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In January 2018 we received over 88 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts.

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated.

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 21 messages of thanks and appreciation. You can read these here.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

Received this month:

  • Locations which may benefit from speed enforcement and anti-social behaviour prevention activities.

This suggestion has been sent for the consideration of the appropriate officers and staff.

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:

  • Why do the lights on our vehicles need to be so bright? Our vehicles are fitted with national standard lux rated lighting, which is not adjustable. We do need to ensure that all emergency vehicles are as conspicuous as possible when they need to be.

Finally, 50 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.

In December 2017 we received over 46 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts.

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated.

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 20 messages of thanks and appreciation. You can read these here.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

Received this month:

  • A Crime Prevention link to add to our webpages here.

This suggestion has been sent for the consideration of the appropriate officers and staff.

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:

  • Are police officers permitted to travel over the speed limit without sirens and blue lights? Our more detailed response included the following “Trained police drivers are exempt from the speed limit for a policing purpose. There is no requirement to have the lights or sirens on in order to respond. We are guided by national Authorised Professional Practice (APP) as set out by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) and the College of Policing”;
  • How can members of the public make a donation to our benevolent fund? Details can be found here.

Finally, 17 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.


In November 2017 we received over 60 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts.

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated.

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 18 messages of thanks and appreciation.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

Amongst suggestions received this month were:-

  • Specific locations where we may consider speed enforcement or visible patrol activity;
  • How to improve the content of our crime prevention campaigns to maximise their impact.

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:-

  • Could we lobby our partners to address issues around for example street lighting or the highways infrastructure? We do share the feedback we receive with the relevant partners and local authorities.

Finally, 24 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.

In October 2017 we received over 70 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts.

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated.

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 23 messages of thanks and appreciation.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

Amongst suggestions received this month were:-

  • Specific locations where we may consider speed enforcement or visible patrol activity;
  • Whether we could help lobby local councils to fit “ground anchor” motorcycle parking bays to deter thefts.

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:-

  • How to explore local crime and ASB outcomes. This can be facilitated here .

Finally, 29 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.

In September 2017 we received over 50 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts.

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated.

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 21 messages of thanks and appreciation.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

Amongst suggestions received this month were:-

  • How to include the community in searches for missing people;
  • Specific locations where we may consider speed enforcement or visible patrol activity;
  • The content of automated messaging whilst waiting on the telephone;

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:-

  • Queries in relation to recruitment here;
  • Crime Prevention Advice here ;
  • Whether all our printed material is up to date in terms of Police Station opening hours – we are confident it is –times can be checked here.

Finally, 21 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.

In August 2017 we received over 70 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts. Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated. 

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 24 messages of thanks and appreciation.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

Amongst suggestions received this month were:-

  • How to improve the usefulness of the newsletters that we send out;
  • How to improve the accessibility and use of online platforms such as Op Crackdown and Facebook;
  • Specific locations where we may consider speed enforcement or visible patrol activity;
  • Use of volunteers to assist us;

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:

  • Are we going to introduce a “close pass” cycling enforcement scheme? Our response was “Sussex Police are not currently implementing the scheme in the county, but they are carrying out research to see whether the operation would be possible here, and where it would be of most use”;
  • What is the definition of “Hate Crime”? You can find our answer here .

Finally, 28 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.

In July 2017 we received over 50 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts. Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated. 

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 14 messages of thanks and appreciation.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

Amongst suggestions received this month were:-

  • Intelligence has been provided on concerns around specific locations or issues which have been forwarded for the consideration of the relevant local teams.

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:

  • What is our approach to the issue of cycling on the pavement? We answered – “Officers and staff will deal with offences presented to them, including offences under s72, and they do have the discretion to deal with each incident based on what they are presented with. This does mean that enforcement action will be taken when appropriate, and that test of appropriateness will provide a proportionate response based on the harm and risk presented”

Finally, 28 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.

In June 2017 we received over 70 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts. Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated. 

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 28 messages of thanks and appreciation.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

In no particular order, suggestions received this month include:-

  • Requests for patrols in specific areas or times, or to address certain issues (e.g. drivers using their mobile phones) which have been forwarded for the consideration of the relevant local teams;
  • How to ensure the security of Festivals such as “Wildlife” – our approach to these issues can be seen here.

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:

  • What to do if worried you may have been the victim of a scam. Our advice page is here;
  • In what circumstances should the public report dangerous dogs issues to the Police? There is an offence of “allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place”, which should be reported in the usual ways. Our more general advice can be found here.

Finally, 70 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.

In May 2017 we received over 65 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts. Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated. 

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 23 messages of thanks and appreciation.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

In no particular order, suggestions received this month include:-

  • Ways for us to improve how we recognise and investigate “Stalking” and other crime types – these suggestions have been shared with the relevant colleagues for their consideration;
  • The use of “Drone” cameras when searching for missing people. You can find out about our use of this technology on our drone (unmanned aerial vehicles) page.
  • Whether people identified through testing as “super recognisers” could volunteer to assist us.

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:

  • There was interest in our People’s Voice survey - find out more on our results page;
  • Who deals with livestock issues? You can find out more on our Wildlife Crime page.

Finally, 28 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.

In April 2017 we received over 50 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts. Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated. 

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 20 messages of thanks and appreciation.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

In no particular order, suggestions received this month include:-

  • Ways for us to improve our online reporting facilities – changes are about to be made to these pages which will incorporate some of your suggestions;
  • Traffic congestion issues, decisions on such issues are the responsibility of the Highways Agency in collaboration with the relevant Local Authority, but we use our local partnerships to feed in your views;
  • Identifying areas that would benefit from enforcement during TISPOL (European Traffic Police Network) “Speed Week”
  • An App to help dog walkers and farmers with issues around sheep worrying.

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:-

  • How to report issues in relation to Parking – our advice can be found here;
  • How to check the MOT status of vehicles, and how up to date is the data? These issues can be explored on the website;
  • Respondent witnessed some vehicles driving poorly and then saw they were pulled over – what sanctions did the drivers receive? The traffic officers concerned were able to explain the range of options in these circumstances;
  • Are we going to re-open our investigation into the murder of Billie Jo Jenkins? This case forms part of Sussex Police Crime Review Team’s schedule of unresolved major cases and is assessed every two years, to examine any new information that has been provided, or to consider advances in investigative techniques, that would make a re-investigation viable. This assessment is then presented to the Head of Crime for authorisation. Currently no new information has been provided in this case and there are no outstanding lines of enquiry. We will always examine any new information or forensic opportunities which might lead to new lines of enquiry whenever they arise. Anyone who has any new information that could lead to new lines of enquiry can always contact Sussex Police via email or call 101 at any time, quoting Operation Cathedral.

Finally, 16 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.

In March 2017 we received over 70 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated. Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had over 25 messages of thanks and appreciation.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

In no particular order, suggestions received this month include:-

  • Introducing a “close pass” enforcement procedure, as has been implemented elsewhere in the country. This is a scheme to address vehicles passing dangerously close to cyclists. We are looking at this initiative with interest and have contacted West Midlands Police to gain their evaluation of the success of the scheme. We will make a decision soon as to whether we will implement this scheme in Sussex;
  • Introducing an app to allow for Op Crackdown reporting via a smart device. This idea has been forwarded to the team for their consideration;
  • Road lay-out improvements for example to the A27. Whilst we are always interested in hearing your suggestions, decisions on such issues are the responsibility of the Highways Agency in collaboration with the relevant Local Authority.


We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:-

  • How to get involved with local “SpeedWatch” enforcement? You can find out how at the Speedwatch website;
  • Whether an officer could attend a local Town Council meeting to advise on traffic related issues? We have nominated an officer;
  • Who are the local Police Community Support Officers? These details can always be found on the website via the “Find Your Local Policing Team” search facility;
  • What should we do about dangerous or anti-social parking around a school? Our advice on parking can be found here.


Finally, 30 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.


I would like to thank all the police officers and staff involved in handling this case.
I was terrified when I thought someone was breaking in and I called 999. The call was answered immediately and I was truly grateful. The calm, professional manor in which the gentleman talked me through the situation was very much appreciated. I thank the officers who came round that evening who were very reassuring, thorough and professional. I would also like to thank the crime forensics gentleman who arrived promptly the next day and thoroughly went through the crime scene. Sadly, I don't think the perpetrator left much evidence, other than a smashed window.
I haven't had many dealings in my life with the police, but when I needed the service, it came up trumps.
Thank you.
I would just like to say I called 999 last night about a neighbour and I was impressed how u handle the call and come out and the two policemen were very helpful and spent time and understanding credit wear credit is due thank you for your time and effort
As a relatively recent resident of the road I live in I feel I need to make a complaint before someone gets killed. Now I'm not sure if this is a council problem or a county police issue so I will send to you both. I would like to know what traffic calming measures the police and or council are intending, if any, for my street. It's become evident that this road is a "rat run" for traffic, and the speeds that are achieved by some are frightening.  Where I live there is a cul de sac opposite where children are frequently playing outside, all it needs is for one of them to chase after a ball in the path of an idiot doing in excess of 60 MPH in a heavily built up residential area. I'm prepared to let no stone go unturned before I can get a satisfactory resolution to this problem.  I've noticed these last couple of weeks "Speed Kills" posters on lamp posts, yep, they really will work as the motorists rush past at great speeds. I appreciate that speed bumps are not conducive to local bus routes, however regular speed traps, speed cameras and speed notification signs are. Perhaps you could send someone to observe form outside my property the speeds that are achieved and it would be useful if you could work in conjunction with the local council to see what they say.
Thank you for your letter and I have taken your comments on board. With regard to the police at the time of the incident, the officers showed kindness and compassion and I could not have wished to be treated any more sensitively at what was a very traumatic time for me. Please convey my thanks to the police officers concerned.
I just wanted to feedback the fact that there seem to be more and more cars on the road in Sussex with defective lights which is very distracting. At one time it was rare to see a car with a failed light now it's become very common.  Secondly, more and more vehicles show blue or bluish lights to the front (and they're not blue light services) either by way of heavily tinted front light bulbs or, in the case of lorries, blue LED signs etc. on the bulkhead behind the driver. This can create the impression of an emergency vehicle at night especially at a distance.  Finally, misuse of the middle lane on roads like the A23 is rife, some people stay in the middle lane for mile after mile which encourages dangerous behaviour such as undertaking - this is a very common occurrence. I know you're really stretched so don't seek a reply but wanted to feedback these issues. Thanks for all you do with increasingly scarce resources.
I just wanted to praise the work of Sussex Police in bringing an individual to justice.  Like many others, I had reported anonymously to Crime Stoppers, that I believed this man was drug dealing, based on his elevated lifestyle, the persistent smell of cannabis coming from where he lived, and the perennial queue of people coming to see him at odd hours. The man was a blight on the local community and our street with his criminal enterprise being quite obvious. Once again, thank you for your tremendous and untiring efforts. If there's any I can do to help please let me know. 

You asked me to let you know what I thought. Firstly is it acceptable to wait 30 minutes on 101 on hold to be connected to an officer to report a crime? It is no wonder people give up, many just lose the will to continue.  A quantity of my tools and equipment were stolen and I reported this as soon as I found out.
Our road is a cul de sac and at the entry end of the road is a CCTV Camera, I asked the police if they owned/ran this camera and was told NO. I then asked the County Council, the District Council and the Town  Council who all told me they did not own it, but the Police did! Late in the week I visited the Police Station and was finally told that yes the police did run this camera, but it did not work properly and nothing could be seen by it. WHY is someone running this camera when it is of little or no use which at the moment is my opinion of Sussex Police. Even police officers in the Station did not know the area I live in despite if being approximately 1 mile away.
No action of any sort seems to have been taken to even try and find out who stole my property. Please could arrange for me to view a copy of the footage from this camera  as soon as possible. In my lifetime this area has gone from having 3 manned police houses and the Police Station being open 24 hours to not even having a full PSCO if one at all .
We are extremly dissatisfied with the service we receive from Sussex Police.  

We replied: I am the local policing Inspector for the District and have been passed the email you recently sent to Sussex Police to provide a response to the points you have raised.  I am sorry to hear that you were the victim of crime and had a quantity of tools stolen and whilst our resourcing levels have changed we do still work hard to catch those who commit crime.

The frustration over our response to 101 is something I have heard from a number of people and it is something that is being addressed at a force level to try and improve the service. However there are other options including the ability to report crime online which is a more effective and efficient process.

I have reviewed the crime report relating to the theft from your vehicle and I am fully aware of the location. I apologise for the confusion over the cameras but for clarification we do not own the CCTV cameras but we do operate them. Whilst I can understand your frustration over having to challenge several people before establishing who would have access to the footage I can confirm our investigator has viewed some footage from the camera. As you have already been informed the footage due to the time of night is dark and grainy and it would not be possible to identify any suspects even if the camera was pointed at your vehicle when the offence took place. There is an ongoing programme to upgrade cameras which will improve quality but as I am sure you can understand there is a significant cost involved.

The information on the crime report indicates your vehicle was not in sight of the camera but understandably you believe the offenders would at some point have driven past the camera. The cameras move through a number of positions and therefore speculatively searching over a 7hr time frame through footage that would not allow identification of any suspects is extremely unlikely to progress this investigation and we do not allow public access to review footage.

Our resourcing levels have changed significantly and we do have to prioritise our deployment based on threat, harm and risk. In response to reported crime we apply the investigations framework to make decisions on the most appropriate action and sometimes we have to make difficult decisions which do not always meet the expectation of the victim.

We still have a strong team of PCSOs who are responsible for delivering Local Policing across the District and they are deployed in response to threat, harm and risk. A recent deployment of officers in response to a series of vehicle crimes resulted in the arrest of a number of individuals and significant amounts of property being returned. Whilst I know this does not directly relate to your incident I hope it provides reassurance that we are committed to catching criminals and we review crime across the area on a weekly and daily basis to understand what is going on and deploy resources in the right place at the right time. 

My Husband & I were driving when we reported a car driving erratically. We dialled 999 & I must say the service in contacting the police was excellent. Also the person we then got on the police line was very good & we remained on the line with him all the way  following the car. 
Hi, I would like to ask if I could have the use of one of your 'speed indicator boards' the ones that show motorists how fast they are travelling. The lane I live the speed that most cars are travelling in that stretch way exceeds the 30mph limit, I fear that there will be a serious incident before too long as cars will overtake other cars that aren't going fast enough for their liking.I used to regularly see one of the indicator boards just by the school I believe, it seemed to have the required effect of slowing the traffic to 30mph. There are 2 cars that pass us each morning when we go out with our dogs and I swear some mornings they are doing in excess of 50mph. 
I'd like to offer some feedback as I received excellent service from 2 Officers that were called to my house early hours Saturday morning to advise me that my husband had been taken to Hospital as he had been found unconscious.  I either did not get their names or can not recall as there was a lot going on but it was a female and 1 male Officer that were working on their final night shift after 6 shifts. They were called to my address to advise that my husband had been taken to Hospital after being seen collapsing on a street. The Officers were so calming and reassuring throughout speaking to me about what had happened. Either due to the shock, being startled at the knocking of the door  or being pregnant, but I actually fainted whilst speaking to them. They called for a paramedic to check me over, -and after being given the all clear that I didn't need to be examined further, they said they would take me to the Hospital as I was not up to driving. Very caring throughout this time and even checked that I was feeling ok when I went to get changed To go to the Hospital. They were both so caring and were listening to when I spoke about my husband's situation. He has a severe allergy to some spirits and if he comes into contact with these,he falls into a coma-like state and is unresponsive for several hours but upon waking, he will be able to recollect things that were said whilst he was unconscious. He was not drunk or too inebriated to get home that night and the Officers did not speak with any judgement when saying he'd been found on the street. They were concerned I had somewhere to go or Someone that could collect us. Upon arriving at the hospital, the female Officer escorted me in to the waiting room and ensured I had someone to take us home. Very calming, professional and compassionate members of the Police and I felt like I was treated with respect and no judgement throughout. I hope this feedback is able to be relayed to them as we both appreciated the time and care they spent on this call out. They were both so kind and genuine with what they were asking or saying they would get done for me-calling an ambulance, making sure I was ok etc that I felt calmer dealing with the situation.
I wanted to pass on this feedback as they were both so caring and helpful during a difficult time
Just wanted to put my views across to whom it may concern about one of your officers. I have had email/phone correspondence with him and I have been really impressed. He has been informative, supportive, understanding etc and whilst dealing with a really tough situation, has not made me feel just like a crime reference number or that he's simply following up paperwork. I have really appreciated his contact, advice and thanks.
There has been lots of crime recently that appears to have been committed by youths in the Town. Do you have any PCSOs that patrol the area? I haven't seen any. I think more PCSO are needed to bring crime down. 
We had an intruder recently and the Police were great. You also called me.Last night,I went to pick up my wife from work and my daughter thought she heard someone upstairs. Officers came round straight away and also said they could deploy tracker dogs.These actions reassured my daughter and us.Thank you
I wish to commend the PCSO who investigated the theft of my cycle. If it was not for his quick action and excellent observation skills my cycle would have been lost to me . However he decided to follow the theft up, resulting in the return of my cycle a few hours later. I am extremely impressed by his diligence and most grateful for the return of my cycle. Just a fantastic result. Well done.
My daughter was involved in an accident on her way home from work. It was a very busy time on the road and she was very shaken. The police and recovery service were called and the police were there very quickly. The recovery service took several hours to turn up but a police officer assured my daughter someone would stay with her until she was safely on her way. And they did. My daughter is still very upset by the accident and I want to say thank you very much to the officers who responded and stayed with her; I was very worried about her but live several hours away so could do nothing and I am so grateful they were there. Thank you.
On Saturday I accompanied a friend to her relative's house. She had been unable to contact him and was worried about him. As we arrived at his address, we were met by his neighbours who were also concerned about him. As we were unable to raise him, one of the neighbours called you, explained our concerns and was told an officer would be there within the hour. Well within that time, 2 officers attended. As they could get no response either, the decision was made to force the front door. After making sure we would not try to enter the property after them, they duly forced the door and entered the property. To be honest, we were fearing the worst, so, when the PC came out of the house, we were expecting the bad news that he had to break to her that her relative had sadly passed away. I would like to put on record my heartfelt thanks for the way these two officers dealt with the situation. They were compassionate, empathetic and professional at the same time, something I would have thought was very difficult and yet, it just seemed to be natural to them. It was obviously a very distressing time for my friend and I can’t think of anything more they could have done for her. You have two fine officers there. Thank you
I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all of the Sussex Police Cadets that assisted with the Christmas Fete last Saturday. Their enthusiasm and assistance towards the running and safety on the event made it a great success. I had the opportunity to talk to several on these young people and was surprised that they didn't undertake any D of E Awards scheme , bearing in mind they are half-way qualified already with their cadet duties. I know this maybe down to cost issues but believe it would be a win opportunity for both the individuals and force. Once again thank you for your assistance. 
If our village wanted to have a scheme involving residents monitoring the speed of vehicles in the locality using portable hand held devices do you still offer advice and training in setting this up? It is something we are looking to do and I have seen this being operated in locations around Sussex  We replied with details of the Community Speedwatch scheme
please can you look into the driving of taxi drivers. I have never seen so many dangerous drivers as these people. They drive like there in no law that applys to them. you name the law braking that road traffic apply they do it. Please before they kill somebody.speeding under taking parking uturns red lights ect
Regarding your recent warning about jamming of car key fobs: One of the problems is not with criminals intentionally jamming but of nearby transmissions on or near frequencies used by key fobs, in the 433MHz area. I am a licensed Radio Amateur (licensed by Ofcom) and I can legally transmit signals on these frequencies at considerably higher power than any key fob is capable of. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not adequately protect the key fob receivers in vehicles and they are prone to 'blocking' by nearby signals. I have had one incidence when I know that a signal from one of my transmitters has possibly prevented someone from opening their car door with a key fob (it works both ways - locking and unlocking can be prevented) and I've heard of several other cases. Whilst I appreciate your advice to people to check that their car has actually locked properly and of course they should do that anyway, I feel that you maybe need to mount a national campaign to persuade vehicle manufacturers to use devices that are better tested under adverse radio conditions. 
A policeman has made my day! I'll explain. My husband was driving down the A24 and indicated he was turning left but carried straight on - with a police car behind - it seems he wasn't driving entirely straight either! They had a word! If I had as many £s as the times indicating or lack of comes up I'd be a wealthy woman! I would so love him to go through a driving course, not a test, a friendly course to brush up the abilities I know he has, but it's out of our price range then he wouldn't be so convinced that I'm simply out to complain about his driving. In fact it would be a good idea for more to go for a 'driving brush-up' it could solve many silly manouvours. Thank you for pulling him over.
And I thank my husband for being so honest and telling me about it. 
Hi, Just a quick note of thanks to the Officer at the sussex police call centre this evening. After reporting an minor incident, he did his best to help track down the details and then kept me updated several times over the course of the evening while waiting for an update from another team which eventually arrived at the end of his shift. Please pass on my thanks to him it was much appreciated
An officer came to my home this evening, to help my friend who has left an abusive relationship. I am so grateful to him. He was calm, kind, and so professional, as he talked to my friend I shall never forget it. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to him. 
Just wanted to say how efficient, quick, sensitive and responsive the service we received last night after reporting an elderly missing person. All persons involved (even the dog) were fantastic - we could not have asked for a better, more thorough service. Please could everyone be thanked for their hard work and sensitive, professional attitudes.
Having watched what believe is a very bias clip of video on social media, against the Police in Newhaven. I would like to pass my thanks and best wishes to any of the Police Officers who are currently under investigation following very poor media reporting by the BBC. We value the fact that Police Ifficers put themselves in harms way to protect us and with the current cut backs do so at great physical risk to themselves. Thank You to the Police Officer in the video clip. He deserves praise for taking charge firmly and not becoming a victim of violence himself. Please pass on my greatest respect and thanks to that Police Officer and all who are facing an investigation into that incident. The public are VERY great full to them. 
I would like to complain about the lack of indication I see when police vehicles turn. Our police force should be setting a good example and remembering to let other road users know where direction they intend to go in, instead of cutting across the front of my car without indicating. 
Last night there was a very unpleasant altercation in the home of one of our neighbours. I was so concerned about the well being of the two people involved that I called the Police to see if assistance was needed. I can only thank you and in particular the officers who attended for their speedy and professional response. 4 cars arrived within just 8 mins or so with several officers. In particular was the young officer who arrived first, and was alone, and without wavering just went straight in to start sorting things. I was very concerned about his safety but thankfully colleagues arrived soon after to support. I think the Police service comes in for some hefty criticism all too frequently and whilst some of that may be justified I think it stops us seeing what an amazing service you provide and what professional courage and commitment your people demonstrate.
So I am saying thank you. Thank you for being there, for acting when it may be unsafe or uncertain and for keeping this a place people flock to and want to live and be a part of. Seeing the response last night reminded me that the safety I feel when I walk the streets at night, or take part in large public events in the city, or am just sat quietly at home is not something we should take for granted and is down to the service the Police provide and the way they go about that work. If you are able to identify the officers involved and thank them I would appreciate it. With all best regards to you and your officers this Christmas 
I am mystified how our pedestrian pavements are now crowded with cyclists and cars parked half on road and half on pavements.The cyclists do not pay attention or have any respect for the public who at times must walk on the road to avoid being knocked over and therefore could have an accident and the selfish car parking means the same and it becomes impossible for someone with a pushchair to safely negotiate on the pavement.

