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Attempt to get on to land near Brighton racecourse foiled by quick-thinking member of the public who alerted police. 03/08/2015 10:28:36

@si_francis thank you Simon. We have begun a criminal investigation into this and will update when we can. 03/08/2015 09:48:35

@ScotteeIsFat sorry to hear that. If you have any more information or any idea who threw it please email us at 03/08/2015 09:07:52

A #Brighton man is due before #Crawley magistrates today charged with three assaults 03/08/2015 08:40:30

@brightonsnapper Thanks very much :) 03/08/2015 08:36:06

@jdlenharth We have details on this here and here 03/08/2015 08:32:47

@brightonsnapper Hey Eddie! Would it be OK to use some of your SusPol pride snaps (credited) on our Instagram/FB? There are some great ones. 03/08/2015 08:17:49

Police in #Brighton are seeking a review of The Bulldog pub's licence citing 48 incidents since January 2014. 03/08/2015 08:07:11

@altolass67 this was due to a road traffic accident 03/08/2015 04:45:11

@andyreynolds27 hello you can follow @NPAS_Redhill for tweets relating to the police helicopter. 03/08/2015 03:10:35

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