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Priorities and direction

Sussex Police serves East and West Sussex and the city of Brighton & Hove - an area of 3,780 square kilometres.

A resident population of 1.65 million grows significantly with visitors, holidaymakers, students, seasonal workers and the 39 million passengers who travel through Gatwick Airport every year.

Urban areas, with their day and night-time economies and more sparsely populated rural areas present contrasting policing challenges from alcohol and drug related crime to wildlife crime.

Already a low-cost force (spending £37m below the national force average), since 2010 the force has made savings of £76m and continues to systematically transform its operation - a new, flexible local policing approach will be fully implemented during 2017 - embedding consistent, professional practice that is ethically based and informed by what works.

2016 has seen continuing increases in certain crime types including domestic abuse and serious sexual offences. We are always heartened to see victims’ increased confidence in reporting crimes, but recognise some, particularly historic, crimes can be challenging to investigate. Investment in public protection and safeguarding is continuing, to tackle the changing crime landscape.

Sussex Police works ever more closely with other forces, emergency services and academic institutions. Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire & Thames Valley Police are partners in the South East Regional Integrated Policing programme; an ambitious regional programme to converge key policing, business functions and technology systems across the four forces, following support from the Police Transformation Fund.

Sharing resources and systems, increasing collaboration and working innovatively is essential to enhance our capacity and capabilities to tackle emerging crime threats such as child sexual exploitation and cyber.

The force has almost 2,600 police officers and 1,800 police staff, 190 police community support officers and a team of dedicated volunteers that includes over 320 special constables and around 180 police cadets.


Sussex Police Priorities 2017/18

  • Keep communities safe and feeling safe.
  • Identify and protect vulnerable people.
  • Prevent and respond to harm.