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Currently evaluating two car and a van for neighbourhood policing at Hastings - not emergency response - report by February #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 09:18:33

We have been evaluating several different types of hybrid and electric vehicle #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 09:17:18

We also support lead role of Border force and NHS England at Gatwick #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 09:00:05

We work closely with Sussex Local Resilence Forum who plan local response if needed #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:59:09

National Ebola response is led by NHS England but police support local planning #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:58:21

Lawfull undercover policing a legitimate important tactic - closely supervised by Office of Surveillance Commissioner #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:56:37

Victim satisfaction really important to police - new review of how we deal with this #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:49:48

Work is ongoing – but meanwhile we have been dealing with another separate 127 cases, at higher levels of assessed risk #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:40:14

Allreviewed and assessed for evidence of actual offences – but we focus on whether any pose physical risk to children #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:39:53

We received 68 reports from CEOP in Operation Spade #SusPolScrutiny 22/10/2014 08:35:30

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Wednesday October 22