I would expect the police to heavily fine car owners for their lack of care and monitor cyclists and remove their bikes until they pay a fine or have them crushed.It appears a source of revenue is being missed and in these days of fines for parking,speeding etc it should be considered before serious injuries are caused.
What has happened to the PCSOs?

In the past the had good contact with our PCSO and this was invaluable when being with drug dealers, etc on the estate. But for some time now the PCSO has been remote if not non existent. I did try to find out who the PCSOs for our area is but this info is not available leading me to think that the PCSO no longer exist or local contact with the local community is being restricted.

This approach detaches the police from the area and makes dealing with local issues much less personable. Hence policing crime is less effective.
I'd just like to place on record my gratitude and thanks to the officers who dealt with my intoxicated son in the early hours of this morning (And in particular the officer with the dog) My son was celebrating his  birthday yesterday, and consumed way to much alcohol, resulting in him behaving in a defiant and immature manner. Thankfully the officers involved acted in a very professional way, and while maintaining a serious edge (rightly so, in my opinion) the issues were quickly resolved without the incident escalating. I am aware many police actions are considered unpopular, and the public can generally be very quick to criticise. But for me, it is reassuring to know the public are served/protected by such outstanding individuals. Please pass on my gratitude to the officers involved, and inform them all, the offer of a cup of tea and mince pies still stands. 
Happy christmas guys and girls thank you for keeping us safe though out the year happy new year too
I want to thank the two amazing police officers tonight who listened to my hysterical rants and understood and took me home BUT not to my front door as requested. Very helpful and very kind and very understanding and not at all judgemental, you men have changed my opionion on the police as past officers have lost mine and my family's respect. Well done you brilliant people, listened to every word whether it was right or wrong I want to give them a lot of praise after years of hating police these men have changed my mind. Well done Sussex police, well done


We all know that everyone has a mobile phone so why don't we develop a transparent bag on the windscreen housing it? That doesn't affect vision of the road. Showing the general public unity in the way in which they are shown not to be used at all ? People that may disregard this effort may be the ones to break the law by omission. Entrapment yes however some people still use them regardless. 
I was almost knocked off my bicycle by a police car. I was approaching the roundabout by the pub having riden from home. As I went onto the roundabout I saw a police car approaching quickly from the direction of town centre, I was on the roundabout and had the right of way. The police car did not have blue lights or a siren sounding. At the last minute I was spotted and the police car had to break violently, causing the tyres to screech, to avoid a collision.
My bike has a very bright light on the front that was on maximum and not flashing, I also had a secondary light set on a double pulse that is also very bright.
I feel that the driver was approaching the roundabout far too fast and my safety was put at risk by the driver.
I hope this incident can be investigated and action taking to ensure that the driver is made aware of the risks fast moving cars are to cyclists.
I would like to compliment your team who helped out my Son on Wednesday evening. He had gone to the police station to ask advice as he had missed his last bus after returning late from his football match. He only moved here earlier in the year and as I was unavailable take his calls,he was unsure what to do. Just a big thank you to all the duty team involved, It is always a pleasure to work alongside my police colleagues whilst on ambulance duty and on this occasion I was helped personally which I very much appreciate. 
Amazing Officers, I feel safe in Sussex with such an amazing police force, with hard working and professional officers
After reporting my parked car was hit by an uninsured driver who left the scene and reporting the car also had no tax the police did nothing! My car is two years old and is written help or support
I had a tyre blow out and after hitting the central reservation ended up in the bushes beyond the side of the road. It was obviously an incredibly frightening experience. The first response was from your PC was the personification of everything you wish the Police to be, professional and compassionate, concerned with ensuring my welfare and then helping me go back to find the car (as it was so well buried) to ensure it was secure. She made sure I was ok and took me somewhere safe so I could contact my insurance and that I had someone to be with me. She clearly explained what the next steps would be as in order to recover the car the police would need to be involved, she then kept in touch with me to ensure the smooth retrieval of the car. I cannot commend her highly enough she made such a difference.
Please pass on my gratitude and thanks
Having reported a crime I have now received a letter from Sussex Police thanking me for contacting them and advising me that the investigation into the crime is now closed. As the investigation never started, I find it grimly amusing to find that it has now concluded. The whole event has proved upsetting to me and, if it wasn't already enough to have had property removed from my garage, receiving a patronising letter advising me that I had helped improving the statistical database of local crime that you might actually get around to investigating was the icing on the cake. I understand that Sussex Police do not always have the resources or the ability to investigate every crime that occurs. However, the response I received (with the exception of the call centre operator who was excellent) has left me wondering what the police do with the resources hardworking people like me provide via our taxation. I have to say that I am a firm believer in the equality of obligation and, to that extent, if Sussex Police do not think they need to do anything for me, I do not see why I should assist them, unless I think there might be a positive outcome, because I need to direct my own resources as I see fit. And that is where I believe this matter is now concluded.
You do realise that you are a police SERVICE.
I needed to contact you by telephone - unfortunately I am not blind, hard of hearing unable to speak or disabled in any other way.
Had i been so there was a multitude of ways to contact you - although I am positive there would not have been a response
Your website does not display a telephone number to speak (i.e. communicate verbally) in person to another human being.
I dialled a number that appeared to be an option for verbal communication but was told yet again that it was a text account.
At the time of needing to contact you I was frantic with worry over a family member, happily that situation has been resolved but I consider that by not providing on your website a clear means of verbal communication you are failing badly in your duty to be available
My mother was hit and injured by a pedal cyclist, whilst a pedestrian on the footpath. This resulted in a lengthy and worrying stay in hospital, due to the extent of the injuries she sustained. The Officer dealing with the case being brought against the pedal cyclist was from the Sussex Roads Policing Unit.
The Court Hearing has now been heard. The cyclist pleaded guilty and has been fined, plus ordered to pay compensation.
I would like to pass on sincere thanks to those members of Sussex Police who assisted in bringing this case to Court. However, I would like to make particular reference and thanks to the RPU officer who has been very helpful since the accident, ensuring we were regularly updated with the action being considered, also making regular enquiries as to how my mother was progressing. With thanks from our family and my mother. 
Many, Many thanks to the Missing Persons Unit and the police officers that found and brought our resident back to the Care Home fit, well and unharmed.We are very grateful.
I would like to thank the Officer for her promp and efficient handling of my recent dog bite complaint and her swift resolution of the incident. 
How can you report anything suspicious e.g. crime prevention ?

