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Family tribute to 11th Shoreham airshow crash victim Graham Mallinson 02/09/2015 10:13:30

@hannahjames40 Hi Hannah, we do keep a record of any misconduct allegations and issues although we cannot comment on individual cases. 02/09/2015 09:51:30

@alexevans999 Hi Alex, Please could you DM us your contact details so someone can call and discuss this with you? Many thanks. 02/09/2015 08:28:12

Police in #Rother give cash boost to #Ninfield scouts 02/09/2015 08:25:50

Did you see anything of a man being punched by two others near a #Worthing taxi rank? Please call if you have info. 02/09/2015 08:22:40

Have you any information that could help us find those responsible for this nasty attack in #Crawley? 02/09/2015 08:16:09

@MrSteveJoyce due to data protection we are not able to disclose any details, however is is nothing to be concerned about. 02/09/2015 04:42:09

@ElliePoofield I have checked and have no record of this, it is possible it could have been another service. You can follow @NPAS_Redhill 02/09/2015 04:39:37

@KateBendix I have checked can't find anything relating, it is possible it could have been an air ambulance. You can follow @NPAS_Redhill 02/09/2015 04:37:47

Can you help with our investigation after man was injured in Brighton fight? 01/09/2015 17:11:40

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Wednesday September 02

Hastings police launch Get a life, Bin that Knife campaign

30 September 2013

Hastings police have launched a campaign 'Get a Life, Bin that Knife' to educate young people on the dangers of carrying knives.

Young people will be reminded of their responsibilities and the risk of carrying knives before they are given the opportunity to dispose of any knives in bins during a month-long amnesty starting on Monday 30 September.
Hastings Sergeant Che Donald said: "Although knife crime is not generally problem in the community of Hastings, we did have the high profile case where 17-year-old Jacob Woodstra was stabbed to death on 5 April 2012 and the offenders were sentenced a year ago on 1 October.
"With these in the forefront of our minds, it is imperative that we educate young people of the possible consequences of carrying a bladed item. Not only is it illegal, the repercussions can have devastating effects.
"This amnesty will give members of the public the opportunity to dispose of any knives without prosecution. Our schools' officers will also be talking to pupils about the dangers of carrying knives at primary and secondary schools in Hastings and St Leonards.
"We are also running a competition asking students to design a poster raising awareness of the dangers of carrying a knife. These will be judged with prizes for the best ones."
The campaign is being backed by Jacob Woodstra's father, Stephen.
The amnesty bin is at Hastings Police Station front office for a month and is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 8pm. Knives and offensive weapons can be disposed of in the bin. 

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