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Project Griffin is an internationally-acclaimed development tool for businesses to help protect their staff and local communities from terrorism.

International terrorism and domestic extremism continue to be a real threat across the UK and it is imperative that the emergency services, communities, businesses, local authorities and other agencies work in partnership to reduce the risk of becoming a terrorist target.

Sussex Police is working in partnership the South East Counter Terrorism Unit on Project Griffin, a national counter-terrorism initiative. This initiative aims to protect our cities and communities from the threat of terrorism and crime and to improve communication links between Sussex Police and the community.

  • Project Griffin aims to engage, encourage and enable members of the community to work in partnership with the police to deter, detect and counter terrorist activity and crime.
  • Project Griffin seeks to enlist the help and support of individuals or groups responsible for the safety and security of buildings, businesses, districts or neighbourhoods.
  • Project Griffin is coordinated by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office and delivered across the UK by its network of Counter Terrorism Security Advisors, who will provide information on how to maximise their security contribution towards the community they work in. This will include information on current threat levels, methods of attack, how to respond to an attack and hostile reconnaissance. This encourages vigilance by employees who will feel an increased sense of responsibility by becoming part of a team committed to protecting the safety and security of their community and envirmonment.

Terrorism. If you suspect it, report it. Call 0800 789321.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email the Project Griffin team at


Project Griffin is accredited by Skills for Security - leaders in training, development and accreditation within the security industry. It is also accepted by the Security Industry Authority as continuous development training and can be included as part of an individual's performance and development.

Project Griffin is a voluntary and not-for-profit organisation. It is funded by participating police forces, organisations, businesses, and private sector security bodies and is administered by a representative management committee.