Additionally it would seem that the neighbourhood Alert service site does not currently have a information reporting agreement with our local Police force. Why can't this be established ? Generally very very poor information on Sussex police website in relation to crime prevention reporting. Improvements needed.
I had a car breakdown on the busy A259 dual carriageway towards Littlehampton. I was able to steer the car to the side but not as out of the way as I would have liked. I put my hazards on but had a momentary panic as I was in a dangerous place on a blind bend with cars and lorries speeding past. It felt way too close! I was just calling the Police and I must have been spotted as two Sussex Police Officers pulled over to help with the situation. I can't thank them or praise them highly enough. I would ask you to pass on my thanks to both. They were polite, friendly, professional and calming and my car was dealt with efficiently to remove the danger to everyone. Thank you Sussex Police.
Thankyou to all who attended my house tonight even though it was nothing in the end. The way the officers made sure me and my children were safe was outstanding. I want to thank them all they were amazing! We are all so grateful to them.
Hi I would just like to thank the two male and female police officers that attended my daughter when she had a car accident from a car coming into her path.They were fantastic and were able to calm her down as she was very distressed.They were very friendly and helpful giving me information on what was to happen next.
Unfortunately I didn't get their names but if you are able to trace them from this please pass on our thanks and praise. Thankyou
I have attended Police Panel meetings in the past, but was only alerted to the last one when I read an email after the meeting had started. The Councillor told me which officer is responsible for these meetings. I just telephoned and was told that he was on duty, but the phone rang until the line was cut off. I would like to be put on an email list to be alerted about future meetings if that is possible? 
Just wanted to say a big thank you to an call handler at the 101 call centre. I phoned to ask advice about social media bullying which my daughter has been a victim of this year. The call handler was wonderful, professional, sensitive and kind. Gave excellent advice on how to deal with a very complicated matter . Although I thanked her at the end of my call I felt it was important to give this feed back . It's hard to put into words how much this lovely lady helped both me and my daughter today, my daughter has become very withdrawn and depressed and I was unsure what to do for the best, we both feel listened to and that we were taken seriously. Thank you so very much
I would like to draw your attention to the excellent job that our community policeman does. He spends time understanding various problems in these areas and in particular parking issues and mini thefts from the local shops. He has his ear to the ground and hopefully he will remain in these duties for the forceable future. A job very well done. Thank you.
I applaud the new Police initiative to pursue the use of mobile phones and other distracting devices whilst driving.
I have just seen the evening 6pm BBC News report on the matter in which the reporter was driving giving a piece to camera mounted in or on his vehicle. Surely this is equally distracting and dangerous as using a phone or other device. There is no possible way he or any other TV presenter giving similar reports can be fully focused and in control whilst driving. As you the Police have more sway that members of the public I feel this is something you should pursue. 
Would looks to thank the ladies for keeping me calm and helping me find my car -when there was no record of any towing it had in fact been moved by the council !! Thank you all ladies I appreciate all your help x
I am a local resident and am appalled at the recent vandalism to the new trees planted on the high street. With the amount of cctv cameras around I hope there is a good chance of finding out who committed this crime and naming and shaming the individuals and calling them to account. I would like to know whether the Sussex Police will be or are in the process of investigating this? Thank you for all the work you do to keep our town a safe and pleasant place to live. 
I just wanted to write to say how much I appreciated the call today I had from the PC sorting out a few things for me.
Very helpful , polite and good of him to take the time. Much appreciated Thank you
Yesterday evening I called your service to help me find out if my mother was OK. She is an elderly lady that lives on her own and I was unable to get an answer from phoning her (as I do each evening). I contacted your service through the 101 number. The call handler was extremely helpful and went through a series of questions to establish the necessary information and assurances that I was in fact who I said I was. Within a short time she had called me back to say that I should ring the hospital as they could update me on my mother. The speed and efficiency around me going from a very concerned son to someone who knew that my mother was safe and as well as could be was amazing. Thank you. 
My son had a motorbike accident, which your PC attended.  I cannot praise this PC enough for his actions; he was incredibly calm and reassuring with a very scared and anxious mum, even to the point of helping me when I got lost on the way to an unfamiliar hospital. After the accident he checked on my son's progress on more than one occasion and also gave me some tips and support with getting him back riding his bike after an accident. He was nothing but kind, professional and reassuring and I am extremely grateful to him for all his support in a really difficult time in our lives. I hope very much that his work is recognised, as he is a credit to your organisation. Thank you. 
I would like to thank the police officers who brought my daughter safely home last night following an incident where a lad had knocked himself out. She was supposed to be home on the 10 pm bus but due to her staying with this lad, waiting for the ambulance, she missed the last bus as it had reached almost 1am at that point. Your officers brought her home and waited until she was safely inside. Thank you so much from a very worried parent.
I would like to congratulate your Firearms Licensing Team on their fast and efficient service. I submitted my renewal document in the last week of October and the new license was posted to me on 16th November. Special thanks are due for a prompt and courteous inspection visit to my home.
Please pass on my thanks to the Police Officer who ensured I got home safely. He had been investigating a van that had been abandoned and found me (stupidly) walking along the embankment. My phone was out of charge and I had been asked to get out of the Taxi I was travelling in. I was very overwhelmed at the situation I had put myself in but he dealt with me professionally and calmly having ascertained that I wasn't the driver of the van. I am very grateful that he went out of his way to help me. Thank you very much. 
Hi! Two wonderful officers in an unmarked car earlier today had intercepted an aggressive driver unnerving me while I was doing a turn in the road manoeuvre in a bright yellow AA learner car. Is there a way to let them know both I and my instructor are very greatful? Many thanks
I'm currently applying for various roles within Sussex Police and on a number of occasions I've had to contact the recruitment team for questions that I couldn't find answers for myself. On all times I've contacted recruitment I've been greeted by a Police Staff member who has dealt with my questions quickly and professionally, makes me feel a lot more welcome!
I lost my purse. A passer by picked it up and handed it to officers in a car.I want to say a big thank you to the PCs in that car who tracked me down (several out of date addresses too) and returned my purse to me at my house three hours after I lost it. Really, really kind and helpful specially as it is Friday afternoon .
What a charming, guileless and lovely young woman and so diligent at keeping us in touch with our case AND eventually solving it to our great satisfaction. A true credit to the local police force.
I discovered I had been burgled last week,late evening,on return from a holiday.
I would like to say how impressed and reassured I was by the support and concern given by the local policeman that night,the fact that police were sent early morning to speak to neighbours and the scene of crime officer was sent out the next morning,too. The response by the police on the phone and return calls was excellent.
The police response has been very thorough and professional. Couldn't ask for better. Well done.Very impressed
We are just back from a holiday in East Sussex. We stayed in a cottage on the B2096. There was a accident on monday. No wonder. A lot of people are riding much to fast on these narrow and winding roads, with all these hedges. The speed allowed on the B2096, where we stayed, was 60 miles(= 97km). This is really ridiculous. On the M20, with 3 lanes, is the speed, which is allowed, only 16km more. This is really not in proportion. 
I wanted to say how impressed I was with the response I received after dialling 999. I was nervous about calling but the officer really put me at ease and amazingly a police car came out very quickly to see what was going on. Just want to say thank you to whoever I spoke to, and to Sussex Police in general.
I just wanted to say thank you to the police officer who pulled me over a little while ago. It was nearly midnight. I've been driving less than a year and on my way home from work. It could have been a very distressing experience but the officer was very polite and reassuring. My car had flagged as uninsured, it turned out to be a typing error with my insurance company as the officer said he expected it was. Took my details to the police station the next day and it was all sorted! Very understanding officer who clearly assessed the situation appropriately and dealt with me accordingly.
This is in response to a recent letter I have recieved in connection to the outcome of the case, which indicates that it is now closed due to insufficient evidence.
I have the following suggestion to make. It will be a very good investment to have traffic cameras at busy junctions like this one, to monitor cars jumping red lights or blocking checked boxes, so that when accidents do happen there is always a chance of capturing a video evidence to aid police with their investigation. It will make the investigation of accidents easier for the police and also deter people who delibrately jump the lights. 
On Sunday, I was ill in bed. I was aware of a disturbance on the far side of the road where a group of people were shouting and swearing at each other. I saw, through the branches of a tree a man as one of these. Shortly after I observed two Police officers, 1 female, 1 male, detain the man.  I was impressed with the unobtrusive way they acted, no raised voices, cuffed the man without noise (though he was arguing). They spoke to him quietly, had a cuff on quickly, searched his pockets, and had apparently called for back-up as a police car drew up shortly, and the man in question was seated in it, and the car left. The original two officers then walked off. What a difference from the lurid police chases featured in the media. All carried out circumspectly, quietly without undue violence or restraining methods. Really excellent policing. My continued admiration for Sussex officers - and I have met plenty in the past while working in the underbelly of our town. Congratulations.
I am a care coordinator at a GP surgery. My work includes providing information to our patients about services available in the community.
The Pegasus scheme sounds a very useful one and I wonder whether you have a poster about it that could be displayed in the surgery? Some of our patients and their carers would find the scheme useful. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you  You can find out more about the Pegasus scheme here
The lady I spoke to was fantastic! Thank you!
Recently reported theft to the value of about £400, whereby the thieves cut chains with a hacksaw. Whilst I accept the limitations of investigation I did mention that an object had been moved by them with the possibility of fingerprints. I am therefore disappointed to receive an e-mail to say there are no lines of enquiry and therefore the case is closed despite the re-occurrence of such offence. You are not going to catch any people without trying, at least a phone call to confirm the information and determine there is no further evidence is, I would suggest, the barest minimum of effort to determine that. That poor service encourages the thought that it is a pointless waste of time communicating crime to the police in the first place and gives the opinion of a cursory acknowledgement before dismissal.
You have had to deal with a  crash on the A27 westbound so obviously priority on the direct affected. I have worked in vehicle crash including accident investigation so I appreciate this is tough. The resulting closure of the west bound Chichester to Havant carriages led to the expected nightmare traffic. What I am frustrated at was much of the A27 east bound delays could have been significantly reduced if one of your team had manage data the traffic flow at the Fishbourne roundabout. 2 hours of queuing was caused by not stopping traffic from Chichester/Terminus Road blocking the east bound A27 which was complete madness.
In this area a group of men and a woman are causing trouble - by aggressively demanding money or stealing, public urination etc.. This is happening mostly in daylight typically noon to dusk. It may be connected to the pharmacy methadone service. They used to occupy the multi storey car park till it was closed. They are making us feel unsafe as we have had our weekly groceries stolen. (Already reported). Could a PCSO evaluate the situation please?
I recieved a letter today informing me that Sussex Police will be taking no further action with regards to an accident that I was involved in earlier this year.
The reason given for this decision is that there is insufficient evidence to pursue the matter. Very shortly after the accident I spoke to a Police Community Support Officer, close to the scene of the accident, informing her of the nature of the accident, the failure of the driver to stop, the present location of the car and driver and that the driver appeared very obviously intoxicated. The response to this information was that she could be of no help, the reason being that the necessary paperwork is not carried in the car, and I was advised to use the 101 service. As soon as I reached my home address I contacted the 101 service, gave the details of the accident and once again expressed my concern that the driver of the car appeared very intoxicated. I was then informed that no action could be taken until Monday as there were no police stations open at the weekend.  It is entirely inaccurate to state that there was insufficient evidence. I twice informed Sussex Police of the nature of the accident, location of the driver, the car colour, model and number plate and that the driver appeared very intoxicated but Sussex Police chose not to act on this information. At the time of the accident, I was appalled by the inaction shown by Sussex Police, allowing an intoxicated driver to continue using the roads unchecked. The letter I recieved today has compounded the very negative experience I have had of Sussex Police.  In the run up to Christmas, I have no doubt that Sussex Police will engage, quite rightly, in their vociferous campaign to reduce the incidences of drink-driving, impressing upon drivers the devastating consequences of this act and showing no hesitation in proceeding with preventative measures to ensure those suspected of being intoxicated are unable to put themselves and other road users at risk.  I would like to know why Sussex Polices' approach to drink-driving appears to be so inconsistent.   
Hi there, My partner and I had to call you to an incident in our Guest House in the early hours of this morning. We had two guests being physically and verbally abusive to each other. We were alerted to the situation by other guests and then went to speak to the people who made us feel quite intimidated. So for the first time in our hospitality career we felt we needed to call the Police to help us. Within minutes four Police Officers (three gentlemen and a lady) arrived. The way the Officers handled the situation made us feel that we had to send through very positive feedback and a big thank you. They were swift in their approach and curteous to the fact that we were full with other guests and families staying, which minismised the disruption. We as the owners immediately felt safe and each Officer was polite and handled themselves with the highest of professionlism. We hope that we don't have to face a situation like this again, but that there are such great Police Officers in our area, makes us feel very secure. Please can you pass on our gratitude to the four people who came - we are sorry we didn't take their names. 
I had to report a criminal damage crime to you yesterday and I have to say I'm extremely disappointed with the total lack of support/interest that Sussex Police have shown in my case. The operator was extremely helpful and did his best but to my astonishment nothing is going to be done about it. Whilst I can appreciate that it may not be much to you, but this is the third time in 5 months I have been a victim of crime at a cost of over £600 to date, I'm getting fed up with this happening to just me in our road. I don't know what sort of crime you are now interested in but surely you can't keep ignoring people and issuing crime numbers, what sort of service is that? You are public servants and are paid by that public, but are not providing the service you should be. 
I read on my FB feed yesterday about a cyclist who crashed into a tree injuring himself badly & prompted this email.
A few weeks ago we had to stay well back from another cyclist ( in all the Lycra gear & on a racing bike) from the before the start of the hill right through the village & only able to pass on A272 going west where there is clear view & wide road. During this time this cyclist was swerving the width of our side of the road but on the left hand bends he actually swerved over the the opposite side of the road sonas not to lose speed. ( we assume) Had we seen a police vehicle we would have flashed it down to report it we felt it so dangerous. This has prompted us to purchase a dash camera. On looking on a website for a cycling club in our area it clearly shows this location as being one of their time trial routes & could possibly explain this cyclists riding. Should this sort of cycling be encouraged as it is very dangerous inconsiderate etc for other road users not to mention illegal. Driving anywhere around Sussex roads of a weekend is becoming a nightmare with these types of cyclists often riding in large spread out groups, many two or three abreast & often causing long tail backs of traffic. Do Sussex police advise cycling clubs on how to Perdue their sport in a safe & considerate manner. I would welcome feedback but can also assure you that once we have mastered the dash cam if we ever have to follow someone like this guy again we will definitely be sending you the viewing card.
Maybe it is time these cyclists have to display an identity marking like car drivers have to with registration...after all one Lycra lovey looks the same as another!
I am a very concerned about the consistent use of mobile phones by motorists on a daily basis.I travel the M23/M25 on a daily and see numerous drivers using there phones making calls and texting etc!! Surprisingly one example today was a driver in a new Mercedes which would of definitely had a hands free system the driver was holding and using the phone and was completely oblivious to me starring at him as I passed and I sounded my horn and he had no idea I was even there!! I am totally convinced that if the these motorways were patrolled daily by an unmarked car you would witness 20+ drivers per day using there phones. I would welcome your thoughts and comments as I really believe a serious accident is waiting to happen.
RE: news story "nearly-100-cannabis-plants-seized-in-littlehampton" It would appear to me that your supposition that 100 cannabis plants have a 'street value' of £80,000 is a massive exaggeration. Don't you see that such exaggeration is an encouragement to the uneducated and jobless to see cannabis cultivation as a career opportunity? So, rather than having "taken these drugs off the street" you may well have inspired others to follow in the footsteps. Especially as you failed to apprehend the occupants of the house when executing the warrant!
I was dismayed to read of incident the Police are appealing for witnesses to this incident? The Police had a clear opportunity to speak to the persons cultivating cannabis plants had they executed the warrant correctly. The Officer executing and planning the execution of this warrant have clearly neglected his/her duty by allowing two men to exit the building by the back door! If the crime update is to be believed. This incident is totally unacceptable and the officers should be subject to an investigation. 
I find it strange that when you report a break-in to a garage where nothing was taken,you go on to tell all readers that there are very valuable items stored there. Why?
Please pass on our thanks to all the police men and women involved in our crime. I have two names but please thank all the other officers as well. A job well done, all very courteous and efficient and they have been keeping me well informed 
I am totally disgusted with the way you & the police have delt with the problems to do with the nightclub.
We are supposed to live in a democracy not in a situation when you go around witch hunting. I no you are going to say about the residents but I can't understand why there has never been cctv cameras put up outside the club & known trouble spots like they done elsewhere & trouble , unsociable behaviour dropped because cctv went straight to the police so they could prosecut offender's
Yesterday evening , my daughter got her foot wedged in our staircase at home between the treads and the banister upright. After a few minutes trying to release her (and her getting progressively more upset) my wife and I started to panic and I dialled 999 for the fire brigade. As soon as I dialled I remembered where a particular tool was to try and loosen the banister upright and I disconnected the call, believing that it hadn't connected. Thankfully, I was able to loosen the upright enough to release her foot and other than being very upset, no damage was done. Within minutes a police car arrived and I realised that the 999 call had been connected. The officers explained that all that had beenheard was a child screaming and then the line went dead. Firstly, I wanted to apologise to you (and the officers concerned) for having wasted your time and resources. Secondly, I wanted to say thank you for the professionalism of your officers who were a credit to you (and who also made the day of my son who has Down Syndrome when he was allowed to look at the police car). Knowing that the response to a potential situation was so rapid and professional is extremely reassuring and impressive in equal measure. I would be very grateful if you could pass on both my thanks and apologies to the two officers involved. 
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the PCSO who responded on her own to an incident. My neighbour was not in her right mind (to say the least), but the officer who responded managed to convince her to open the door. I could hear them and was so impressed and touched by the officer's relentlessly calm and kind speech. Anyone who doesn't think the police are to be trusted and appreciated would change their mind if they witnessed what I did that evening. I wish you would pass on my appreciation and give the officer a commendation for the extraordinary way she handled the incident. She really is a credit to the force and this community.
My wife and I would like to thank the Sussex police and particularly the officers who attended a recent robbery from our home. They called us and arrived promptly and were kind and courteous and were able to give advice which was very reassuring. The fingerprint lady was equally helpful, sadly without a satisfactory print. So often we hear negative reporting but hopefully we may redress the balance somewhat in congratulating the Sussex Police for there response, especially at a time of severe cut backs.
Thank you once again 
I would like to say a big thankyou to the police officers who have been very supportive and efficient in their jobs, over the last past months especially last night. It's nice to know there is help out there when needed. Please can you pass on my thanks to the wonderful officers who has helped me and my daughter.
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to a PC. I had a rather nasty car accident Wednesday evening and he made me feel really at ease in a situation that "should've" sent me into a panic attack. I told him my version of events which were quite vague and he didn't then make me feel uncomfortable by pushing for information that I didn't know, like I had a feared. He simply just made sure that I was okay and kept checking on me even when the ambulance had arrived. He gave me all the details I needed which was so helpful as I was completely useless with it all. As a 19 year old girl who has never been in a situation like that and had no one to rely on for support, he gave me lots of reassurance and really made that night a lot easier for me. Cannot thank him enough for the way he dealt with the situation!!!!
I recently reported that my Daughters wing mirror had been smashed off her car, there was some blood present and so, realising that a DNA hit may be possible, I reported the incident over the phone. Not expecting much, you can imagine my surprise when I got a call saying that a Forensic Examiner would attend to collect the mirror and a DNA test would be carried out. This happened the next day. Further to this I received a letter saying that no DNA hit was made and that the case was closed.
Imagine my further surprise when I get a call from a local PC saying that a DNA hit WAS made, the offender identified, arrested, interviewed and had admitted to the crime.
The local PC involved acted very professionally at all times and eventually, within days, I was reimbursed the costs for the damage. This was not a substantial amount of money (£26) considering that it probably cost Sussex Police a few thousand pounds to carry out all the work they did. However, a crime was committed, reported, solved and resolved which is the point of having a Police Force in the first place. I was proud to have worked for Sussex Police myself and really appreciate all that the Officers and Police Staff do, often in difficult circumstances. Let's face it, when things go wrong we don't call our Politicians we call the Police. Well done all and thanks.
Thank you so much for the poster saying 'no' to trick or treat. As a pensioner living alone, I always get somewhat nervous at this time, and this will be an immense help.
I moved down here in 2007 and noticed the Police with speed cameras along the Worthing Road especially near the primary school and saw them a lot until the last 4-5 years . This is 30 mph road and people cross the road at the islands especially kids . A lot of drivers seem to speed along there now and I have had some near misses where they speed on the roundabouts . They get angry if you keep to the speed limit . When are the police going to return as I feel someone is going to be killed or injured . These drivers don't seem to care and they drive mad around these area .
I had the misfortune to have a car accident. The officers who attended were marvelous and helped no end. I should like to thank all who attended for their help. 
