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Sussex Police Charitable Trust

The Sussex Police Charitable Trust is here to offer a helping hand to Sussex Police officers, staff, special constables, pensioners and dependant family members in their hour of need.
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Ever felt like the rug has been pulled from under you and not sure who to turn to or what to do?

The Sussex Police Charitable Trust is here to offer a helping hand to Sussex Police officers, staff, special constables, pensioners and dependant family members in their hour of need.

We can help when you're experiencing problems with finances, illness and injury, relationship problems, childcare issues, housing or welfare benefits and many other issues. With a little understanding, and advice on what to do, many members are able to tackle their situation and turn things around for the better. But if there's a financial impact, we can also help with grants and crisis loans. We also own a bungalow in Dorset that members can use, free of charge, when in need of rest and recuperation.

To access support you must be a member. We keep this cost as low as possible at just £2.50 per month. Many people join knowing that they will be helping their colleagues in their hour of need and also have the benefit of knowing that if the rug is ever pulled from beneath them, we'll be there to offer a helping hand to get them back on their feet.

"The Sussex Police Charitable Trust have been amazing. The Trust Adviser offered great support and has really made what was, and continues to be, a very stressful time for us a lot easier. The Trust has spent considerable funds in support of our family and are always there offering help with seemingly little things such as assistance through other organisations. They are there for all of us that work for Sussex Police - If you're not a member I really recommend you join. We are very lucky to have this level of support here at Sussex Police.”

All contact with the Trust Advisers is confidential*. The advisers will listen to you and support you. They will offer advice and help you to get yourself back on your feet. If there is a financial impact to what you're experiencing they will put forward an anonymous application to the Executive Trustee Committee who will assess whether a grant or crisis loan will help resolve the situation.

We've been able to provide a helping hand when members have been experiencing problems with:

  • Illness and Injury
  • Housing
  • Financial issues
  • Essential household items
  • Legal issues
  • Mobility problems
  • Emergency childcare
  • Relationships
  • Stress, depression and anxiety
  • Debt

...and a great deal more.

Call on 101 ext 540703


Or write to us at:

Sussex Police Charitable Trust
Malling House
Church Lane
East Sussex

"The help I received from the Trust was invaluable. They were quick to respond to my request and treated me as an individual."

*A common law duty of confidence exists between Trust Adviser and client. The Trust will not breach confidentiality unless:

  • The client gives explicit consent
  • A legal duty overrides (for example where a court or tribunal has ordered production of evidence)
  • The breach is to prevent harm to the client or 3rd party
  • A warrant, subpeona or summons has been produced
  • There is prima facie evidence that the adviser/Trust is being used to perpetrate a fraud or other crime, including terrorism

Registered Charity Number 257564

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