren’t for our PCSO’s, some of the most highly motivated people we have working within the Policing Family.

As a newly promoted Inspector my role was to develop a recruitment process,the  training programme and set out what their role was and how they worked alongside police officers in Sussex.

They were a new breed - not warranted but still designated with some powers. The public and Police Federation were in some areas sceptical as to what they could achieve and headlines such as ‘Plastic Police’ were unhelpful, but I am glad we persevered.

None the less the first 22 completed their initial  course, were designated with their powers by the Chief Constable and made their way out onto the divisions to lay the foundations for what has today become a pivotal role. 

As ever, Brighton embraced them assigning a highly motivated Sgt to tutor them and  I remember the Home Office rep paying them a visit,  wandering along St James Street with John and Cheryl, who sadly is no longer with us but very much in our thoughts .

Villages in the North and East of the County were very supportive and a number of parishes seeing the value wanted to fund additional posts and West Sussex looked to introduce them into the local schools 

Over the last  10 years we have seen their role evolve. Those working on Arun are making a real difference, care passionately about what they do and I know this is replicated across the country. 

Many believed it was a stepping stone for those wanting to go on to become Police Officers and we have seen that happen for a few and it has really helped the integration.However, many of the original 22 are still with us working hard as part of the bigger  Extended Policing Family.

I may have been tasked with developing the initial training and recruiting  well over another 300 PCSO’s between 2003 and 2006 but I think they have taught me a great deal and we should celebrate their success and achievements .

To find out more  have a look at this link

                  Happy Anniversary Sussex PCSO’s !!   



Tuesday 19 February 19:04

Op Accent a year on .. It's here to stay that's for sure

A couple of weeks ago we reviewed what we had achieved under the Operation Accent banner. Around the table were sat a number of really motivated people who over the past year have just got on and worked together, engaged with partners and the Eastern European Community and achieved some notable successes.

I am very talkative, but I made the effort to really listen to what they were saying and saw a sparkle in their faces, something which had probably motivated them a number of years previously to apply to join Sussex Police.

There’s the investigators who have worked tirelessly to bring offenders to justice and some comfort and safety to the victims. Working hard with CPS to secure conspiracy charges and gain the confidence of the victims and ultimately the community.

Then there’s Sgt Glenton and the team, they have worked hard visiting farms, surgeries and churches to reach out to the community to understand what their needs are, their concerns and fears. Rad has taught us so much over the past few months. 

Our partners have been very supportive locally, at county  and even national level and without their support we couldn’t have made the progress we have.

Arun and Chichester need large numbers of people to work the land and those who travel from Europe travel miles to do a back breaking job that not many Uk citizens won’t do. Without them many local businesses would go to the wall and we should welcome the workers as best we can. 

What we don’t welcome are individuals who prey upon the workers using violence, threats and isolation to impose their will.Over the past 12 months we have built strong links with partners businesses and members of the community to identify those individuals, 

I’m not too naive to believe this is the finished product. We still have  so much to achieve . Many of the workers did not trust the Police in their home country and therefore it takes time for them to feel comfortable in our presence in the UK

There is also a large settled community within Arun who have migrated from Eastern Europe. Second and third generations are growing up, going to local schools and making a real contribution to the local community.  

We should try to embrace all of their differences and work hard to understand difference and build upon the foundations dug over the past 12 months under the Op Accent banner.

Over the next 12 months Op Accent will be working across Arun and Chichester as well as also focusing on under reporting of crime within the Eastern European community. Trying to find ways to improve reporting across a number of crimes that are unseen by many but nonetheless scar so many people.

Crimes such as Domestic Violence and hate crime.

The work has just begun Operation Accent is a year old but it’s key to reducing vulnerability across Arun and Chichester. Something everyone deserves surely ?


Friday 18 January 20:56

Policing with consent and led by community information

Today has been a day that has reinforced for me and the various departments and partners what can be done to support our communities within Arun and by the communities in Arun. 

All of these examples have been referred to in press releases but I wanted to reflect on what that really means. Some of the incidents still have ongoing proceedings so I am not able to discuss the details . If you take a look at  the links you will get an over view of all of them.