I recently read about an excellent campaign launched by West Midlands police to target motorists who pass too closely to cyclists when they overtake. Can you please tell me if Sussex police are planning anything similar? I am regularly overtaken very closely by motorists when I cycle to work. I use the country lanes to avoid traffic where possible, but a number of motorists use these lanes as a cut through, even though they can be very twisty and don't provide safe overtaking opportunities. Some motorists clearly try to spook me by passing extremely close and cutting back straight in front of me - others pass on a bend and hope for the best - if they need to suddenly brake and pull in, they do so, the cyclist being collateral damage presumably. In fairness, the majority of motorists are considerate, however there is a sizeable minority who are completely reckless.
Can you please tell me if you have any plans to police this type of thing? If only as an educational exercise. 
I want to give my thanks to the work culminating in a warrant in my street last week, relating to drug dealing activities. I have lived here for over 20 years, and in the past few years, and in particular the last two since we lost our brilliant female neighbourhood officer, the nuisance in the street from single men associating with this address has been miserable. Since the two days activity, my home has been returned to peace, and I want you to thank everyone involved. I hope very much that the Housing Association now have sufficent cause to end his tenancy so that there is no repeat. I know how strapped your service is. THANKYOU youve really made a difference
PCs attended a traffic accident on the Portfield roundabout in Chichester. I am writing to say that the level of professionalism and kindness they showed towards us was exceptional. They clearly and rapidly identified that we were upset and shocked by what had happened and were a calming and reassuring presence. Myself and my family would like to pass on our regards and our sincerest thanks for all their help and effort.
Today a colleague and I attended Gatwick Airport police station in order to deal with a matter. Our escorting officer was a credit to your service. He was polite and friendly, knowledgeable and couldn't do enough to make our time at the airport run smoothly. Pass on our thanks to him. He is an asset to your team.
I wish to thank Sussex police for all the help and support given to myself and a colleague. Special thanks to the officer who has kept both of us updated with what was going on regarding the case. Also thanks to the arresting officers for their efforts.
I would like to say a massive thank you to a police officer for all of his patience, help and understanding yesterday. My car blew up on the A259 and was stuck on the hatchlings at the roundabout. I had a very distressed son with me and the officer not only helped us to safety but stayed with us until I managed to arrange for help. He also at my request took my son back home to daddy as he desperately needed the toilet and brought my mother back to me as I was in shock. I was overwhelmed at his kindness and reassurance. Please could this be passed into his supervisor or manager for a great job done as he went above and beyond to help us. Many thanks 
Last night around 11.30pm, I called 999 because I thought a crime might be happening at the Club. Another member of my club had called me at home saying he'd noticed some suspicious lights on from the views from our webcam on our website. The police arrived within 5 minutes (I could see them on the webcam) but then left shortly afterwards. I was told this morning that it was another one of our members doing some late-night paperwork so I'm really sorry to have called you out on a false alarm. However, I didn't want to take chances as we had a break-in around 3 years ago.  Once again, many apologies but huge thanks for your quick response. 
Thank you for your updates, via the alert neighbourhood site, which sadly never allows the opportunity of simple reply & therefore you may miss out on current community comment. Your presence where I live is diminished & noted, as it is across England. I am not opposed to worthwhile economy, especially at the top of well paid organisations. However, if you now rely on the community to report offence & crime, you are surely loosing your place & value & not just in the eyes of the people you serve, but also the ones who will offend, given that opportunity. Please note my support of worthwhile employment into the Police. I never wish to see it replaced by a computer, that cares nothing about the family I care for or about. I hope my message is very clear. 
Sadly since reporting a crime on two separate occasions we have had no proper support from the police. We have cctv footage of our suspected thief along with a name as he is known to people in the area and has form. We have tracked him by one of the phones he stole had the police bothered to come they could/would have arrested him. He is totally cheeky and does not care about the police catching him. The police as far as we are concerned are absolutely useless in these situation reporting to 101 gets us nowhere. Advice given is to bar him and then call 101 to report him if he returns as they can then speak to him!!! Really.
I appreciate your hands are tied but this really has to stop as we have no confidence in our local police - and never see them. I understand it is lack of funding but it is not satisfactory. I feel we need to bring this to the attention of Katie and someone in the cabinet before we get any satisfaction. The entire police procedure for reporting crime to 101 is absolutely rediculos and not efficient in any way shape or form.. Aside from no confidence in the police whatsoever we are insecure in our own workplace and homes.
This horrid man gives two fingers to authority and has no reason to think he will be challenged at all. In fact no doubt steals everywhere and people don't report it as its no point. Nothing would be done. As you can tell I am furious, frustrated and very upset for my staff who have had things taken by this absolute bully.
I would ask the police at least do something if its only to come and speak to us. Having said that I was given that someone would be in touch by phone first up to 48 hours - being a weekend it may be longer. Absolute nonsense. When they could go and speak to this man right now. PLease give me contact numbers for the correct police body to speak to - if they have teeth 
This evening we were returning from a family wedding with my 90 year old mother in law. We were stopped  and told we could not go any further as the road was closed to all traffic. We ended up parking in the leisure centre and had to walk in the dark and rain with a 90 year old down the ally . We appreciate traffic needs to be stopped but surely something should have been put into place to allow access to these properties, particularly the sheltered housing for the elderly.
I have lived in the area for just over a year and over two summer periods in particular, I have noted the amount of cars and motorcycles used in an anti social and potentially dangerous manner on the roads nearby. Some of this driving I have witnessed (not just heard from a distance) and it amounts to offences such as dangerous driving, careless/inconsiderate driving and excess speed. There is also the clear impression that the local roads are used with impunity by a minority who believe the are no traffic police patrols. The problems are broadly; Cars and motorcycles driven at extremely high speeds as demonstrated by the screaming of engines at very high revs that can be heard from considerable distances, often from the direction of the Ridge, the A21 and Battle Road. In high summer this extends to the distinctive sound of motorcycles being raced with almost unsilenced exhausts at speeds that can only be guessed at, but which are obviously illegal and extremely dangerous. This takes place most often at weekends and from very early in the morning to very late at night . I have witnessed race replica motorcycles being raced in groups of two or three at incredible speeds on the A21 past Blackbrooks Garden Centre and I have been overtaken as if stationary whilst doing the legal limit in the national speed limits along this part of the A21.
The number of cars being driven in the local area with modified exhausts intended to make as much noise (resonate) as possible and backfire on the overrun, as well as cars in states of modification that appear to be illegal such as tyre and wheel fitments, and being driven at high revs in low gear to exaggerate the noise and cause backfiring for show. Are these drivers all insured and licenced with these heavy modifications declared to insurers? Cars being skidded and by the sound of it very high powered cars being drifted and used to do tyre burn outs in nearby roads. I have witnessed this at the roundabout on the Castleham Industrial estate and I see the distinctive black burn out tyre marks in places such as by McDonalds and Sainsburys in John Macadam Way, This Saturday a car could be heard doing this whilst held at maximum engine revs somewhere close to this location but was gone before I could work out where it was.  I have no issue with performance vehicles being driven responsibly but I can see no sign of these roads being policed either covertly or in marked vehicles which gives the clear impression to me and these people that Sussex Police either have no resources to send or have made no effort to prioritise road policing. I spoke to a Sussex traffic officer in June by Claverham academy this year to speak to him about my concerns. In a whole year, this was the first time I had seen a marked Sussex traffic car parked roadside as an obvious deterrent to dangerous driving and as a result that the officer was on open show and the speed gun was being used, the very same motorcyclists that I had earlier seen at an estimated 100mph+ on A and B road approaching Battle from Herstmonceux, returned at legal speeds and paying very obvious attention to the officers presence. It was almost laughable.
I want to know why overt Sussex uniformed patrols do not openly target these selfish and potentially dangerous people and why legislation such as s59 warnings and seizures are not used more effectively and publicised in the local press. I know from personal experience that such overt methods have a dramatic effect on dangerous driving and these offences take place at locations and at times that can be targeted with information such as this, where the others quickly see the police interest and behave a little more safely.
Last night I was made to feel vulnerable and unsafe in my own home.
Around 10.40pm I noticed a man on the floor at the bottom of the stairs to my basement flat. He was making moaning noises, visibly breathing and had his fleece over his face. I hadn’t noticed him before this as I had music playing, but I believe he may have been there a while – There’s always a lot of noise from the pub next door too so I hadn’t looked out at previous noises. I called 999 and was asked to knock on the window and ask him what he wants – he didn’t react much and I was told someone would come and move him on. During the night he made noises, moved around, drank from two wine bottles and eat salami. No one came to my assistance and as this is the only real usable exit from my flat I felt insecure. I couldn’t wake him in case he became aggressive. I live alone. At 8.38am I called again and was told someone would come out. An hour later two officers came, woke the man and moved him round the corner to a bench. The man had defecated at the bottom of my stairs and as he walked up them more fell onto the steps. The officers said to call again if he comes back and offered no help with cleaning up. While I appreciate that there are much worse things going on in the world and having seen the state of the man in the morning I realize he probably wasn’t much of a threat, I did feel scared and unsafe. I don’t feel that the police took the situation seriously and am appalled they didn’t actually come out when I was told during the first call that someone would attend. My stairs were left a health hazard, which aught have been cleaned professionally. It wasn’t a pleasant task. It hasn’t given my much belief in the police service. 
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all members of the Police Force for all that you do. I watch and read about the things that you do, and I personally don't think that you get enough credit.  So thank you for putting your lives on the line to protect us. Sussex like many areas now have become more violent and drugs seem to be used like a normal cigarette. I feel safe in your hands. Extremely grateful to you all.
As a cyclist and pedestrian I am becoming increasingly concerned about my safety on the roads around Sussex, specifically in Seaford and peacehaven. I have had to report very arrogant rude people for blocking the road today in Seaford, but that is less concerning than the numerous people who drive around parked vehicles straight at me on the road through Peacehaven that runs parallel to the coast road, forcing me to stop. I did try to support a white van for this in July, as their wing mirror was about an inch from my bike, but unfortunately it is difficult to get number plates under those circumstances. Something needs to be done. That is meant to be a cycle route and I currently feel as though I would be safer on the main coast road with the buses ! Thanks
Helicopter now been hovering outside for best part of an hour enough is enough. Nights sleep ruined what is it doing happens far to frequently is it really needed driving me nuts. I am sure it's must be important but please please think of the residents at this hour even Gatwick has to close down  We replied: You can find out what the helicopter is doing via
As a member of the Public I thought I was acting in my communities best interest by reporting the fact that a car had been abandoned on a Public Road in Lancing. The number plates had been removed but the vehicle was not in a bad condition. I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that the vehicle had been used in Crime or had been stolen or the plates used for some other criminal activity. Being public spirited (will not bother again) I sent an email to the Sussex Police Non Emergency Centre. Please bear in mind I stated that the vehicle had NO NUMBER PLATES. I was sent an email back stating I should fill out a form Now I must admit I could not see what else I could add, that I hadn't already told the Police. I replied to this fact & that only way of identifying this vehicle would be through the VIN Number. I was requested again to fill out the form so that The Local Authority (I assume Adur & Worthing Council) could deal with it. I am sorry but if this how Police deal with suspected crime & this was my stolen vehicle I would not be happy If I was a Detective ( I was in Sussex ) & dealing with an armed Robbery where a certain make and colour of car had been used I would want know. my colleagues would be helping me out Not just fobbing it off to the Council. I really think that this procedure should be looked at again & your Call Centre Staff advised. 
I am not sure if this is the most appropriate method of communication but I would like to say a big thank you to the 2 Officers (1 PC and 1 SPC) who stopped to assist my husband and father in law this morning. They had broken down on the way to Goodwood Revival. Not only did the Officers stop to make sure they were OK but they provided traffic duty to enable the recovery vehicle to get the vehicle loaded. They then gave my husband and father in law a lift to the car hire place. I currently work in policing and my husband is an ex police staff member. We therefore know that little acts of kindness like this can often go unrecognised. However, I would like to say that we really appreciate it and the Officers are a credit to your Force. 
Can we have an occasional drive by on our road please? Just for visibility, and to discourage the infuriating loud motor cyclists who are more and more using this road as a speed track. Thanks
My partner and myself were crossing the A27 heading north on the pedestrian crossing which is located between First and Grand Avenue. The lights were red, and traffic was waiting on the west bound carriageway. There was no traffic on the east bound carriageway. A Police vehicle appeared travelling east bound at high speed. The vehicle did not appear to slow, but close to the crossing the driver engaged his sirens and vehicle horn. My partner was already in the eastbound carriageway, and had to run back towards me. Had she not done so, I believe the driver could not have avoided striking either her or me.
I fully accept the need for the Police to respond rapidly to emergency calls, but believe in this case the driver was excessively focused on speed and completely disregarded public safety. There were two Police vehicles; it was the first which crossed the red light at speed with pedestrians in the road. The second vehicle was approximately 30 seconds behind the first and was not involved in the incident.
I had a bad experience with one of your Police Officers, while driving where Old Steine and the A259 meet. The PO pulled up next to my car to discuss going through a flashing amber light while pedestrians were walking (I started driving too early not noticing a few who were making a last minute dash, I stopped and apologised to the pedestrians, then drove on). I had no issue with the point the PO was making, was polite, respectful, responded to her questions and took her seriously. However, the way the officer immediately became overly aggressive and intimidating was inappropriate to the situation.
She was patronising, and yelled "Perhaps you better read the highway code!" before rolling up the window and leaving. I could not ask for her name, but she was the passenger. The driver of the police car I think was also female; she was fine and was not rude or aggressive.
I do understand that I made a mistake, but it felt that the officer was using me as a way to vent a tough shift. She was very rude, and it just surprised myself and the other passengers how quickly she was escalating the situation even though I was respectful, did not complain or make excuses.
All other interaction with POs in Brighton has been great in the past, so I understand this was the exception. I'm sorry to leave this feedback, as most of the time, either at work or just out, PO's have always been professional and helpful.
Its 9pm Saturday . I have just spent half an hour waiting on the 101 line for an answer from Sussex police. A very good message said that I could report some things on line and get a response. One of these was Noise Nuisance. I wanted (by the time you get this it will be to late!) to report a noise nuisance. There is a very loud party going on. I live a quarter of a mile away. The music is from a live band. I know this because the vocalist says so. I also know they are loud enough for me to record the music at this distance. I know this because I have. It plays back loud enough to listen to from my mobile phone without earphones. Its a shame that I cannot report the incident and get the police to ask them to turn it down. I have tried. After half an hour I cannot afford the further cost of the phone call. Its also a shame that there is not someone that can take the incoming calls and prioritise them asking the caller to wait instead of listening to a message that tells me that I can report the act on line and get a faster response. I cannot understand how I can report a noise nuisance on line and get a faster response than talking to someone that can ask a constable in a car to make a visit and politely ask them to turn the music down a little.... Ah well...
Where on your site is the report an anti social/noise etc.... I phoned 101 put in extension for my area, goes to answer message don't report crime on here. How do we report it then? Or is it a case of you don't want things reported? As that creates statistics...We replied: Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry you experienced these difficulties. You can use the online “crime” reporting form to report anti-social behaviour.  Noise is only a police matter if there are aggravating factors such as violence, damage or obstruction. Noise alone is a matter for the local authority and many councils have an online reporting facility for this issue.
I live near to Norfolk Square, Brighton. My local park has been taken over by drunks who are aggressive and violent.
They fight and threaten passers-by with violence. They have assaulted and attacked residents. They scream abuse and frighten the locals.
They constantly expose their genitals to young girls and women while urinating anywhere they like. They also defecate anywhere causing a vile stench of human excrement. Because of the shouting and fighting in the park throughout the night, hard working, tax paying residents of the square are unable to sleep.
As residents on the square, we have attempted to reclaim this park through volunteer gardening and cleaning. But it is really hard, due to the jeering and insults from the drunks. At the last volunteer gardening and cleaning event, we collected 7 bags of beer cans, bottles and used syringes. Please help us. We want this park to be a safe space where children can play and the residents and public can relax without feeling threatened.
Excellent driving.  About 1 30pm today a blue unmarked police car with blue lights and sirens was driving through Upper Dicker towards A22. Several school pupils were waiting at the crossing to cross the road and despite the traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing being in the police cars favour your driver slowed to a crawl as he went across the crossing before accelerating away and getting on with his business. I was most impressed by your officers regard to our students safety and if he can be traced I would very much like to pass on my admiration of his skill.
On Friday  I fell down a flight of stairs in my home breaking several ribs.. I believe my neighbour heard my cries of distress and contacted the police. 2 WPCs attended and arranged for an ambulance.After 10 days, I have now been released from hospital. In hindsight I can acknowledge that because of the amount of pain I was in I was less appreciative than I ought to have been at the time.. I do not recall the names of the officers but I hope it is not to late the thank them for their kind and professional services that night and to appologise for my lack of graciousness. I would also like these remarks to be passed on to their manager
Please record my thanks to all your staff who helped when officers broke into my brother's house, found him just about alive and took the necessary steps to have him taken to hospital, where he is now recovering. The Sgt rang us several times during the course of this event to keep us informed, and acted with great professionalism and courtesy in difficult circumstances. It cannot have been a pleasant experience for him and his attending colleagues. Thank you all very much 
I have been increasingly annoyed by the amount of antisocial behavior on St George's Road and St James street. I was approached for money by a young white male with no shirt on and who was slurring is words and appeared under influence of drugs. When I refused he followed me for sometime. Without using direct threats he kept on talking to us in a threatening manner and at one point said he would 'find us later as he wanted to talk to us'. 100% of my walks into town from St George's Road towards and St James Street the centre will involve at least 1 usually 2 or 3 people begging for money. 50% of those times will involve a passive aggressive comment back when I refuse. 100% of the time I will see people drinking alcohol on the street and about 50% of the time they will be acting in a disorderly way. All I want to do is walk into town without being harassed and that is not happening. I have lived in Brighton for years and this problem is getting worse. Would not more visible community policing in this area help this? I am now so sick of it I'm looking to move away from this area.
I just wanted to say thank you for the very quick response to my reporting an incident. I know that you are always busy and that there may be bigger things going on, but it really is a huge confidence boost to know that you can deal so quickly and efficiently with the smaller things that really matter to a lot of people. Your officers were very courteous and helpful. Thank you
Please implement similar policy and measures to West Midlands Police. I am not aware that any active policing aimed at enforcing cyclists' rights and safety in B&H and this needs to change: systematic careless parking on bike lanes (Lewes Road), overtaking, turning left at lights, etc. 
Please consider adopting a policy similar to that announced today by West Midlands Police to target drivers passing too close to cyclists.   I feel very vulnerable on my bike and am often passed by vehicles travelling at speed and much too close especially on the B2139 between Whiteways Lodge and Storrington.
Yesterday two of your officers attended our store to deal with a shop lifter. I would just like to commend them on their total professionalism whilst dealing with the culprit. He was exceptionally rude and threatening towards both officers. They remained calm throughout. Before leaving the back areas of the store they reiterated that the use of foul language would not be tolerated especially as there would be families within the shop. I personally felt that they were a credit to the Sussex Police force. This is the third time that officers have attended recently and to be honest on each occasion they have been great, but today the officers were exceptional. I'm hoping you can pass on my thanks to them. 
I'd like to sincerely thank the two police officers who helped my mum and dad in the centre of town yesterday. My father has Alzheimer's Disease and he ran away from mum after becoming upset. The police responded incredibly quickly and located dad using CCTV. Mum unfortunately didn't get the two officers names, but said that they were brilliant with dad, and were exceptionally kind and compassionate towards them both. The officers took mum and dad home and went above and beyond what would be expected to make sure they were both ok. I am very grateful to the officers for helping mum to deal with a very difficult situation and for keeping mum and dad safe.
Sometimes organisations, like people, get things wrong at times. But when services, in my case, the Brighton custody team and the police officers at Newhaven get things so right, it needs to be said. I was arrested as I was at risk to myself and others, potential breach of the peace. Basically my mental health has been spiralling downwards since the unit I worked in closed under very difficult circumstances. This week I basically excluded myself from my own mental health team by my crazy risky behaviour and was inadvertently making things worse by the day.   The care, endless patience, respect and empathy shown to me by your officers, from the minute I was arrested all the way through to going to court was so helpful, although I didn't show it at all times. In addition, I was treated as a human being with mental health difficulties, I never felt judged or ridiculed in any way and this has contributed in a massive way to my mental health improving and me hopefully stopping the cycle of chaos, potential criminal behaviour, severe self injury...........
I think I'd like you please if you can to print this out and perhaps send it alongside your own letter to those teams I've spoken about. I think they are all working extremely hard and might appreciate a letter from you. You are also of course welcome to use what I've written and post on any forum you wish or use at any training or conference situation. 
Just wanted to say that I was pleasantly surprised that a PCSO attended my home recently to reassure me and give security advice after a minor incident at my property. Knowing how stretched the police force is these days I did not expect anyone to call as it had not been reported as a crime.
I am following the advice given and am grateful to Sussex Police for their prompt action and for the courtesy and understanding extended to me by the officer.
Thank you Sussex Police.
I'd just like to share this initiative with you.

