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Don't fall for #scams. We will never ask for bank details over the phone. 29/05/2015 11:50:35

Have you seen missing #Brighton student Chay Dunn? We'd like to hear that he's safe. 29/05/2015 11:23:21

Retired teacher Roger Francis Lunn has been sentenced to 4yrs imprisonment for sex offences: 29/05/2015 11:06:19

@AshanJeeawon Sorry you didn't get an update yesterday. It was a damage only crash and looks like clear by 5.35pm. 29/05/2015 10:06:22

Detectives seek leads on violent disturbance in #Worthing after a woman is badly hurt 29/05/2015 08:42:05

RT @SussexSpecials: In a career you love but want to do something meaningful in your spare time? Recruitment window to join us opens on Mon#volunteersweek 29/05/2015 08:15:23

Andrew Hocking of #Copthorne has received a 15 yr prison sentence for sex offences. Read more: 28/05/2015 16:29:26

@nwsocialist we may be able to supply you with that info through the freedom of information act. Make a request here: 28/05/2015 16:17:40

Think of five people. Chances are one will fall victim to a scam this year. Info & advice - 28/05/2015 15:59:58

@DandyInTheRough thanks for the offer but we'd prefer to destroy them. 28/05/2015 15:59:03

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