Operation Accent has been running for 10 months and this investigation was at the heart of what we have been trying to achieve long term; Reducing  vulnerability within the community , improving individuals lifestyles,  and the contribution they are able to make, myth busting and where necessarily tackling criminality. The verdict has had a lot of coverage here and in Poland and sends a very clear message out to those who chose to intimidate and prey on those who are vulnerable within our many different communities in Arun

This relates to a Pub in Felpham which saw an police led operation on the 23rd December. Over the past 2 years we have been working with the local community and our partners to address the complaints and incidents linked to the premises. Today saw the premises having its license revoked a very serious step and matter for all concerned.

The evidence offered by the Police and West Sussex Fire and Rescue provided a sanitized and objective stance. The representations made by members of the local community were very personal, disturbing and yet sobering ( if you forgive the pun). Yes they had moved to the area knowing there was a pub there , what they didn’t expect was for people attending the premises to think it acceptable to behave so appallingly on a regular basis. 

Licensing objectives are used to set a standard that not only the local community, but visitors and those working within a licensed premises can expect to be upheld by all.

I listened to one individual asking me why she should have to wheel a relative out into the road in their wheelchair as a result of bad parking linked to the pub. This may not seem very high on the police priorities but for me I have been there in that position and it’s not right and is another challenge you take on whilst trying to look after someone who is not well and wants the least of fuss made.

In terms of Mr Miller  - he was arrested in the early hours thanks to the public. Again we had been working to locate him and had completed all of our ongoing lines of enquiry and we knew that without the help and consent and  information from the community we would struggle to find him in the near future.

Whilst everyone deserves the opportunity to change or reform their behaviour it is important that we do all we can to bring individuals to justice, not only does it prevent further offences it may deter others.

You may think that there are only be a few officers on duty across Arun who can overtly be identified as police officers, but we have other resources working  with us who are not so easily identifiable as Police. Their role is to target those affecting people on Arun; be it through antisocial behaviour, criminality and or drug dealing.

More importantly we have the eyes and ears of the public working with us and are able to achieve a great deal with this help and information . People may not feel comfortable in leaving their name or number but have used the 101 or crime stoppers number to leave us the information. Those snippets  may go on to become last piece of the jig saw puzzle and without it  we may never see the true picture.

Long may it continue - So please if you know something,don’t keep it to yourself let us know - you may help us prevent further offences,help us reunite victims with their property or stop some one from becoming a victim. We don’t need your name  just call  Crime Stoppers - 0800 55111 or look at the website.     

Monday 17 December 19:58

This is what it's all about

We have an ongoing programme of surveying victims of crime and ASB asking a number of questions one of which is as below  .. This is a very positive one of several I read today ..

Q What is it that makes you feel satisfied/dissatisfied with how you were kept informed of the  progress?

A Because they couldn’t do any more than they did. They phoned me to say the person involved is appearing in court the following day. After he had been in court they phoned and sent a letter to tell me what the outcome was.

Just about to drop the officers concerned an email.. This is what it’s all about 

Saturday 15 December 16:12

Happy birthday from the Amex to the well known Football Intell Officer

Thursday 6 December 20:28

A starter for ten ...

Arun District Police are currently recording a 13% reduction in recorded crime compared with the same period last year. This of course we welcome and to date this means 874 less victims of crime in our area.


Much of the police work we do is done in the background and to date this year we have completed over 60 evidential search warrants where the intelligence has proved sufficient for local magistrates to authorise our entry and search. The vast majority of these warrants have been successful and we will continue to act where the information is sufficient.


We need information from people in the community to act and I am very grateful to continual stream of information that we receive.


On Monday 19th November we recruited the help of over 50 police officers from all parts of Sussex to facilitate 5 simultaneous drug search warrants in this area. All five warrants were successful and a number of people were arrested, drugs seized and assets seized under the proceeds of crime act.

Local councillors were invited and 11 joined us for the briefings and attended the warrants to observe this work. I am grateful that they took the time to see what we are doing to protect the community.


We will not let up in our continuing efforts to make this area safer and thank everyone locally who is helping us.

If you have any information about crime in your area please do contact us or if you wish to remain anonymous you can report your concerns to the independent charity crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.

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