West Midlands Police are enforcing a safe distance for overtaking cyclists. I have dozens of videos from my cycle commute to work and around Brighton where drivers have come far too close, it's a daily occurrence, some have not only done this absent mindedely but agressively. On a couple of occasions when I've shouted at them they have got out of their vehicles and threatened me.
There is a high cost to our society for our car culture. Many journeys are unecesary. The cost the NHS is huge and it's pedestrians and cyclists who suffer the most. Not to mention climate change. Cyclists are getting a very tough deal as it is, having to breathe toxic exhaust fumes which, conveniently, eminate from the rear of the vehicle so the driver doesn't have to. Cyclists are treated like obstacles to get passed, like second class citizens by many drivers.
There should be a legal distance required to pass cyclists safely in a motor vehicle.
Our roads are getting busier and each person that decides to cycle saves space on the roads, yet the most common reason given by would be cyclists for not taking their bike instead is that of safety. Cars driving too close is the main reason for that.

Please have a good think about how this initiative could bring about a really positive effect on our shared roads and help drivers and cyclists start to see each other as human beings.

I would appreciate if, after some consultation with your colleagues, you could get back to me with any ideas. I'm very willing to help with consultations. Perhaps some of your cycling officers would like to get involved?
I'm part of a community of over 1000 cyclists that campaign for safer roads for all users. Many thanks for your time 
We received a letter this morning, stating investigation closed due to lack of information but the crime has been recorded. I think that this is wrong as a lot of information and ccctv was given at the time on 101. Thankfully I somehow found on an extension off 101 a fantastic Policeman, who came and saw the ccctv found the culprit, retrieved my wallet and personally returned it to me intact. Well done
I was on duty (paramedic, secamb,). I was called to an incident. When I arrived two police officers were on scene involving one car. This was not an RTC, but the gentleman in the car was extremely poorly. I wanted to thank the two officers, who's name I did not get formally.Both officers were amazingly helpful and due to assistance they gave me I was able to treat the gentleman a lot more swiftly until my back up arrived.
Their care did not stop there, they continued to assist the wife of the gentleman, with their grandchild as well all the way to the hospital and helping to contact a N.O.K. . I am hoping this message with my sincere thanks can get to them with the details I have provided. Many thanks 
About 4 am this morning I was awaken by noises outside. I was afraid to challenge the people making the noise as they appeared to be in great numbers. I dialed 999 And explained the problem to a very understanding lady who advised me not to challenge the people and she would send Police. I then found that the path outside was blocked by a very large Lorry. Two men then walked past my gate leading two horses. I again dialed 999 and updated the lady . She informed me that the police were nearly there. Two officers then arrived and informed me that the horses were not being stolen but taken by Bailiffs. I find the whole episode strange because the horses were being led 3/4 mile to load them away from their home. However I am most thankful for the manner in which my use of the 999 system was dealt with both by the office staff and the officers who attended. Please thank them for me. The whole operation took at least 3 hours and so I lost 1/2 night sleep, but thank you for the service we received from the force.
I would like to put in writing how absolutely impressed I have been with every individual police member I and my daughter have spoken to and met during this investigation. Everything was taken very seriously, we were kept informed and reassured very frequently throughout. Please could you pass on our very sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone concerned? We are so very grateful to you all.
I was involved in an accident whereby my car was written off by a stolen vehicle. The PC attended the scene and has since followed up the case. I was extremely impressed his professionalism and caring attitude both at the scene and afterwards. It was not a big incident by any means, but it was extremely distressing for myself nonetheless. I would like to thank him for taking the time to do everything in his powers to resolve the case.
I must congratulate a PC  in the very excellent way in which he conducted the scene, in the most courteous, kind and caring manner. My wife and I were quite shaken up, yet the PC was able to settle us down and made us feel much better. He is a good example of policing, and you should be proud to have him on the force. 
I have just seen the news report about your ambition to have zero road deaths - a wonderful objective - but from what I see (and the footage in the report) you target motorways/main roads but pay very little attention to rural areas.  I witness many incidents of dangerous driving (and some accidents) on small rural roads but rarely, if ever, see any police presence and speed limits through our villages are almost universally ignored and much excessive speed with little monitoring or enforcement that I can see (and no, I am not an anti speed merchant - I drive a 5 litre sports car.....) So - a great objective but we need police presence and enforcement in rural areas as well as trunk routes.....................
Just wanted to say a hugh thank you to a lovely RPU officer ( sorry didn't get his name) responding to an incident today. He took the time to allow my police obsessed 2 year old to sit in the police car, see the lights flashing and try on his hat. Needless to say great community interaction and one very happy little boy.
Thank you
Hi im writing to report the amount of drivers ive seen lately driving while on there mobile phones its ridicolous. 1 day near me someone is gonna get killed because of this. I think the punishment should be more if you get caught as then people might think twice on using them while driving and then less chance of accidents happeing. Thanks
Today I was involved in an incident (completely my fault) where I managed to lock my car keys in my car with my puppy in the middle of no-where. Not only that but I also had my phone in there, in fact everything apart from me was in there. Not sure how it happened but I went into complete panic mode as my dog can't cope with the heat very well and I am sure mine was not the best vehicle for him to be locked in. In the panic all I wanted to do was smash the window but people who had come to assist me told me to phone the police and called them for me. I  just wanted to take this opportunity to say I know this was not a policing matter, I knew that even when people were telling me they would be able to assist. I felt awful after the events knowing I had clogged up your 101 phone-line and not used my common sense!! Your operator was very helpful, polite and understanding and calmed me down a great deal - I honestly don't know how they do it, especially with fools like me contacting them. A member of the public assisted me and my bulldog is recovering well from his ordeal - better than I am.
People using a facebook page to warn of police speed checks! Makes me mad. I thought this was illegal.
Police doing speed checks from the bridge on the link road !!
I am frustrated that in calling 101 you are put in queue my first attempt 21 minutes, second attempt 32 minutes 3 attempt by husband 20 minutes still have not talked to police. My husband phoned they put through email report told someone will call today now 9pm no call. Disappointed feeling really let down, no one cares, angry at criminal damage but not reported as no one answering phone. What is point of phoning if no one answers the phone
Please advise the Chief Constable that I greatly appreciate the professionalism, courtesy, diligence and approachability of an Officer in your Coroners Office. My mother died recently and he made the whole process dignified and problem free.  He is a credit to your force and an asset to his assigned role.
A thank you was enough for him but I hope you can add this note to his personnel file and the Chief Constable can find the time to congratulate him personally.
I am writing in a response to a letter my daughter received from you last week. She reported an incident where her car was hit from behind by another car, and the other driver involved didn't stop or report the incident. After reporting the incident herself and waiting for the police to take some action, 4 weeks later my daughter received a letter saying that the police are taking no further action. This is after the other person admitted driving the car into my daughter's car, and refusing to stop and report the incident. All the evidence and admission is there, yet you do nothing about it? I am now left to try and clear the pieces up hoping that the person involved will be prepared to pay for the damage to our vehicle. I find your attitude and service disgraceful - where is the help, the justice, the fairness in how you treat people? My daughter only passed her test recently, and there is no help or support in this situation from you, if fact you leave her completely isolated by deciding to take the easy option of doing absolutely nothing to help. As I say I find the way you have handled this situation hopeless, and a complete waste of our time. All you've done is once again underline and highlight the fact as to why our Country is going down the pan - having such organisations such as the police supposedly in control of law and order - and then managing a situation like this is absolutely disgraceful. You have the admission and evidence to help conclude a situation - but your stance is to take no further action - pathetic!
I'm sure you have heard about the West Midlands Police recent initiative to support cyclists on the road by identifying motorists who endanger them. There is a blog in which they demonstrate the evidence that brought about this campaign. It's extremely interesting, and it's also strategic as an early step in getting less vulnerable road users to take more care around more vulnerable people on roads. I really hope to see something similar in the hotspots in our local area. 
7 minutes + before anyone answers non urgent crime line, advised 1 ahead in que, given up at 18+ minutes, complete unsatisfactory service. Whilst my call wasn't relating to an emergency the situation well could of developed into a worse case and may of done(!), and I think was serious. With no patrol in a very busy city centre street and no way of reporting minor problems larger ones are sure to develop. Not impressive and gives no indication you are interested in providing real help.
I'll copy my comment to our MP and the film to the owners of the property affected by the incident
I'm not sure if what I'm about to say constitutes "Feedback Or Complaint" or both.
I had the misconception that information I thought might help prevent a possible accident was worth reporting to the Police. I went out of my way to go to the Police Station. The Waiting Room wasn't busy, so I took myself to the window....I didn't realise I had 'To Wait' behind the Yellow Line.  I stood for a few miniute before a Police Officer [Seated..doing seemingly nothing ] looked my way and totally ignored my presence...which in my opinion was discourteous. Acknowledgement would have been the least she could have offered me. There were two [Probably Support Workers] busy. I ended up asking out loud if there was 'a Bell ' I should ring to get attention. At that point the Police Officer said someone would be with me shortly. A woman finished her telephone call , walked to me and again told me to wait.  Follwing that a man in uniform came to the window. When I explained the reason for my visit..and I was very cross at that point I might add..He patronisingly told me though he was speaking to someone of 90+ 'That everything was done centrally" and pointed me to a rack of forms, explaining which one I should take to fill in my concerns. His attitude didn't help. Having waited for at least 10.mins. To get some response from your staff I wasn't impressed.. I left without the form but with clear understanding and opinion that I wouldn't try and assist the Police in this way again.
When a member of the public walks into a Police Station, it is not unreasonable to expect:-
1] The simple courtesy of acknowledgement.
2] To listen to a persons' reason for approaching the Police and make a note of their concern.
I don't expect to be told to "Fill in a Form" when the Department must have digital access. To avoid paper forms and wasted time. Your customer service on this occasion [In my opinion ] was very poor. If this is the way Community Policing is in Sussex, then as my family have advised.."Don't bother again...They're not interested and in fact it actually wasn't my problem ! " No. But I was trying to be a Good Citizen......never again given my experience.
If this is how percieved 'Local Non Urgent' matters are dealt with by Sussex Police, then I can only say that I will take my Family's advice
Would you be kind enough to compliment an officer and her colleague in the sensitive way they handled a recent minor RTA in which I was involved. They are a credid to your force many thanks to them both.
I have recently moved into a flat on Dyke Road, opposite BHASVIC and next to the mosque. I am amazed and very concerned by the speed at which motorbikes especially travel from the Shoreham Road lights going out of town. Apart from BHASVIC, there is a junior school further up, serviced by two crossings, and a very busy park. In my view, this is a fatality waiting to happen and I would like the relevant authorities to look carefully at what can be done. 
I would welcome your views and comments on community used speed devices, I assume that those that use them are initially trained by the police and that thereafter there is some form of liaison especially regarding drivers who breach the given speed limit. I have no sympathy for drivers who drive in excess of the prevailing speed limit. About 9.10am this morning, whilst driving through Five Ashes I noticed two people with hi viz tabards with one holding and pointing a speed device towards oncoming traffic. The person holding the device was wholly concealed behind a fence and the other person partially concealed beside him. I assume, but stand to be corrected that the presence of such persons and devices is to act firstly as a deterrent and secondly through liaison with yourselves to originate an enforcement process for persistent offenders. I do not believe that the method of operation that I witnessed this morning is in accordance with any given training or guidelines. 
Re Camber Sands fatalities . Rip tides are fatal, but there's another danger....
I'm not sure if this is the right place to record this, or if it's already known. But if this can be communicated and it saves lives then great!
About twenty three years ago I was on Camber Sands with my then wife and then 4 year old son. We'd had a spate of bad weather for summer but on this Sunday, the sun was shining. My son got bored and wanted to see the sea. There was a slight sea mist and the sea was some distance away. Eventually we got to about two feet of water and played. The tide was coming in and after literally five mins we headed back to where we thought was land. The problem was the mist had thickened in all directions and we couldn't see anyone. The direction I walked( thinking it was towards land) got deeper with water. I changed direction, the same happened. By now I was carrying my four year old and waist high in sea water. Luckily I saw a young couple ahead of me. I shouted for directions but they didn't hear me. But I followed where they ran believing it was landward or that they could help me. Eventually after wading through the water, the sand got drier and I could see the crowds of sunbathers. We'd got back to safety. Panic, fear ..... A bout of good luck......
Please pass the message to bathers not to search for the sea when it's misty.... Even if it seems a light mist, it can thicken suddenly.
There was an on going issues from a neighbour and their partner over a 24 Hour period, having phoned 3 times in the space of one hour because it was the early hours was a joke. However when officers finally arrived they dealt with the incident rather swiftly.
I wanted to say thank you to the three unmarked police cars for stopping the traffic on the a27 last night. They moved my car to keep me safe, checked had water and charge on my phone battery before leaving me to be picked up by the rac
Hi, I just want to say thank you. My son was in a car accident on Friday morning (his fault). He is 17 and him and his girlfriend were very shaken up. I would love to say thank you to the police who attended. He told us what happened and they sounded really helpful and lovely and really helped so I can't thank them enough. 
We had an issue with a neighbour harassing us, and with a newborn baby it was very worrying. The Sussex police were very good and took everything seriously. They delt with the issue swiftly. The incident escalated quickly and the neighbour was seen by mental health experts and taken for his safety and the safety of the public. We have been kept updated the whole time and I feel have avoided something that could have become dangerous for us and our baby.
On Sunday I thought someone had fired a shot at my window and shattered it. I phoned police and they were there in 10 minutes. I was well impressed it was about 10pm. The 2 officers were so kind and caring. Looked for rifle pellet but could find nothing. Did find a couple of stones. They knocked the window out for me and swept it into a pile. They are both a credit to your force. Please tell them this. I unfortunately did not get their names. 
I would like to thank a Detective Constable for his help with the return of a prisoner's property. He replied promptly to my emails and also gave me useful information.
My husband was the victim of a car crash where the other driver was at fault. Our car was collected by the authorised contractor for Sussex Police on 16/18/16. The car was collected by our insurance company on the 18/08/16. On 19/08/16 I opened a letter from the contractor sent via recorded delivery with a bold headline that under the TORTS (Interference with Goods) ACT 1979, NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL GOODS. As I went on to read the letter I discovered an intention to dispose of the car and sell any property within legal timeframes. I called the contractor to protest at the aggressive and distressing nature of the wording of this letter only to discover that it is your template and they can do nothing about it. I realise that legal statements need to be made, but a caveat could be added to ensure that the recipient understands that these are required legal statements and may have nothing to do with the actual situation of that person - whose car may not even be there. The whole impersonal nature of the template, including not even allowing the proprietor to add his name to the letter, adds to the intense distress caused by the accident in which the police have already acknowledged the other driver was at fault. It must be possible to come up with a template that is both factual from a legal point of view, but does not have the accusatory nature of this one.
I'd like to say a belated thank you to the Police at the Station who helped me recently deal with a neighbour. I don't like confrontation at all, and don't like to think I'd called you out when you have much more important things to deal with. However, the actions you took have (still holding my breath!), made things bearable for me now. To the officers who came out, a special thank you! Thank you! :-)
I would like to thank PC Jan who has been an amazing addition to our school family. He has just the right approach with staff, students and parents alike.
It is great to work alongside him. 
Just a quick note to praise and thank one of your officers, he attended a breakdown incident on the A 21. He was polite efficient and courteous, even to the point of allowing me to shelter from the heat in his much cooler car whilst I waited for the tow truck. It's a shame that more credit isn't given to a group of people doing a difficult and often unpleasant job . If it is at all possible could my thanks be passed on. 
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am very confused as to whether laws that apply to motor vehicles are just a friendly nudge in the right direction or are they there to prevent death and serious injury?
What is abundantly clear is that nobody is doing a single thing to enforce the speed limit (if nobody has informed you it is 20 M.P.H.) as the majority of drivers, especially taxis, rarely travel at 30 M.P.H. or less. I was also unaware that the use of indicators was now positively discouraged, I know that it would take a monumental effort for a driver to lift their index finger 1 C.M. to indicate their intention to dive from a roundabout across the zebra crossing that I am using whilst travelling at twice the speed limit, this a regular occurrence not an isolated incident.
As it abundantly clear that you are unwilling or incapable of enforcing these laws of the most serious importance, and I remind you that this is a matter of life and death not the petty misdemeanour that you evidently regard it, then I will be forced to organise the many people who feel the same frustration with your total lack of presence to take any and all legal means at our disposal to jolt you out of your apathy beginning by an organised campaign of photographing every traffic law infringement and inundating you with thousands of emails documenting each CRIME as that is what these are, CRIMES!!!
I am fully aware of your budget restraints but is it not beyond your competence to liaise with the council to use and enhance existing C.C.T.V. resources to save lives?
Please don't bother to patronise me by drawing my attention to the window-dressing P.R. nonsense that is "Operation Crackdown" as I have seen absolutely no evidence of it whatsoever, I ceased reporting any crimes to it many years ago, indeed I ceased reporting any crimes at all to Sussex police as, despite my making great effort to provide overwhelming evidence (at great inconvenience to myself) you have never bothered to pursue any of these CRIMINALS!
This is not the rant of a reactionary, bored "Daily Mail" reader but of a young, liberal, law abiding citizen who increasingly feels their right to live in a fair, safe and tolerant city is, increasingly merely a fantasy and distant memory of another era.
It is just so obvious that drivers are breaching more and more laws and to a greater degree as they can take it for granted that they have virtually no chance of ever being even reprimanded let alone prosecuted as the potential perpetrator of manslaughter that they are.
All I really ask is for a brief but intense "zero tolerance" implementation of traffic law to remind drivers that they are not above the law and they cannot kill and maim with impunity, I know you take fatal incidents after they happen but how about preventing them in the first place.
While I am on the subject to whom do I report parking violations as pavements are increasingly impassible, especially for pram and wheelchair users, due to commonplace and tolerated illegal parking.
Please don't bother to remind me to call 101 as I tire of listening to recorded propaganda messages about how wonderful you are and hang up.
I strongly feel that a copy of this email should be forwarded to Chief Constable Giles York and, should I receive no satisfactory reply (i.e. not the usual flannel or empty policy statement) in a reasonable time I will pursue this issue to any and every relevant authority (starting with my M.P. and the P.C.C.).
It is long overdue for this form of dictatorship from the car driving lobby of infantile, self-righteous, emotionally underdeveloped little boys and girls who, under the leadership of the toy-throwing, puerile arrogance of Jeremy Clarkson seem to dictate to you that enforcing traffic law infringes on their human rights.
Yours in hope
We replied:  We can enforce any lawfully made speed limit which includes the 20mph limits in  Brighton. It is our expectation that 20mph limits should be self-enforcing (i.e. have the look and feel of a 20mph limit with adequate signage, chicanes or humps) in accordance with the Department for Transport guidance. This is a national police position. The problem with the widespread areas adopted within Brighton & Hove means there are some roads which are working well but others may need more measures introduced.
After each phase BHCC have done post implementation to identify where more measures are needed, they are currently doing this for phase 3.
So in short we do not expect to undertake routine enforcement in 20 mph limits, but we can and will deal with those offences observed by officers. Op Crackdown reports are useful as they allow us to identify specific problem sites and more importantly those individual who choose to ignore particular road traffic laws including 20mph limits in Brighton & Hove. We do , as a result of reports to Op Crackdown, send letters to and visit in person those registered owners of vehicles involved in anti-social driving. This does have an effect on driving habits and the best way of dealing with volume offences where we have little corroborative evidence of the offence. Parking violations need to be reported to NSL who are the parking enforcement agency for the City. Obstruction of a driveway, pavement or other part of the highway is dealt with by the police and should be reported to us on 101 or by email.
I fully understand your frustrations in relation to traffic offences. You rightly point out the budget restraints that the Police and other public departments are under which restricts what we can do. Therefore, we have to prioritise in putting our resources where they are most needed assessing threat, harm and risk of an incident and taking into account the vulnerability of those affected. I have passed your email onto our Roads Policing Department in order that they are aware of your concerns.
I would like to make this observation. Horsham Road into and including St Floras Rd in Littlehampton has now become an 'unofficial' race track for motor bikes and 'souped up' motor vehicles. Day and night it is a regular occurrence for the aforesaid vehicles to come through the roundabout at the junction of Southfields and Horsham Rd and then open up the throttle. This is namely because it is a relatively straight stretch of road. Speeds in excess of 50 even 60 mph are not unusual especially with motorbikes. I would ask that preventative measures or patrols pay greater attention to this area. It is now common knowledge that there is not a regular police presence around here especially at night and weekends and the aforementioned riders and drivers are taking advantage of this knowledge. 
I would just like to extend my gratitude to the lovely police officer who stopped and helped last night. My dog ran out of the back of my car to chase after a fox. The police officer kindly took the time to stop and help, was really kind and helpful. I did not get the police officers name but was passing at the time it happened. Please can this be passed onto the officer concerned. Many Thanks 
Please say thankyou to the Police officer that assisted me on the telephone two nights ago; I could not have got through that without him. 
I would just like to offer my grateful thanks for the excellent help and assistance given to me to locate my wife on Saturday afternoon 13 August at the Eastbourne Airborne show. I still cannot ascertain what happened but given the nature of her condition it is not unexpected. Once again many thanks. 
Are you aware of the unpleasant and down right nasty comments your posts illicit. Before making these very improperly worded posts I suggest you refer to the official Sussex Police service pr office. In one you described a person as looking european, that's everyone of the 60 million British citizens plus 450m people from the rest of the continent, other than being human beings the variation in our appearances is enormous. Please refrain from this sterotying
Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to the officers who went looking for my elderly father who went missing. He took himself off for a walk while his carer was on her break, and he didn't take his GPS tag with him. Your people found him where he had had a fall, and were so kind and helpful. I am so grateful to them for their kindness and professionalism not just on this occasion but previously when he had had trouble with unwanted callers at his house. Where the protection of the elderly and vulnerable are concerned your service is top notch, and I cannot praise your officers too highly. Thank you again for your help.
Your PCs responded very quickly to a 'Dodgy' gardener, wanting to charge my elderly mother (with Alzheimer's) £1700 for 1 days work. They were quick to ask them to leave and was sorted before I managed to get there. They gave me some great friendly advice and put my mothers mind at ease. Many thanks for there amazing response.
I am a Police officer with Surrey police but live in Sussex. I was working a night shift and in the early hours received a call which I hope never to recieve again. My wife phoned me sounding scared explaining that she believed someone might be in my sons playhouse in the garden. As a husband and father my natural reaction was of course to get home as soon as I could to protect my family however working 50 miles away from home it would take me at least an hour. For the first time in my life I felt scared for their safety so dialled 999. My wife phoned me very soon after to explain that an officer had got there very quickly and found nothing in my sons playhouse, which was a huge relief. Please pass on my gratitude to the officer who attended. I am hugely greatful for the speed in which he got there and for his professionalism. I know its probably an incident he barely remembers since the outcome was very uneventful but to me and my family it meant a huge amount knowing they were safe.
I am writing to say just how disappointed with your police force I am. Today, I reported a car which was causing an obstruction on a public road making it impossible for emergency vehicles to get past. The police of course did nothing and in the end the council managed to get the car moved, but this is not why I am so annoyed. On checking the registration of this car, the police found out that it isn't taxed or insured but, even though it was on a public road they just didn't want to know, or couldn't be bothered to do anything about it. What kind of message does that send to law abiding people like us who are pensioners, but still make sure we are driving a legal vehicle, even though money is tight. If this is the way the police react , or should I say NOT react then perhaps we should all just stop bothering to tax and insure our cars! The car is still on a public road, but the police are only noticeable by their absence. And you wonder why the public have no faith in the police-shame on you.
I would like to commend Sussex Police particularly those officers that have dealt with our incident report... the PC whose originally visited us from the Police station, along with the Forensics Officer, the officer who went door to door and the Detective Constable. I have been very impressed with their conduct and resolve to help us through this. I would like to thank them and Sussex Police for its commitment to servicing the community. 
My son was assaulted recently and our family have since been subjected to continuous harassment from the kids who carried out my son's assault. The case is still ongoing and is now out of the first responders hands. However I want to express how wonderful the first responders have been. The officers were amazing and a really credit to the police force. My son has aspergers and they treated him with the upmost respect and kindness and made him feel so comfortable whilst writing out his statements. They were both kind and understanding and at no point did we as a family feel they were not doing a good enough job. They had to return to our house to take statements everytime something else had happened and they never made us feel it was an inconvenience to them. They both have been on the ball with the case, answered every email or text promptly and they have always let us know what was happening. I am so impressed with these two officers and think it's only right their superior officers should know how valuable they are to the force. I would like this email forwarded to their superiors please. I can't thank them both enough for the way they have treated us. Please can someone let me know when this email reaches their superiors as I want to make sure they know how I feel. I think people are so quick to complain about an officer but I think in this case I would like them to know how much I appreciated their help. Lovely lovely women police officers. 
Hello, my family and I was saved by a PC on Sunday and we have a letter to send him and my children have drawn him a picture, to say Thank you. I just wanted to know where to sent it so he receives it.. Please can you let me know.   The officer concerned has been in contact with the respondent.
Hi there. There is a post I've seen many times now on Facebook but I'm not sure it's true. It says "THE POLICE ARE NOW SAYING IF YOU SEE A DOG LOCKED IN A CAR IN HOT WEATHER TAKE A PICTURE OF DOG AND CAR , IF A PERSON IS WITH YOU GET THEM TO BRING UP BBC WEATHER FOR YOUR AREA ON THEIR PHONE SO YOU CAN SCREEN SHOT THE TEMP THEN BRAKE WINDOW , THIS WAY YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED WITH CRIMINAL DAMAGE AND IT GIVES THE POLICE AND THE R.S.P.C.A PHOTO EVIDENCE TO TAKE OWNERS TO COURT CAN EVERYONE PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS INFORMATION TO PREVENT THIS CRUEL ACT FROM HAPPENING" I would like to know if this is true or can this be done if need be? Thank you for your time.  We replied:  Thank you for contacting us. Please follow this link to find the answer to your query.
Hi there,

Just a quick email to say what a superb weekend Brighton Pride 2016 was and to pass on our thanks.

A couple of elements were a great improvement - the Steine Gardens and Victoria Gardens area were a great safe space with some decent food that gave St James Street some much needed breathing room. We attended the unplugged event on Friday which was a great addition to the Friday programme and a great start to proceedings. I think something similar to this next year would be great and people were gathering here on Sunday too so it felt like there was potential to do more with this space on Sunday.

The main stage being moved to a bigger open area was much improved from last year too and meant people could sit around that area and still enjoy the acts on the main stage.

Everything was superb but special thanks should go to the organisers and Sussex police who it was clear had made a real effort to make people feel safe. The increased measures and presence were a real comfort.

Keep up the great work for 2017!

Thanks again
I am not reporting this as a crime, although I believe it is, because I believe this is more of a general 'issue' and Im sure Police are busy chasing more serious things, however because of lack of will, funding, police power, whatever, it has become a big one for me.  Cycling on the promenade, from the Marina to the pier is now so prevelant that it has become another cycling lane, alongside the real one at the bottom. Pedestrians now weeve between the bikes, get startled by the bikes wizzing past ones ear, without ever using their bell, scaring the hell out of us oldies. It is getting progressivly worse year on year.  I know it will be bottom of hard pressed police agendas but that does not mean something could be achieved to break the culture of acceptability. Some suggestions.
Community police having a day of action, Signage, Actually giving warnings to cyclists, Fining cyclists on pavement.
Two years ago I saw an elderly lady with a stick knocked down, she was on her first outing after a hip operation. When is the marginalised pedestrian going to get some justice? When is the pedestrian going to get some justice? The reason some do it is because they can get away with it.
I would like to see the culture change 
Appreciated The Efforts And Hard work To Let The Beautiful Gay Pride Gathering Peacefully And Organised,

Bravo Sussex Police
I just wanted to write a little something to say a HUGGGGGEEEEE thank you to all your wonderful men and women who worked so tirelessly yesterday at Brightons gay pride to keep us all safe, whilst still keeping the party atmosphere so alive and well! It goes without saying that the event simply could not function, or indeed go ahead, without your hard work!! In today's uncertain climate, surrounded by so much terrorism and hatred, YOU really surpassed yourselves in proving without fear of compromise, that our police are the best in the world!! You guys are amazing, and make me proud to be British!! Thanks to you guys, I am writing this email with a stinking hangover after the best day!! Kind regards and lots of love 
This morning we been reporting crime on drug selling at council estate where we live ... from starting call at 08:41 and finished conversation 08:59 it's just too long to get action to arrest drug feelers. We had perfect combination of quiet few people hanging around the house, going in and out if the house, giving "something" in to the hands and that "something" ended up in the mouth and it was not candy ... also the car was standing with people in it also some going and coming ...we noticed drug hiding place too ... so it's shame that takes such long time to get through and no one still here ... I guess people fed up reporting it because just no point of it... very dissapointed ...
I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks & gratitude to all the officers that dealt with my issue yesterday after a man indecently exposed and then pleasures himself infront of me whilst I sunbathed in my garden. Officers attended promptly and acted with the upmost professionalism and diligence it what was a distressing & degrading incident for me. The speedily located the perpetrator and removed the threat from me.  The officer who took my statement was undoubtably compassionate and supportative officer. She also demonstrated great care and directed me to take some actions to protect myself and take care of my emotional wellbeing.  The WPC whom attending that evening to make door to door enquiries brought a mature and practical attitude that empowered me.
Please pass on my thanks to all these officers .... Well done Sussex Police I think your incredible. 
We would like to commend the effort of your PCSO in our search for our Aunt. Please let her know how much we appreciate her help and initiative. On her information we have now contacted another police force and hope they may find her on the information given. Many thanks again. 
Another approach for a scam
Today I received a telephone call from someone saying they were phoning from Microsoft and as usual said I had a virus, the caller was very insistent saying he was genuine and I could check as he had my microsoft licence number and that he would be closing down my computer if I didn’t accept his offer of help as my computer had to be fixed. I said he couldn’t do that and hung up, but he phoned again immediately, I again hung up and he called a third time. I felt that some people would be worried by this aggressive approach and might accept.   We replied:  In future you may wish to consider reporting to Action Fraud via as they are the national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre. They collate all reports and then advise individual police forces if anything warrants local investigation. 
Yesterday evening, I spent 20 minutes crawling along Cross Levels Way in Eastbourne, only to discover that you had closed the road at the Sainsbury's roundabout, meaning we all had to go round the roundabout and back again! If you really had to close this road in the middle of the evening rush hour, surely it would have been more helpful to close it at the previous roundabout (where two alternative routes were available) or else to have posted notices warning that the road ahead was closed. In future, may I suggest your officers spend their time thinking about the disruption their actions cause, rather than just sitting idly in their vehicles across the road with blue lights flashing?
With the upcoming Pride event and in light of recent atrocities in mainland Europe, what assurances can you give those living in and visiting the area about security and vigilance against a similar attack on such a high profile, soft target?  We replied:  Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp said: "Sussex Police continues to support the Pride organisers with their delivery of a safe event in 2016.

"As our communities would expect we take every opportunity to review our policing and security plans and following the suspicious package incident in 2015, together with more recent events overseas, we have been working with the Pride organisers and the city council to consider what lessons that we can learn and have reviewed our plans to keep Pride in Brighton and Hove as safe as possible.

