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Prospero Knowledge Exchange

Research projects provide a valuable function for Sussex Police for a number of reasons, including:

• Contributing to the evidence base on policing and associated social issues;
• Critically evaluating policing policies, strategies and practices;
• Informing and shaping new policing policies, strategies and practices;
• Finding and testing solutions to emerging issues which impact on policing.

Sussex Police can also benefit academic and research institutions in that it provides:

• Opportunities to develop research within a practitioner based environment;
• Opportunities to conduct research from multiple disciplines on a wide range of social, organisational and innovative areas;
• Opportunities to gain supervisory and strategic input from practitioners working within an area of academic/research interest;
• Opportunities to contribute to developing evidence base in policing at a national level and promote ongoing relevant research via the College of Policing Research Map;
• Opportunities to conduct research relevant to public policy and practice.
The principles guiding research in the UK are supported by Sussex Police. The key guiding principles are:
• High ethical standards; and
• Validity of data and accurate representation.

Sussex Police encourages staff, academics and representatives of government and non-government agencies to submit expressions of interest to conduct research with Sussex Police.

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