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HeForShe - achieving gender equality

HeForShe is a UN Women’s campaign that aspires to engage men and boys as agents of change for gender equality.

Sussex Police, together with Surrey Police, have signed up to this inspiring campaign to become the first thematic champions in the world.

Gender equality is no longer a fight for female rights or feminism: it affects everyone in some capacity. Be it through taking parental leave, mental health issues, professional advancement and glass ceilings, personal health, confidence issues – it all affects us in some way at some point. Men and boys are in a position to achieve change, and this movement calls upon them to mobilise.

Sussex Police signed a commitment at the EVOLVE Awards Ceremony in March 2017 where Chief Constable Giles York has pledged to achieve two things:

● To attain parity in senior roles within the force
● To reaffirm the force’s obligation to Domestic Abuse.

These two commitments add value to Sussex Police by firstly showing clear leadership to the communities we serve, in providing role models for women who may not have the confidence to fulfil their ambitions as serving officers within the force and externally  through joining a truly forward thinking police force. Secondly, we are continuing to develop our work in encouraging reporting and investigations into Domestic Abuse to provide the service to victims they should expect.

You can help by signing up here.

Sussex Police are hosting the Senior Women in Policing (SWiP) conference in Brighton, in November 2017. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight the achievements of our female colleagues, and to encourage a positive networking environment

Read more about the campaign here.