"While the nationally assessed terrorist threat to Pride is unchanged from 2015, we have this year strengthened our contingency plans and have some additional security measures in place. For example this year we will be using some concrete barriers. Most people are unlikely to notice any difference from previous years and none of the changes that we have made should affect the enjoyment of people involved in the Pride celebrations in any way."
The police are great.  Usually. I was in a queue of traffic, indicating right, to go around an obstacle in front of me, when a police van overtook all of the vehicles in the line.  I put my arm out of the window and motioned for him to pull in front of me.  He pulled along side me and shouted that I should not judge his driving, in a very aggressive manner. Several times he said that he could not see the front of the queue so had to pass it. Fair enough, we all misjudge things sometimes.
Just put your hand up and thats the end of it.  But to blame me for his mistake was a bit rich. He then moved off without looking and blocked another police car with blues and twos going, who was coming the other way. We all have bad days, but this officer was on a power surge and escalated a very simple situation into a road rage incident.  I know that the job is very stressful, but his behaviour let the side down very badly. Hopefully the next officer I meet will be better. 
I contacted the helpdesk and was put through to the Custody Sargeant. My son was in custody and I wanted to speak to the officer dealing with the case. I couldn't remember the officer's name. I was extremely emotional due to the circumstances and I found the manner with which I was spoken to and the complete lack of assistance that I received from the Custody Sargeant was unacceptable.
I understand it must be a very pressurised job but I was actually the victim of a crime and the way I was treated by this gentleman greatly upset me. A little empathy would have gone a long way.
I have recently had dealings with your force over a burst of anti social behaviour in a neighbours garden, I am not going to repeat all here. The resulting telephone call made to me resulted in me being given in correct information, borne out by a subsequent conversation with environmental health. I was prompted to ask in a further email what anti social behaviour does not involve noise, I can only think of one example : graffiti! Sussex Police apparently does not deal with anti social behaviour involving noise, that apparently is EH, or the Council, Not correct. Quote from one of your call handlers in an e mail "If the people .i.e making the noise spills out onto the public highway (road/pavement) then police can deal" Factually and legally incorrect. I have not explained why, hoping that curiosity on the part of this person would invoke a need to ask, but It has convinced me that the Police do not know the law nor apparently their powers. But I would suggest that it is in the interest of Sussex Police to ensure that either their staff are trained in Police Powers including the relevant case law, or they decline from giving out legally based advice.   I was considering a complaint, but believe that would be a futile exercise . In the area I live there are no Police in fact I have heard it said that there's a better chance of winning the lottery than seeing Police in Pulborough. In fact the local Parish Council and their counterparts in Billingshurst are hiring a couple of Community Wardens because of anti social behaviour and the fact that there are No Police in the district, hope they realize they can only deal with graffiti!!!! I don't to get in to anymore e mail conversations I have the will of time. I simply will not the mistake of contacting Sussex Police again.
About 21:00 two police officers in an unmarked car stopped to help me after seeing I was in trouble on the A22 going northbound towards Hailsham. My motorbike had broken down. They got her started and then very kindly followed me off the dual carriageway until I was close to my destination and they could see I was ok. I didn't get a chance to really thank them. They were brilliant and I was so grateful for their support and help. I am hoping that by leaving this positive feedback it proves not only how kind they were but also my thanks and gratitude will be be passed on to the two wonderful gentleman officers. It was so reassuring to know that after an incident on my bike I felt safe and looked after. Thank you so much
I would like to say a big 'Thank you' to the police officer who helped us in our hour of need today. We didn't get his name but he was so helpful, and I felt very reassured having him there to keep traffic flowing when our old VW camper broke down. Many thanks once again. 
Some of the sentencing handed down at local Courts seem puzzling.    Can you clarify why one individual who pleaded guilty to driving with no insurance or MOT, was fined only £120?   Anyone who insures their car knows that it costs way in excess of £120 and much more for an inexperienced driver of 20. The vehicle wasn't fit to be on the road if it had no MOT and we all know that costs too, let alone repair costs if it fails.  As the sentence reads, it would pay other young drivers NOT to insure or MOT their vehicles and that cannot be an acceptable message for the Courts to be sending. I don't know the lad, have no axe to grind against him or youths in general, but breaking the law should be a punishment, not a cheap way to drive.  We replied: Here is a link to what is hopefully a helpful page on the Ministry of Justice website.
28 July 2016 I would like to make you aware of my very positive experience with a Police Officer, who helped me at the Gatwick Airport.
When she saw me she could straight away recognise I was distressed and she dropped her telephone call immediately when she spotted me!! I felt she was an angel coming to save me from hell as I spent 4hrs at the airport trying to find my mum who landed in South instead of North terminal. Customer services failed to tell me this on 3 separate occasions I visited with my two under 5 years old boys.
What I thought was a quick trip out of house turned out to be a completely nightmare and I ended up in tears when I spotted the PC!
Please do pass my gratitude to locate my mum and the PC also reassured me that the car park fee (as I eventually had to park the car) would be waved by the airport!!!
She was so kind and helpful and I wonder how much more time I would waste at the airport if she wasn't there. She showed a genuine concern and she took initiative straight away to get to the bottom of the problem! Mum landed at 12pm and we eventually found each other at 4.30pm. Thank you very much for helping us and wishing the whole team all the best to the future!! 
 28 July 2016 I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to your officers at Garwick Airport. After losing my phone on holiday I returned unable to locate my family who were picking me up. Three police officers were very helpful (unfortunately I did not get their manes. They then passed me onto a PCSO who looked after me and helped me to contact my family. His assurance and understanding was wonderful and his calm and caring manner was greatly appreciated. I felt it important that I informed you of this. Again please pass on my thanks.
26 July 2016 I have been on hold for half an hour! I need to report a foster child unauthorised, I left it later tonight as last time he came in late but have sat here just waiting on the phone for ages trying to get through?? to report!! I cannot wait 24hours. This caller has been contacted and we have assisted.
26 July 2016 On the phone to 101 for ten minutes trying to get hold of an officer that came to my house called asking for him to contact me and he'd isn't bother. Any chance there is anyone answering phones oh it's 11 minutes now !!!!! Now it's 19 minutes do you actually have people answering the phones ??? This caller has been contacted and we have assisted.
25 July 2016 I want to congratulate East Sussex Police for supporting the LGBT Community not only at Pride Events but for having the courage to get an even bigger LGBT decorated vechile this year.
I'm based in Portsmouth and on a positive Transgender Awareness Campaign so I understand there is alot of work to be done within the Community.
But Thank You for your support.. Feel free to contact me if you think I can be of help in anyway
25 July 2016 I would like to say a massive thank you to the officers that attended my care home on Saturday night. You all acted in a professional and caring way towards the situation and put all of the staffs minds at ease. As the Registered Manager of the home the officers competency and ability to work in what was a very difficult situation was very impressive and certainly helped calm the situation.
Once again many thanks and take care
Manager and Staff team
25 July 2016 Is there anything that can be done to encourage cyclists to obey the traffic lights on Lewes rd at the junction with coldean lane?(heading into the city). On numerous occasions recently I have had to brake firmly to avoid a collision, particularly when there is a bus stopped at the lights, blocking visibility. To me it seems like an accident waiting to happen, given the volume of cyclists that Ignore the lights there.    We replied: Thank you for contacting us. You may be interested in checking out the Sussex Safer Roads partnership where you can find more information on initiatives to make our roads safer for all users.
25 July 2016 Just a quick email message which hopefully makes it both to your Chief Constable and also eventually reaches your Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp just to say thank you so much for taking the line you did in the painting of one of your vehicles for use at the LGTB PRIDE event in your area this year.

I assure you that your what i'm guessing was your ultimately hoped for response from the LGTB community and hence your initial reasoning for painting the van in the first place is absolutely sound as it both reassures the LGTB community that their rights matter DO matter now to the police, both socially and in law and they no longer have anything to fear (historically) from any Police service.

Speaking as a gay man myself and also an Ex Police officer and as someone who attends many PRIDE events all across the UK, I can assure you that gestures such as this really DO make a difference both in making the LGTB community feel more socially bonded and trusting of with the police ( and so encourages them to reach out to you more when experiencing hate crime etc).

It also serves to reminds other members of the public who would perhaps not be so supporting of LGBT people and their rights that society now and the "State" ARE supportive and have granted equal rights to our LGBT citizens and that this is something they should now be aware of and in turns hopefully will make them realise their views are now outdated and will hopefully in time lead to change there too.

So, ( and to CS Kemp especially here) thank you ! - we gays fully understand that that was a brave decision he made politically to stand up strongly for the LGTB community's rights in showing the forces support so clearly and by using "the biggest vehicle he could find"this year so send a message to his critics. So thank you, we really appreciate it - and as I'm sure by the feedback you'll get from your Officers on the ground on the day I'm no doubt everyone on there will tell him that too !!!
oh and finally I'm now the Managing Director of a PR industry type company and I assure you that for your force to receive the positive PR they already have with this decision ( never mind on the day of PRIDE) for a total PR budget outlay of £420 is an astoundingly excellent decision in terms of budget spend Versus PR received so well done there too ! :-)
Many thanks and the LGTB community sends our best wishes to you all ! 
25 July 2016 I was in an accident on the A23 southbound. The police attended quickly and I am writing to express my thanks to them. The driver who crashed into me was in a lot of distress and they were very kind to her. I was in shock too and one of the officers helped me get the car ready just to drive it to Brighton and told us what we should be doing. My elderly father was with me and the officer was very nice to him and helped him get back in the car. It obviously was a horrible thing to happen but no one was hurt and it was a pleasure to be assisted by your colleagues. I can't thank them enough. 
25 July 2016 I only saw this feedback system via Sussex Police Facebook page: I'd like to give my feedback.....about two years back, I was running my parents to a Garden Centre on the road from Horsham to Crawley and I drove over a lump of tree that had been pruned by workmen cutting back trees. My tyre totally blew out, but I kept control and pulled to the side of the road. I was anxious as my elderley parent were with me and I told them to leave and stay well back from the road as I waved cars around my own. I phoned 999 as I was so anxious of causing a crash......the police arrived in minutes and actually helped me change the tyre and calm my anxious parents. It was beyond their duty really. I wish we knew the names of the man and woman who helped us that day.
25 July 2016 I've been trying to contact someone to report an incident. We have scaffolding around our building. It's 11pm and three men are now climbing up looking into all the flat windows. They have tried to get into an empty flat. When confronted, they got off the scaffolding but haven't moved on.
I called the non emergency number, 101 twice and waited for nearly an hour before hanging up. I then tried online but the only option is to report a 'crime' not 'incident'.
This website is frustrating and inefficient. The non emergency phone line doesn't appear to be manned. I don't want to call 999 as it's not an emergency, so what do we do? We replied advising that these circumstances justified a 999 call. We have now logged all the details.
25 July 2016 I'm frustrated by my inability to get a hold of anyone at the Police tonight and last weekend to report an ongoing and very burdensome noise problem in our neighbourhood. Last weekend, upon finally getting a live person, my husband was referred to the Council, whom we called and were referred back to the Police. We gave up.
We are experiencing a similar noise complaint but this time it's in the evening, and it is rather extreme. I've called the switchboard twice and was each time greeted by a gentleman (unsure if it was the same person both times) who was rude and cut me off before I could ask any questions. I then proceeded to be on hold for ridiculous amounts of time. I've been trying to report a very loud and problematic noise problem for the past hour plus (it's not 22.10 and it's still going on), but can't get a hold of anyone to have it addressed. Can someone please follow-up with me to educate me how to handle what appears to be an ongoing noise problem in my neighbourhood? I've already sent an enquiry into the Council, but this regularly-occurring noise issue only occurs in the evenings and/or on weekends.  We replied: Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry you have had this experience.  Noise is only a matter for the police if there are aggravating factors such as violence or damage. The Council should have referred you to their Environmental Health Noise department. There should be a range of options they can then discuss with you. If you call outside of office hours there is normally a voicemail or online reporting facility.
25 July 2016 I would just like to say thank you to 2 of your police officers who drove to my home on Friday evening just to bring my purse back that I didn't even know was missing.
They were charming, friendly and so kind. Unfortunately I did not take either of their names but I would imagine you can track them down fairly easily. If you do can you please pass on my thanks and also tell them that " they hadn't even got to the top of the hill when I had had 2 phone calls 1 text message and a visit from the neighbours" I am the talk of the village! I also work in the public domain and know how hard it can be sometimes so it is very important to recognise when nice people do nice things even if it is not the biggest part of their role.
25 July 2016 I live in St Leonards on Sea.
As you may be aware, your officers are here most evenings, dealing with the teenagers, who have decided over the last two years to make every resident/traders life an absolute misery. As the construction of Kings road amplifies any noise being made, this obviously makes matters worse. Nothing to do with Sussex Police but worth mentioning. I have to put up with at least 10 teenagers every evening, on a good night, in the street, shouting, swearing, and generally behaving like ferrel animals.
The amount of shop windows that have been broken in this street of late, is shocking. No surprise in all fairness. They cause so much trouble that many adults get in to arguments with them and the police are called. As I can hear every word they say due to the construction of the road, they laugh at and entice people to retaliate against them then joke, that no-one can do anything to them. The police turn up, they disperse and regroup, soon as the police have gone. On Wednesday evening this week, I had a very long day at work, I parked my car and walked to my front door. There was about 8 of these kids in the street at the time. All I wanted to do was come home and relax. 30 minutes later, there are now 20 teenagers in the street. (counted,same old crowd plus new faces) They had strewn rubbish up and down the steps that lead from Kings Rd to London Rd. If this wasn't enough. they than had a bag of hay/straw, which was also thrown around. They then set this on fire, which resulted in the Fire Brigade attending and having to dose the rubbish in water. I assume this was to prevent it being relit. This is just a snap shot of living here. Surely I have a right to be able to relax and not feel intimidated in my home as it has been for almost 2 years now. At first when I asked them to be quiet, this was futile as I ended up in a shouting match with 14 year olds. Then the door bell started ringing, night and day with no-one there of course. While i do not want to blame Sussex Police in anyway, surely it must be a waste of the officers time having to deal with this almost daily.There must be a way of saving your officers time and restoring some kind of life back for me? Should I be contacting Hastings Council? I remember not so long ago, we had a By-law in the street that did not allow groups of three teenagers from Loitering. All i want to do is come home and relax, not to much to ask for in this day and age. I would appreciate any help in being directed to the person/s who could help me in this matter. Thank you in advance.   This respondent was contacted by the local team to discuss his concerns and to let him know what we and our partners are doing.
22 July 2016 I used 101 for the first time to report an alarm going off on the Estate. It took 15 min to get through & the operator was very off hand. I have always fully respected the Police but she left me feeling very anti Police. I was also disappointed to know it costs to report a crime to 101.
She did eventually give me a number for the Council who I must say dealt with my call with empathy & they said they would try to sort out.
I now understand why so many people dial 999 for non emergency calls.
22 July 2016 Every interaction I have had with police in Sussex has been positive, supportive, professional & caring. I think that if our police service was better funded, increased in size, listened to and more prominent driving the decisions that inform our society we would all be in a much better place.
21 July 2016 Just wanted to thank the officers who supported us with an incident at our beach hut last night.
Their care and support was really valued and appreciated, by myself, my daughter and her friends who experienced a nasty assault from some foul mouthed young lads. We we're all so glad to have your support. Thanks again.
20 July 2016 When there is an accident and the traffic is diverted down a side street or lane could you have a board showing exactly where one might return to the route please? We were returning from Chichester Theatre, late on Saturday night when we were sent South in the direction of Sompting, due to an accident. I pulled over and set up my Garmin which would have been fine, but not knowing when and where we could return to the A27 created a confused gaggle of motorist doing u turns in various North South Roads. This became the drive from hell as the tunnels were closed and we had to endure a further round trip of Shoreham.
This is not the first time this has happened to me. One evening on the A272 between Buxted and Hadlow Down there were emergency water repairs and all the traffic was sent down a very narrow lane, but the same lane in both directions. Stalemate. Cars in ditches and larger vehicles stuck. There were several other lanes available. If the Police had used a one-way system the problems would have been avoided.
20 July 2016 I'd just like to express my gratitude for the help and support I've received regarding an ongoing issue with a neighbour. Increased police presence in the area and the arrests of individuals, as well as the ongoing welfare checks of the neighbour have really improved day to day life for myself and other residents in the area. The area is feeling safe once again and that's thanks to the superb work of Sussex Police. My thanks to all that were involved. 
19 July 2016 I would like to praise the team who were trying to resuscitate a man last night. It was immediately under my window they worked tirelessly and with such respect. Unfortunately I think they were unable to save him.
19 July 2016 Living near the A24 I can hear the traffic noise. Most of the time there is only a hum from road noise from cars but at this time of year there is noticeable increase of high revving motorbikes. Now as a lover of Motorsport I love the sound of high revving engines, but I have been on the A24 and been passed by motorbikes whose estimated speed could be close to 100 mph. I have also seen the aftermouth of motorbike accidents.

I just wonder if you were to set up hidden speed traps occasionally maybe on weekends and early evenings it might deter them from potentially injuring themselves and other motorists.I used to live near the A25 in Surrey where I know that at least 4 bikers lost their lives one hitting a person I knew driving a people carrier who luckily was not seriously injured but was very traumatised.

As a motorist who enjoys driving and likes to drive fast when the conditions permit I am not a kiljoy but I feel this stretch of A24 is becoming a race track at certain times. 
18 July 2016 Yesterdag afternoon around 16.00hrs I got passed by two Ford Transits of the Susses Police.
This was while I was driving on the A50 in the Nerherlands. Was there a Police(car) show or antother event in my region? ( Noord Brabant, the Netherlands?) We replied:  We believe that the vehicles you saw were transporting the Sussex Police team who are walking in this year’s Nijmegen event:
18 July 2016 I should like to pass on to your service how impressed I was with the young Police Officer who attended a situation today. Sadly, I omitted to take a note of his number. The situation concerned an elderly gentleman whose driving and movements caused concern to several members of the public in the vicinity. I was a late-comer to the scene, but arrived before the P.O. On his arrival and taking into account his youth, he took control of the situation in a mature, sympathetic and re-assuring way, despite a moment of minor provocation. His conduct and manner reflects great credit on your service, and I hope my appreciation of his efforts can be passed on to him. 
13 July 2016 Hello, I am writing this feedback in the hope of thanks being passed on to the lady who we believed to be a plain clothed police officer.
Yesterday I was in the car with family returning from a funeral. We drove over a clear bridge and were suddenly blocked by an aggressive white van man who started onto the bridge when we were nearly over it and then wouldn't reverse. He was quite aggressive in his manner towards us, my father got out our car to politely ask him to reverse and the man told him he "would sit there all day if he had to". Incidentally he was sat chatting merrily away on his mobile phone. We were quite distressed already having just left the funeral, and so this was a horrible road rage type incident to then have to deal with.
The reason I'm writing is because a lady then left a car and approached the van driver, showed him a badge and had some very strong words with him. We assumed she must have been a police officer as he changed his tune and very quickly started to move out our way! We didn't get a chance to thank this lady because she was busy having firm words with the driver, but I wanted to try and pass on thanks if at all possible, because for us yesterday she was doing more than just clearing the road and preventing it from escalating, she helped my family when we really couldn't be dealing with that man that particular day. Many thanks
13 July 2016 I would like to thank the staff that were on duty this evening at the Police station who dealt with my case. The female police officer on reception was extremely professional and caring. Despite the fact this case was merely damage to my car - both the PCSO and the female police officer on reception dealt with the matter promptly and with care and compassion for which I am grateful for. Many Thanks
11 July 2016 I would like to express my sincere thanks for the professionalism that your officers showed for an incident that occurred on the seafront on Saturday. I reported my father as missing due to the fact that he was not where I expected him to be which was most out of character...and after two hours or so of not knowing his whereabouts, one of your patrols managed to find him and bring him back to us. It was a huge relief to both my Mum and myself and throughout the whole process, all Police Officers involved were extremely helpful, positive and friendly. It was traumatic at the time for all sorts of reasons, however, it is with immense satisfaction and gratitude that I wanted to thank all those involved for what turned out to be a happy ending. We are extremely grateful...more than I can put into words. 
11 July 2016 I just wanted to say thank you very much to the officers who came to our house on Saturday. They were so friendly and really put us at ease. They sorted the situation perfectly and couldn't have been more helpful. The same applies to the lady who took my 101 phone call. What a wonderful service Sussex Police provide, I'm sure you don't hear it often enough! Many thanks
11 July 2016 I had the need to call the police as a large number of young teenagers had gathered at a house I won't call it a party .It was just an excuse to drink themselves Stupid , Swear. Shout and Smoke certain substances. While my neighbors had no objections to them getting together , This was totally unexceptionable. These youngsters were unsupervised . Don't know where the mother was ,So they were left to run wild This they did , After a few hours of this they where all in the street and running around into the culdsac where I live . Most if not ALL were drunk and other stuff and UNDERAGE. AT 11.30 I called the police .
While it took a while to get through They came after about 10 minutes. I must say the two policemen who came were MOST HELPFUL .They soon sorted the problem out and another one of their colleagues came and helped us and were most sympathetic. As I am 71 and on my own and my neighbor has a young child this was most upsetting for us These police were so helpful SO THANK YOU. 
11 July 2016 After reading the recent piece I felt the opening line " A paranoid schizophrenic..." comes across as somewhat distasteful and is not respectful, nor fair, towards those who suffer with mental health. As a project worker who works with people who have mental health conditions, I know some of my clients would feel somewhat distressed at reading this, as it pinpoints a particular mental illness rather than an act of an individual , and appears to be branding all with the same brush. This is not the case. In addition those who do suffer with paranoid schizophrenia would feel demeaned by this and and place negative pressure on them.
Another point to add to this is those who have no understanding of this type of mental illness will assume all people who suffer with paranoid schizophrenia as dangerous, when in fact not all persons with this are.
It would have been more appropriate to name the man and say he suffered mental health issues (if this was relevant), or begin it with "A man suffering with paranoid schizophrenia...."
I use the word suffer, as those with this illness/condition can and do suffer with it considerably.
I write all of this in no way lessening what happened but rather to point out the damage that one sentence can cause.
11 July 2016 I have phoned or messaged the police regarding different issues and nothing has been done,
1- people selling drugs from a house
2- mini motorbike riding by the local school
3- people with laser pointers shining in people's houses and the air (could be aircraft issue)
4- two children riding on the bonnet of a car

