It's important that you report changes in circumstance to us within seven or eight days, depending on the change.

Find out below which changes should be reported, how soon to report them, and who to report them to.


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I'd like to report a change to my residential address

Thank you. You must report this change to us within seven days of the change.

If you're already registered in Sussex and have changed address, you should report the change to us and update your certificate at a Police Station. You won't need to make an appointment to do so. You'll need to take along your police registration certificate and proof of your new address.

If you're moving to Sussex for the first time after having registered with another police force in the UK,  you'll need to make an appointment so that we can register your details. Please see the details here for how to do this. We will advise what you need to bring with you when we send you the appointment details. 

We will make this change free of charge.



This is so that we can register your details into our local database. All future changes of address within this area must be reported to your local police station.

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