Variation to firearm certificate

To apply for a Variation to your Firearm Certificate please complete and return Form 201V (below).

Please note that a Variation Form 201V must be completed prior to any gun being purchased or replaced. The original firearm certificate MUST be sent in with the form.

If you are increasing the guns you hold (including sound moderators) a fee of £20 is payable.

If transferring or disposing of a gun for a variation, please ensure you have provided details of to whom the gun has been transferred or disposed to, including name, certificate number and address or the RFD details.

Notifying gun sales and purchases

Firearms legislation requires that details of all transfers of firearm and shotguns are notified in writing and sent to:

Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit
Sussex Police Headquarters
Malling House
Church Lane
East Sussex

This includes sales/acquisitions abroad.

We will accept notification via email to

Both parties are required to notify including details of any sharing arrangements.

Download the Notification of Transfer/Disposal of a Firearm/Shotgun (non-statutory) form below.

Change of address

If you move address you must inform the Firearm Licensing Office by email or letter (contact details above) detailing the old address, new address, including any new contact numbers and confirming where your firearms/shotguns will be stored.

We will require your old certificate before an updated one can be printed but this can be kept until the Firearms Enquiry Officer visits and conducts a security check.

For any change of address out of our force area your file will be transferred to the relevant licensing office.

Change of circumstance

In the tragic event of a certificate holder passing away, we ask that the next of kin please contact us as soon as possible. This is in order that we can legally ensure the safe custody of any guns, until you are in a position to inform us of how you wish them to be dealt with.

Not renewing your licence

If you do not possess any guns, please return your Firearm/Shotgun Certificate to the Firearms Licensing Unit (address below) with a covering letter expressing your wish to cancel your certificate.

If you still possess firearms and/or shotguns you may:

  • Sell them to a Registered Firearms Dealer
  • Transfer the Firearms and Ammunition to the holder of a current Firearm Certificate who is authorised to acquire that type of firearm and/or ammunition. In the case of Shotgun(s) transfer to the holder of a current Shotgun Certificate

In either of the above circumstances both parties must notify the transfer details in writing or by email to the Chief Officer of Police who issued the certificate. Transfers must be completed before the expiry date of the certificate(s). You should then return your documentation plus certificate(s) for cancellation to the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit at the above address.