Although these may not seem important, I have or had CCTV evidence. Believe it or not some of us are trying to help and the general opinion of people where I live is you can never get through to 101, and if you do there is no follow up. Please accept this as constructive feedback
11 July 2016 We had an outboard engine stolen. With the support tonight of Officers we gave a statement and within minutes we had our outboard returned. This service far surpassed all preconcived expectations and made alot of teenagers happy that they can now feel safer and confident in the work the Police force are doing.
11 July 2016 Thank you for your speedy and professional help regarding an anti social matter within our area.
8 July 2016 I would just like to say how grateful we were to a few members of your force for coming in to help with our primary school careers event.  The Officers both volunteered their time to come in and spend time with the children and answering questions about their job. They were inspiring and the children had an amazing experience - they loved seeing a real police van! We are extremely grateful. A traffic officer also came into the same event and worked with small groups of children - we would like to extend similar thanks to him also. All three officers represented the police force admirably - you may even have some wanna be recruits in the school!
5 July 2016 On Friday 1 July our neighbourhood was disturbed by loud music and general laughing and shouting that you would associate with a summer indoor/outdoor party. We had no problem with that at all, it started at 7pm. At 2.45am we really wanted some sleep and my Husband phoned 101 to ask what could by done to be told that we should ring the out of hours Council phone-line. We did no do this as we were hoping that the party would end fairly shortly. We fell asleep aroung 4am and the party was still in full swing. We were told the next day by a neighbour who left for work at 4.30am that it was still noisy then.
The following evening the music started at 8.30pm, again, no problem at all, buy we were concerned that we may have a repeat of the night before so we rang the council out of hours number for advice if the party went on beyond a reasonable time. We were told that someone from the Borough Council environmental office would phone us on Monday which was not much help to us at all. As it turned out the music stopped not longer after it had started.
Someone from the council did ring us and said that they would pay the household concerned a visit and let us know the outcome.
Our point is that in our eyes this was anti-social behaviour which disturbed the surrrounding families, some with small children and babies. We had not choice but to suffer it. I wonder what you thought the Council out of hours would do? We certainly thought a representative from the council would ask them to turn the music down. We would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. We replied: A noisy party in itself would not be a police issue unless there are aggravating factors, such as violence or damage. If there are on-going issues with noise then Council Environmental Health departments have a range of options which they are best placed to explain to you. However, as you have already discovered many if not all Councils no longer have a 24 hour service.  
5 July 2016 the story in the mirror. pc phipps. good t see good news in the papers for a change. pc phipps has partially restored faith in humanity! well done her. maybe she needs a 2 week holiday in the sun as well as the medal.
5 July 2016 I would like to provide feedback from my contact with two of your officers. A friend of mine was involved in a motorcycle collision. I was behind but not involved. I was fortunate enough to meet and observe two of your officers. I'm writing because I was so impressed and grateful for the way in which they conducted themselves and handled the situation. They were utterly professional, clearly knowledgable but more importantly to us, they showed a very capable yet very human response. The way they dealt with all people and the situation was perfect, I could not fault them, please pass on our thanks and gratitude for their excellent work. 
5 July 2016 A big thank-you to the WPC who attended our Brother-in-Laws' house -  who had passed away. She was very professional and made us feel at-ease.
Well done! 
4 July 2016 I think it was appalling customer service having to wait 80mins last night on 101 to report a vehicle breakin. Need crime ref for insurers and to confirm that vehicle was insecure so did not invalidate insurance so had no choice to wait. Really poor service every crime affects people in one way or another but being made to feel that your issue is unimportant and you can be left to wait for so long is disgusting treatment.
4 July 2016 i reported a driver who was using a mobile phone ,also they used a abusive hand gesture,but all you have done is put on your database for intelligence,what a load of ...., whats the point of operation crackdown,when something is reported its put away on a shelf somewhere,never to be seen again,no wonder the public have little faith in the police,thanks for nothing
We replied:  Thank you for the email that you have sent to Sussex Police Your Voice Counts.  This has been passed to me to look and see what we did with the report and why.  The report relates to a Silver Mazda MX5.  This vehicle has been checked on the Police National Computer and is shown as in trade – between registered keepers.  A further check has also been made through the insurance data base.  This check showed that, at this time, the vehicle is not insured.  In view of that a marker has been added to the Police National Computer.  The report has now been closed as there is no one to write to at this present time, however , the report will remain on our system for the next twelve months should the vehicle come to notice again.
4 July 2016 My house is located in a small close.  We are finding that cars (possibly local) without tax or MOT are parking in our close, presumably to hide from the on-board ANPR cameras on most Police vehicles now. I feel sure that a quick cruise into the close now and again by an ANPR equipped vehicle will reap rewards.
30-Jun-15 I'm a security supervisor at a Magistrates Court, yesterday I had to call both police and ambulance services to assist during an incident. It was quite a stressful situation for myself and staff by the time officers arrived. The officers that attended were absolute stars, showing tolerance and patience yet being firm. Without their speedy assistance the incident could have been far worse, please pass on my thanks to all the officers that attended.
29-Jun-15 Hi I would like to thank all of you at the police station for the civil and professional way you dealt with my case; in particular for the cups of tea! Thank you I shall pop some teabags in to recompense you and good luck in these troubling times
28-Jun-15 the police who came to see me were first class officers and extremely imformative they were very supportive and made me feel less vunrable
28-Jun-15 May I just say how amazing I think your team is at Sussex Police your Facebook page and the way you are so open makes people realise u have an open door policy it works really well and more county's need to do this. Where I live we don't have anything like this which is a real shame. Obviously the police are really busy and I can imagine the paper work is stressful too but it's that bit of extra effort it goes a long way. The reason I'm on ur page is because a relative killed himself up at beachy head such a waste of a precious life but the help of ur team the coroner and everyone who tried to help find him was spectacular. The inquest is soon and everyone has been so helpful. So again well done and thank you to all of u. 
28-Jun-15 It was lovely to see that professional PCSO on the news speak to those voters who were pretty much forcing themselves on others and trying to create an unnecessary hassle for other voters. It's a real shame that the news reported it so badly and negatively but I feel that it made me proud to have such a professional police force. I hope this reaches that kind officer and that this hasn't distracted her from working so well. 
28-Jun-15 I have reported a motorbike being ridden on the pavements at speed with teenagers on it numerous times but the police have done nothing. I have even offered video evidence but nothing has happened. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed soon. We have the right to be safe outside our homes and this is not the case.
27-Jun-15 I am taking this method to communicate with Sussex Police although it does include Hampshire as well. May I say that I know both forces are under pressure and there are many less of you than I feel that there should be. Yesterday I was travelling along the A272 all the way to Winchester and then using the M3 to Basingstoke. My car is well able to hold its way on the road and keeps up with all of the law abiding citizens.
Yesterday in particular was a night mare for motor cyclists who most obviously wanted to commit suicide on the roads, my problem was that I did not wish to take part. Time after time high speed bikes were both coming towards me and also travelling in the same direction as myself. Two in particular come to mind, one was coming towards me and wanted to play 'chicken', I was not up for this! Then another one appeared behind me from no where and just as his bike cleared me he was actually leaning over in from of my car, really! He disappeared over the horizon in no time.
Then there were vast numbers of others on the road sometimes in convoy and travelling at GREAT speed. Are all of these young people? I do not think so! They are people with a death wish and total disregard to others on the road.
Policemen and women, where are they? I assume that you are so under staffed these days you are not able to do the job except rush from one site to another yourselves at great speed with your 'blues and twos' going.
Motor cyclists are becoming an increasing and sometimes a massive problem on the A26 by our home and you appear to do nothing! They know this and their numbers are increasing.
I know you need evidence, they travel so fast that one dare not loose concentration to get this information, that is if you see it.
The week before I almost had a major head-on one evening, I could hear him (perhaps it was a red coloured Ferrari) coming and when I saw him coming around the bend he was on my side of the road heading for a head on collision. Fortunately 'abs' kicked big time on my car and some how I missed him. Some how he got on to his side of the road. He never stopped!
People have now got some very powerful machines which no doubt would give the police a run for their money if they were even there. These people are aware that you are not around and can do what they like. You need to get the money and start enforcing the law again and showing them what you can do when given the tools to do the job and get the courts to support you!
27-Jun-15 I wanted very much to publicly thank the Police Officer to whom I owe my life. I was running to catch the train when I suffered a Cardiac Arrest. I have yet to meet the Officer and thank him personally but I have learned that he was able to call an ambulance and give me CPR. His prompt and immediate action saved my life. I am now on anti-coagulants and back at work suffering only from a total loss of memory of the days immediately before and after the event. My friends and family join in thanking him from the bottom of my heart. 
27-Jun-15 Today my bike broke, I fell off and really hurt myself and a  police officer came straight over and helped me fix my bike. He was so nice when I was still in shock. I hope you can track down this Officer and give him the biggest thank you, I hope he has the greatest day and thank you so much.
24-Jun-15 Hello can you please thank the staff at the police station for the lovely help they gave me this morning. On the telephone and my visit to pick up cars keys. Thanks

I am saddened to express my concerns.
Sussex police officers are regularly taking advantage of their positions. In just the last 2 weeks I have seen.....
2 police officers queuing at a Tesco to purchase their lunch, whilst a member of staff had to approach them to explain why they can not park in a disabled space and demand an apology to their customer who actually needed it.
I have also seen an officer parked on double yellow lines drinking a McDonalds drink, whilst a space in front of him (within the parking lines) was available.
I have also seen an officer park on yellow lines outside the police station in town, get his rucksack from the boot and make his way into the station over lunch time.
Whilst I understand that officers are given a free pass to do these things in the line of duty. none of the above situations required them to break the law.
I am continuously disgusted that officers believe they are above the law and I have raised my concern with some of the officers involved. to which I get the following reply..... We are aloud to park in these places because we might need to leave quickly. therefor clearly stating they are not their on official business.
The highway code clearly states... Authority services such as police and ambulance authorities are permitted to stop and park on yellow lines providing they are engaged on official duties. None of the above issues are engaging in official duties.
Maybe Sussex police should issue a copy of the highway code to all its driving staff and ensure they read it correctly before being aloud to drive official vehicles in the public eye. how can you protect and serve the citizens of the area when you cant abide by your own laws. Disgusting.

We replied: Unfortunately, Sussex Police no longer provides catering facilities or vending machines so officers are often forced to get their own food, particularly if working on an extended shift. Policing is a very demanding and at times, dangerous role and we expect our staff to take regular breaks. In addition, we encourage staff to  take refreshments within the community when they can. This leads to positive and informal conversations with members of the public and makes them more accessible.

As you have intimated, as part of their policing role, police officers are allowed to break traffic laws, including parking on yellow lines etc. Most officers will try not to when at all possible. Officers are not above the law and should not be routinely taking advantage of this exemption. Should officers be identified taking advantage, parking in disabled bays without good reason etc, then supervisors will take appropriate action.

24-Jun-15 Big thank you to the PCSO  in Bexhill today, we were visiting with 2 mini buses of old folk. When we were leaving there was no sign of a lovely 97 years young gentleman. We were searching the area by pick up point on the front and starting to be concerned when the PCSO appeared and said he had found him and left him somewhere safe while he came to find us then he joined us on the bus the minibus and took us to pick up the gentleman, none the worse for his adventure just a bit weary from wandering around in vain looking for us.

24-Jun-15 I would just like to thank those members of your team who dealt with my reported crime. Whilst it was hardly a major incident - the theft of a large potted plant from the stairs outside my home - I was not made to feel that this was trivial thing and I was dealt with with the utmost courtesy and thoroughness. As I explained, I reported the theft, not because I expected anything to be done about the plant that I had lost, but just in case there had been, or might be in the near future, any similar thefts.
24-Jun-15 I'm extremely frustrated by the lack of anything shown when crimes are reported . Crimes involving class a and b drugs openly used in a public area, needles being left in trees, play areas and on top of bins. I have forgotten the numbers of times this has been reported to you but i can recalled the number of times you actually attended. I can only say I have lost all confidence in the service and find myself lost as there is no other organisation that is in place to deal with these crimes. All I can think of is that crime has the upper hand nobody actually cares and we I should learn to live with it.

We replied explaining that we are always attending a whole range of incidents, but this has to be prioritised given finite resources. We also explained how  calls would feed into our intelligence and help us target areas of concern. 
21-Jun-15 I work for South East Coast ambulance service, I was on duty Saturday afternoon and attended an incident in a flat. I was working solo on the SRV, on arrival I found the patient not breathing due to a suspected drug overdose. By manually ventilating the patient I was able to keep them from deteriorating. I also needed to give a drug to reverse the affects of the overdose. The female police officer volunteered to start manually ventilating the patient with the bag valve mask (BVM). Although the police officer had had no previous training in the use of the BVM, with quick instruction from myself, she took over the ventilations and maintained the patients airway and oxygen levels while I drew up and delivered the drug the patient needed. The officer also continued to ventilate the patient and was able to tell me when the patient started to breath spontaneously.
I am very impressed with the conduct and willingness displayed by your officer, without which would have delayed the recovery of the patient. They did a fantastic job for which they should commended. If you are able to identify the officer please pass on my thanks to them and how grateful I was, she was able to make a difference to the patient. I'm ashamed to say I didn't get her name or number.
The incident proves how blue light services work together to benefit patients and in this case saved a life.
Friday 17th June 2016 The police lady who visited this morning was totally out of order, intimidating, and had no idea of the situation or of mine in this case. It sounded as if I could not cope. Believe me I can. Her insistance was totally unprofessional . She put me in a very uncomfortable situation where I had to ask her to leave. I look forward to your comments
Thursday 16th June 2016 We were recently was sent a letter capturing her for speeding and rightfully so. The letter came through less than 1 week after the incident. Last year someone wrote our car off it was completely the other drivers fault this incident took months to process in the meantime we lost money as work didn't pay her had no car and in the end the driver was not prosecuted for dangerous driving or no due care and attention she was told to take out a private prosecution if she wanted. I emailed at the time expressing my disappointment with this situation and had no reply. Just recently she was parked up as she was at work and an old lady crashed into her car and drove off. Luckily there were witnesses to this accident and we duly reported this woman for failing to stop after an accident. This was over a month ago and apart from a phone call saying she hasn't been forgotten she has heard nothing. My point is when she has done something wrong you are quick to get in touch but for the second time someone has damaged her car and nothing seems to be forthcoming in a hurry she doesn't even know if this woman is going to pay for the latest damage have to say very disappointed in Sussex police
Wednesday 15th June 2016 I read with interest your statement on the Brighton Pride Facebook page in the wake of the Orlando attacks. I don't live locally but regularly attend this event and am doing so again this year with my partner. I appreciated the statement and thought it was reassuring, well timed and much needed.
Tuesday 14th June 2016 Sitting at drive through McDonald's st Leonard's randomly tapping car registration numbers into online car insurance check - out of 8 checked TWO showed up as not insured - why not get a pcso to have a coffee and key them thru as people drive round to collect their food ? If I can do it I'm sure you can
Monday 13th June 2016 Someone parked in front of my garage. My wife has sadly got MND and it go's without saying I need to get my car out at ALL time. Ruth (an adviser on 101) was so fabulous I just want to thank her and say how helpful she was 10 oclock Sunday 12 June
Friday 10th June 2016 To the police woman who attended our son and 2 female carers at a serious incident at lunch time. Thank you from all of us involved for your kindness and understanding. As he has severe autism, epilepsy, learning difficulties and challenging behaviour, he has very limited communication and can become very distressed when people don't understand him particularly those he relies on most. The officer was totally professional even using Makaton sign language to reassure him. That his first contact with the police was fraught but ultimately positive is a credit to the Officer. We greatly appreciated the kindness and understanding demonstrated to our much loved son. The training had obviously been put to very good use.
Thursday 9th June 2016 On 04/06/16 at approximately 1am I was stopped by one of your officers and given a telling off due to my driving.
I would like to thank the officer that stopped me, it was the kick I needed.
If there's anyway to forward this to the officer it would be highly appreciated. I don't know his name but know he was a sergeant. Whether he believes it or not I did heed the warning given and took it all on board. I have downloaded the Aviva driving app and have been trying to get the best score possible (not the fastest speed) and as I will continue to drive safely.
You can let him know that I won't become a statistic nor will him or any of your officers ever have to visit mine or anyone else's family due to my recklessness, causing harm or worse. 
Wednesday 8th June 2016 We regularly use the junction of Rogate Road and Offington Lane in Worthing and consider it is very dangerous exiting right from Rogate Road into Offington Lane. This is because visibility is very limited by parked vehicles either side of the junction and cars are accelerating from the Thomas a'Beckett traffic lights. Quite often there are also cars parked directly opposite the junction. Could you please have a look at this and let me know if there are any improvements that can be made to make this junction safer to use?
07 June 2016 My problem was dealt with very thoroughly, and the incident promptly investigated. I also received instant and comprehensive feed-back. I was very impressed with my experience.
07 June 2016 Hello. following the car accident on Old Shoreham Road, Hove which, judging by the resting position of the cars involved, must have had an element of excessive speed as the contributing cause - i was wondering whether there are any intentions to enforce the 30 mph speed limit on this section of road. I know that mobile speed monitoring is occasionally employed at Weald Ave and at the cemetry near Olive Road but we all know that this does not give an accurate indication of the normal speed of vehicles on this stretch of road because for H&S reasons the officers undertaking the monitoring need to wear hi-viz and are therefore spotted in advance by motorists. Every day myself and neighbours witness vehicles travelling well over 30 mph. I would estimate that at times some cars are travelling at over 60 mph particularly in early morning and late evening. Even sitting inside our house you can tell from road noise that cars are speeding. There is very little noise when cars are doing 30. Grateful of your advice.
06 June 2016 Can't actually believe that this noise hasn't been stopped ! It's 3 o'clock in the morning and there's been a rave going on all night . I've tried to ring you but just kept waiting and waiting , I'm not going to ring 999 . I live in South Ferring and apparently the noise is coming from Highdown according to everybody else on Facebook who are also being kept awake . Surely it could of been stopped by now ?!!!
06 June 2016 I would like to give some POSITIVE feedback about 2 police officers who attended an incident at my home last night.  My daughter is 16 and has mental health problems and Aspergers (a form of autism) She was being very violent and I called 999 as I was in danger of being hurt. The officers were tactful, understanding and patient. They reassured my daughter, and she trusted them implicitly. To gain the trust of a young person like my daughter, who was in a state of extreme anxiety and panic, was a real achievement. Both officers followed up with a phone call and went the extra mile to help with ongoing support.  Could you please ensure this message reaches the officers' direct supervisor? I would love to hear that they have been commended for their response. Perhaps they could feedback to other officers who aren't used to dealing with young people with autism? I speak to lots of parents of autistic children and they have had mixed responses from the police as have I. These 2 officers were amazing and really should be commended. Am I allowed to send them a personal thank you or gift?
03 June 2016 My daughter was involved in an accident earlier today, she was hit by an uninsured driver, her 2 children were in the car with her, they're very shaken & achy but otherwise ok thank God.  The police attended promptly & were absolutely fantastic, they cared for my daughter & grandchildren, arranged for her car, which is likely a write off to be collected, they were amazingly kind and reassuring to me when I arrived at the scene. I want to say what a credit to the force these officers are, professional, kind & courteous. Thank you so much Sussex police. 
02 June 2016 On Friday we were involved in an accident. The officers that attended are a credit to the service. They were compassionate, helpful and exceedingly kind. From the call handler that took the phone call to the officers that attended we have nothing but thanks and praise. Please pass on our sincere thanks, you've restored our faith in society.
02 June 2016 I am a law a biding citizen but I just paid a speeding fine after I got pinged on the M23. Since then, I've stuck rigidly to the limit only to be honked, flashed and gestured at by countless other motorists who are lining up to bomb past me every single time I'm on that road. It just leads me to think that day I was caught, it was simply my turn on a day you did decide to go out and catch a few people. My parents were involved in near fatal car accident in your county, which even though the other party have ADMITTED they were 100% in the wrong, Sussex Police have not only NOT pressed charges of any kind for dangerous driving to the other party, they have advised that my parents just "leave it" as no action will be taken! It is extremely hard to the point of impossible to accept these inconsistencies from Sussex Police that have personally affected me and my family and therefore to have any admiration or respect for what they think they are trying to achieve.
31 May 2016 Just want to follow up on my previous email regarding an incident with my blind mum who has had someone going into her home and stealing from her... although sadly, the ***** is going to get away with years of abuse and more recent thefts using her card, the matter has been resolved to mum's satisfaction and I have to express my thanks and appreciation for everyone involved who have been courteous thoughtful and efficient - everyone in the control room who kept us informed throughout the full day that we had to wait to be seen - it's just such a shame there aren't more of you!!! We had to wait in from 7.30 am until the fab officer came around at 9.45 pm ( except an hours trip out) and fully appreciate how busy everyone was.....Officer's experience in neighbourhood policing stood him and us in good stead as he dealt with the situation brilliantly! Thank you for being so lovely and restoring my faith in humanity a little and for making mum feel safe and reassured - let me know if there is anything I can do to support the service grow - you're all terrific! Thank you!
31 May 2016 You're bloody useless, you arrest me for being ill but you won't sort out a lady who was rude to me and much older and should have known better, I hope I never see you again
31 May 2016 I'm the victim ive been assaulted in this date from a lady trying to break my head with a mug of tea Through top of her window house because I parked outside her house to drop off a customer but she missed the target and the mug dent my car and my roof bar briefly the police involved the lady ment to pay for the damage to my car i've got three different estimation from different garages for the repair as the policy required this The cost of the repair around £ 800 and £850 The officer offered me £40 to repair the damage I don't know where did you get this estimation from I have asked him to tell me where to go to fix my car for £40 but no reply I offered him another option I can fix my car through the insurance if she paid my access which is £550 And still no reply for this at the end he advise me to go to Citizen Advice I am the victim she assaulted me she is the criminal she enjoy her life she damage my taxi and nothing being resolved I'm just wondering we are not live in the jungle
30 May 2016 I'm writing to commend the service that I've received from your force over the last 6 months or so. In particular, I want you to know that the PC has dealt with my case in a highly professional manner. He was thorough, respectful and prompt. I am deeply grateful. 
30 May 2016 Recently reported an incident of someone coming into my mum's house and her debit card has been abused.....I spoke to someone to report the information and just wanted to say how fabulous she was - understanding, patient, thorough and very empathic - thank you! The Police service needs more like her!
30 May 2016 I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the PC who attended a car vs motorbike rtc. My brother was riding his motorbike on that evening and was involved in a collision with a car. The PC  attended the incident and managed by employing his experience and sense of humor whilst maintaining a professional approach to make the whole experience less painful and easier to go through than expected. He was very understanding and he went out of his way to help me to arrange the logistics of keeping my car secure whilst I got my brother's bike to a place of safety.
Many thanks to the Sussex police team for all the hard work you do and many thanks again to this PC for his commitment and all the help he provided. 
30 May 2016 I was woken at 3am this morning by police ringing the buzzer on my flats so they could gain access to the flat of another resident. The police then banged loudly on my neighbours door until they got an answer. I understand that you have a job to do, but I do not find it acceptable for the police to wake innocent people, scare my daughter and make unreasonable noise at this time in the morning. There are elderly people, young families and myself and my teenage daughter living in this block. I had to be up at 8 for work and as you can imagine was extremely tired. I will have my buzzer on the privacy setting in future, although I truly hope this will not be happening again. 
30 May 2016 Today I have seen online the story of the Brighton murderer convicted after confessing to a psychic fortune teller. Apparently the police call centre downgraded her 999 call to 101, and police personnel took an hour to arrive. A body was found at a residence, so it turned out to be a serious case.
The psychic kept the murderer in conversation for an hour, waiting for the police. I don't think the police response, and the call centre particularly, was of excellent standard. Thanks.
26 May 2016 Please pass this on to the PC and his WPC partner who acted with sensitivity and intelligence and have stopped me being constantly stalked and harrassed by an ex who has extreme mental health difficulties. I just can't thank you both enough for giving me back my life. 
24 May 2016 Hello,
During the PCC election the PCC kept talking about the new Sussex Police Model. Please could you advise me where I can find details of this model. Thanks   We replied: Thank you for contacting us. You can find details of the model here 
24 May 2016 Brilliant work at our school today. Especially to one younger female officer who was fantastic with lots of concerned parents. She was calm and informative and put people at ease.
23 May 2016 I would like to thank everyone for the support you have given my family and I in looking for my daughter. With your help and the help of a massive social media campaign she was, thank god found safe. Your support provided great comfort at a very difficult time. Thanks again to everyone!!! A very grateful Family 
23 May 2016 My mother passed away suddenly in her home, and as a result police officers were called to attend and both of them were there when I arrived.
Unfortunately I did not think to take their names or numbers but I am hoping the information above will identify who they were because I would like you to pass on to them my very sincere thanks. They were absolutely wonderful being so kind, sensitive and considerate and making completely sure that I and my wife were alright before they left.
In days when there is so much criticism of the police I strongly believe that praise should also be heaped out. Again, my very sincere thanks.
19 May 2016 Recently someone hit my car and drove off without leaving any details of their insurance. I went into the Police Station the next day to report the incident and I was greeted by one of the front office staff. She was absolutely amazing and greeted me warmly and personally. She was incredibly reassuring and seemed genuinely concerned about my car plight and that really calmed me down. She took all the relevant details and gave me a hearty parting salutation.
17 May 2016 A note of further thanks, to Sussex Police, for coming to the assistance of my mother and me this last Saturday evening  and getting us back on our way.
Your call handler, and officers were amazingly helpful and responsive.  The officers remained with us until the immediate situation was resolved.  I am certain that the situation - with my elderly Mum trapped in a car for a protracted time and deteriorating before the arrival of your officers, and with no apparent means to free her and right the situation myself - would have become much worse had Sussex Police not been available and come to our aid and progressed a resolution with the ambulance service, car-hire company and AA. Thank you very much.
16 May 2016 I was driving the car that came off second best when a truck veered into my path.
I am very lucky not to be dead or seriously injured. At the time I was struggling to retain control of my anger. Having shoes full of glass didn’t help because every time it moved it hurt!  I would like the officers involved to be thanked for their professional help and understanding and to apologise for my language.
I would also like to thank the 999 call team and again apologise for any bad language. I can’t see much without my reading glasses and I’m not great with smart phones anyway – they are too smart for my fingers. In retrospect it was a bit of a farce, not being able to see the screen and being a little deaf not being able to hear very well either. In shock I couldn’t recall where on the route  I was – i.e. what was the name of the last village I had passed through. To read a map I needed my glasses and I couldn’t find these. A tiny tiny cut on my finger was spurting blood over my phone and the map and I was, ridiculously, given the state of the car trying not to bleed on the seat.
Please could you pass on my thanks to the people involved. I received a text (with the incident number) but suspect I talked to several people.
Thank you
16 May 2016 I want to make you aware of a situation that occurred in our road earlier this evening, that I believe could have been better handled by the two officers involved. I was driving back to my house and as I turned into my road, there was a stationary police patrol car about 20m ahead blocking the road. Initially I thought that it was occupied, so I sat there behind it for a minute or so, before it became apparent that in fact there was no-one inside. I waited for a further 3-4mins to see if anyone was coming back, as my only option otherwise was to try and reverse my car back out of our road onto quite a main road, and has very poor visibility as you turn out. I was advised by some residents that the two officers were inside the building and as there was no sign of them coming out, I did then have to reverse out onto the main road as there was nowhere for me to park and our road is too narrow to turn around in. I then proceeded to drive round the block to come into my road from the other end. After I had parked my car and was walking towards my house, I noticed that the patrol car was now driving down the road towards me, so I signalled for it to pull over so that I could talk to the officers about the situation. I explained to the male police officer that was driving the vehicle that I had been prevented from driving down my road because his car was blocking the road and did he realise how inconvenient/potentially dangerous that had been. He informed me that he had been responding to an emergency call and therefore he had not had an opportunity/option to 'park' the car. I said that I appreciated that it might have been an emergency, but that did not prevent him from taking an extra second to leave his vehicle in a safe/sensible place. It would have easily been possible to park the vehicle on the curb in front of the house he was visiting, or to have pulled into a space on the right-hand side between the parked cars in front of someone's drive, less than 10m from where the car was left. I did not mention this to the officer, but it has since occurred to me that if it was an emergency, then surely the blue lights on the car would have been on and should have still been flashing after they left the vehicle? If I had seen the blue lights were flashing on the vehicle as I approached the junction to my road, then I would not have turned into my road as it would have been clear that something was happening and there was no way that I could drive past. However, because it was not obvious that the car was not occupied I proceeded to turn in and was then stuck in the situation I have explained above. The officer seemed very unconcerned about what had just happened and just kept saying that if it was an emergency involving me or my family, then I would have wanted them to be there as quickly as I could, even if that meant leaving his car in the middle of the road. He was very keen to just shrug me off - he wasn't rude, but he behaved in quite an arrogant way and was almost insinuating that I had no right to be questioning him or making judgements about his decision making. Police officers may be 'in charge', but that doesn't always make them right, de facto. They are still human and capable of making errors of judgement. I wasn't seeking an apology, more an acknowledgement that possibly he could do something different next time. His dismissive attitude towards me only served to annoy me further, rather than go some way to diffusing the frustration that I had experienced.

