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@tjtrott It appears we were looking for a hit and run driver - NPAS provide a detailed log of what they are doing: 30/09/2014 03:52:56

@Therealdjbez Could you drop it in to your local station? That way we can try to match it up to any existing lost property reports. 30/09/2014 03:44:34

@t_s_s Hello there, this information may be able to be obtained through a Freedom of Information request - please visit our website. 30/09/2014 03:39:09

@CVWhelan Hello there, you can call us on 101 and pass on your details, otherwise email us at 30/09/2014 03:34:41

@ConnerDingo Hello there, if police were involved please call us on 101 or email the details to 30/09/2014 03:29:10

RT @warrenfranklin3: @sussex_police 2 people both out drinking & driving in Rye tonight & now in the back of Police cars heading to custody#don 30/09/2014 03:25:31

RT @BtnHoveSpecials: Volunteer's work recognised by the Prime Minister @sussex_police @Number10gov 30/09/2014 03:19:20

RT @NPAS_Redhill: 29/9 1950 #NorthChailey assisting @sussex_police searching for missing woman. Found later safe and well. #dh 30/09/2014 03:16:30

Police appeal for witnesses after 16-year-old is assaulted and robbed in Hastings: Police are ap... #sussexpolice 29/09/2014 14:33:02

Man charged over knife and bleach attack, Emsworth: Shortly before 8pm on Saturday (27 September... #sussexpolice 29/09/2014 13:29:34

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Tuesday September 30