I would appreciate it if you could make the officer in question aware of my feedback. I expect it will probably annoy him or else he will just laugh it off, but if that is the case then that will just prove my point that he obviously feels that being a police officer gives him a right to 'Lord it' over the rest of us. I did not make a note of the officers specific number.
We replied: Your message relating to an incident involving a police officer has been passed to me as I am responsible for policing in this area. I’m sorry that you were not satisfied with the response given by the officer you spoke to. Please be assured that I will speak to the officer and ensure that your feedback is passed on. Feedback from the public is very important to me and I am grateful for you taking the time to write in and let me know about your experience.
16 May 2016 This a short message to say thank you very much for your help regarding the incident in which someone vandalised our car, which was reported to Sussex Police on Thursday evening. I think it was no more than an hour before an officer contacted us and then spoke to our neighbours about the incident. Unfortunately nobody had seen who vandalised it but we think the response and also the manner that you addressed it, was absolutely fantastic. We have bought some CCTV to try and stop this from happening. Thanks again.
16 May 2016 I ha reason to call 101 at 01:00 today. I tried and failed twice before giving up. The call at approx 00:45 I waited 20 mins and was not answered the second call at approx 01:15 I waited over 30 mins and was not answered.
Surely in anyone's opinion this is totally unacceptable? How does anyone get through to their police service? The only alternative would have been 999. No wonder people resort to using this method. Truly appalling service.
16 May 2016 Having reported cars blocking the foot paths all weekend l was very disappointed that no action was taken even though there were two police cars parked up on Friday and a car driving up and down on Saturday. I can only assume that as they couldn't be bothered to get out of their cars it wasn't affecting them so they didn't care. Unfortunately it did affect the people that live here though but l suppose it does not matter that people with wheel chairs and baby buggies had to take there lives in there hands just to walk down the road as long as the police don't have to get out of there cars and sort it out. I suppose we will have to just get used to it all summer and just pay our council tax and keep quiet
16 May 2016 I read with disgust, but without surprise that your findings on the review of the revenge porn case, are that you feel justified in your decision to caution the man that posted revenge porn. Well done to him for getting away clean with it and well done to you for disrespecting the associated laws and belittling the crime. I can only wonder at what other female related crimes, you to decide a caution is adequate.
My feedback to you is that this is a disgrace. This is not justice and I don't feel it appropriate that you get to review your own inaccurate decisions. Disgusting.
16 May 2016 Re your conclusion on the revenge porn case, I would recommend that you revisit the original findings by the CPS in bringing out this law. I quote "A spokesperson for the CPS said; "No one should have to suffer the hurt and humiliation of 'revenge pornography'". This obviously contradicts with the approach you are taking with these cases. If it were your daughter or a relative, I doubt you would come to the same conclusion! If the victim was indeed 15, would you not look at other associated child pornography laws, let alone just letting him off with a caution.

11 May 2016 I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the kindness and professionalism shown by the team of police officers who attended the scene following my road traffic accident . Fortunately no one was injured.
I do not have a reference number as I was taken to A&E,  and was later discharged following investigations.

A big Thank You to the lovely officers involved for being kind and compassionate as they dealt with my situation.
11 May 2016 I believe Sussex Police decision not to charge with any offence with regard to the publicised porn revenge incident is a disgrace. The Chief Inspectors excuse that the force were not sure of the guidelines was misguided and disappointing as you do not need a degree to identify what happened was totally wrong in every aspect. Yet again the police have sent out the wrong message to the nation, shame on you.
10 May 2016 In January, I was assaulted. I dialled 999 and the gentleman I spoke to called for the police as well as the ambulance service, due to the nature of the incident. Two PCs attended (I'm sorry, but I can't remember their names) and I just wanted to feedback how excellent they were in what was a traumatic time for me. They attended incredibly quickly and possessed good interpersonal skills which made me feel safe and cared for, which was greatly appreciated as I was in shock. Once at the police station, giving my statement was made as easy as possible - the process was explained well to me . I was also very grateful for the glasses of water, cup of tea and the lift to the walk in centre at the railway station! Over the following days, I spoke to a PC  two to three times and he was great in providing updates and next steps. Again, I'm sorry, but I can't remember if he was one of the PCs who previously attended.

I would be grateful if you could please pass on my gratitude to these colleagues. Obviously, it was a very difficult time for me and I felt protected and cared for. You so often hear negative things about the Police, you don't hear so much of the excellent service that is provided. I'm sorry it's taken me a little while to send in this feedback.
09 May 2016 Dear Sir/Madam,

Please can I give my utmost thanks to the two officers who got called out to the car park behind the Gala bingo on Friday. I couldn't get my car to start at around 21:30 and spent over an hour trying with no success. I assume someone may have called the police mistakenly believing that I was trying to break into the car as opposed to trying to get it to start. When the police arrived they tried their hardest to get the car going but they too had to give up. My passenger who is 74 and had no coat would've had to walk home in the cold on a late Friday night. Luckily the officers offered to take her back home as she lived locally. It was well above and beyond the call of duty and we were most grateful. Unfortunately I didn't get the officers names or numbers but hope you can trace it and pass on our thanks.
09 May 2016 Police not doing anything to help people's anymore . I am fed up with police. It's waste of money having police. Rather have all agency it's much cheaper. That's why police having half the agency and police should be paid as much as agency gets the money.

If police not helping the people why it's paid by public fund ? Should be privatise the police and get the money from the share holders. Who wants police they should pay. I do not need the police , useless anyway.
06 May 2016

Here is a copy of an email sent to the local councillor regarding the historic problem of anti-social drinking in the area - Your feedback would be appreciated.


Just to remind you of the continuing problem with the rubbish left by street drinkers in the area. It would seem that despite reassurances from council bodies and the Police, who have met with residents regularly over the last ten years regarding this matter, that we are still no further in resolving this problem. In fact, it would seem that we have now given up, with the shelters being left for days on end without being cleaned of beer cans, fag buts, general rubbish and urine. The Police, despite their apparent awareness of this issue, now seem happy to let this behaviour continue without intervention. Is it that the Council and Police would now prefer this, and the intimidating and anti-social behaviour that goes with it, to continue in the area? Is this really how we are now expected to live ? and is this the impression we want to give visitors? We have had enough of the complete inability to tackle this problem and believe we deserve better.

We replied:   Street Drinking is a complex issue and it is important to remember that a significant number of those people on the street suffer from mental health and substance dependency issues. It is often the case that these people are the victims of crime as opposed to the offenders and in order to make a difference they need access to support and the right services to deal with their individual situation. We are engaged with a number of charities and organisations and meetings are held on a regular basis to assess individuals and develop action plans around those most at risk.

However I would like to reassure you that when offences are committed we will and do take action to deal with them. We currently have directed patrol activity in the town centre in order to prioritise the deployment of resources based on a recent increase in anti-social behaviour.

There is a Designated Public Place Order in place across the District which gives the Police a power to seize alcohol where they believe that its consumption is likely to lead to Anti-Social behaviour and this power is utilised regularly. Officers utilise this power when appropriate to seize alcohol or arrest individuals when they fail to comply with the directions given.

I would however balance this by saying that it is not an offence for people to congregate and look untidy and whilst I appreciate this does not create a positive image for the town we can only deal when criminal offences are taking place. As I am sure you are also aware we have seen a reduction nationally in funding and as a result of this significant change the deployment of our resources is based on threat, harm and risk and offences such as littering will not be a priority for us.

We have recently seen the introduction of new Anti-Social Behaviour legislation and have already utilised some of the new dispersal powers available to us to move people from a specified area when it is appropriate. We are also working closely with the  District Council Anti-Social Behaviour team to look at what other parts of the new legislation could be used effectively, and what other tactics could make a difference.

I would also urge people to contact us when a crime takes place as we need the support and evidence provided by members of the local community to tackle this effectively.

I hope this will reassure you that we are aware of the issues in the town centre and are taking positive action where appropriate to deal with them.

05 May 2016 Hi there
So on the 23rd/24th of April my close friend had his car stolen in the middle of the night, not only did they break through the electric gates at the entrance they stole his car, we reported to the police on the Sunday morning and no one came out ! Not even to look or take prints of the gate , I think this is disgracefull and shows a lack of interest in the rising theft of such vehicles across Sussex (again another one got stolen today). we managed to find the roof rack on a byway  which should of been your job not ours we also contacted the brewry near by and managed to see when it went in and out which wasn't difficult for someone who doesn't investigate theft as a job , and you have now closed the case, I think this is outrageous and would like to make a formal complaint
05 May 2016 Hi, I got a flat tyre near a bend on A22 last night,  I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the 2 policemen who came to assist and ended up changing my tyre for me and getting me back on the road. They were so helpful and lovely! Thank you.
04 May 2016 I was wondering when something is going to be done about the street beggars and Street drinkers in our town. Just today, on ITV news @6 the reporter had her back to the  Court being filmed whilst outside. If the camera has panned 45 degrees to the left, you would have seen a street beggars outside the estate agents, and 25 yards further on, , a drunken man crashed out on the pavement with a bottle of cider in his hand! Not really the image !!!
More importantly, this is not the first time this has happened, last week, whilst going about my business, I saw 5 Street beggars, and 0 police officers, surely a better ratio would be the other way round ?
Lastly, speeding, how many people have been found guilty of exceeding the 20,mph speed limit in its designated areas ? The worst road culprit, is the road past the police station !!! Motorbikes in second gear screening exhaust and the bike at ,30 degrees with the rider touching knee with tarmac !!!
I said lastly, but, there needs to be clearer road markings and signage at the junction of station St and high St. For example, cars,vans,motorbikes, etc turning right into the high St past the town hall and cars turning right.

I am aware that you can only do so much with what little the government give you to use, but please, can these issues be addressed, and please keep up the good work that you do, which sometimes can be thank less, and seemingly unappreciated, by the few, but praised by the thousands.
We replied: In relation to comments about street beggars and street drinkers this is something that the police need to assess on a case by case basis.   We are aware of sporadic reports from the public and our response needs to be proportionate to the circumstances at the time.   The mere presence of someone on the streets does not automatically mean any offences have been committed and often the individuals that we do encounter have complex needs so the solution is not always as simple as taking enforcement action or simply moving someone on.    We are in contact with a variety of different partners and will continue to monitor and provide a measured response to reports of any anti social street drinking or begging activity.
In relation to the 20mph zone I do not have any statistics to hand about how many people have been prosecuted for exceeding the 20 mph speed limit however the general policy across Sussex, and in accordance with Department of Transport guidance is that these zones should be self enforcing.  The specific stretch of road you mention by the police station is a wide downhill stretch on a major through route and experiences a high volume of traffic.   It is inevitable that some people will exceed the speed limit  and it is not possible to have police monitoring this situation all the time.   We have actually received relatively few complaints of speeding in these areas. The responsibility for setting speed limits and engineering measures such as signage and road markings sits with the County Council as the relevant highways authority but our Speed Management Unit work closely with them.  
Regarding your comments about clearer signage and markings I am not aware that this is a significant issue and we certainly do not receive many complaints of motorists contravening the regulations.   As already stated the signange would be an issue for the County Council as the highways authority so if you do believe this is a significant concern you may wish to address your concerns with them directly.
03 May 2016 The information you provide is too general to the point I ignore it. What are the areas being targeted by criminals? Your report covers a massive area and if it cannot be centred on a particular part of Sussex your emails amount to pointless generality.
03 May 2016 I refer to the press item as at the link below:

While the comment made by the accused is obviously "rude" and uncivil how on earth have we got to the point where "rudeness" is a crime! ? The waste of scarce resources - police, court and judiciary is an absurd example of Mad Hatter England. It once was sufficient for someone aggrieved over rude remarks to ignore them not go running off to the police. In fact, had they done so the police would have politely told them not to be so silly. The resources and time spent by Sussex police officers on this would have been far better used solving serious crime. Big Brother certainly permeates our society now . Yes I would welcome a reply. Thank you.
03 May 2016 I rung 999 to report a driver who had approached me broken down while he had been drink driving. I spoke to the operator and had a second call from Sussex police to obtain more information. I'm not sure if you are able to let people know if the information provided was helpful or if arrests were made but I thought i would just follow up the event to see if this helpful information at all any information regarding this would be much appreciated. 
03 May 2016

I filed a report of potential traffic problems at the Crematorium planned for 9.30am Wednesday. Two funerals had been booked for roughly the same time and one had received considerable press coverage and huge crowds were anticipated. My relative's was the second funeral and we had been warned to expect major disruption. Whilst this never transpired your offices did an excellent job in controlling the gates. More importantly to me was the kind attention your offices paid to my father (an ex Met police officer) when they arrived. He has vascular dementia and your team spent a few minutes talking to him and this really picked him up at a very low point.

He has asked that we donate something in gratitude for this kind gesture. Please could you let me know whether you have a widows and orphans charity or similar. Many thanks

We replied: Thank you for contacting us. My condolences on your loss. This link will take you to the relevant page on our website in relation to our Charitable Trust. 

03 May 2016 I want to thank one of your PCs in how well he has dealt with a situation that happened with my son. Too often people have bad things to say about the police, I can honestly say I have never met such a understanding, fair police officer who cares about teenagers so much. Thank you so much.....
03 May 2016 Huge shout out of thanks to the officers who reunited my daughter with her lost handbag and all its contents this morning. Greatly appreciated. 
03 May 2016 We have recently been informed by your victim support unit of the sentence handed down to those responsible for a burglary at our home. This represents closure on a difficult episode of our life and I would like to express our gratitude for the professionalism and support offered and  for the sympathetic way in which we have been kept updated.
03 May 2016 I have had extremely positive contact with the Sussex police up and until tonight. I had, what began with, a minor debate with a woman who had already grabbed my friend and had then turned on me telling me that I needed 'bringing down a peg'. After a conversation she struck me on the face, after a minute the police turned up telling me I had been provoking her. However I know you cannot provoke someone into punching you in the face. The police told me I needed to leave and get in a taxi quite firmly but I had done nothing wrong and my point was completely left unanswered and I was left feeling like I had done wrong. My friends afterwards were also shocked into my handling as I'm always never confrontational. I just wish to make it known that I feel that the situation was handled whereby both parties were at fault and I was wronged for someone causing assault on me after I was just having a discussion. I don't wish to pursue any action because I for one think the police do an oustanding job but again I feel like I was made to be the party in the wrong but not listened to.
03 May 2016

On two occasions I have found dog mess in my daughter's front garden. The first time it was wrapped in tissue. Yesterday there was a clear plastic bag filled with it left in the front garden. Apart from the fact that this is very unpleasant, and my daughter has children, I was wondering whether this is classed as an offence. As she lives on a main road with many passers by and many dogs I realise it might be hard to catch the perpetrator and prevent this, and would prefer not to confront such people in case their behaviour escalated. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you! 

We replied: Thank you for contacting us. Please follow this link to find out what level of fine would be imposed by your local council, and how to report any incidents.

03 May 2016 I would like to send a big thank you to the 2 officers who attended our home on Saturday. I called around 11:30am to report my  son had absconded from our home after an increasing downward spiral of behaviour since January. His father and I were at our wit's end with his attitude and behaviour both at home and at school, but it seems that contacting the police was the right thing to do. As of Sunday morning, after a talking to from the 2 officers Saturday evening when he finally returned home, he seems to have turned over a new leaf and we're seeing signs of the old him. He's been very pleasant both with us and his siblings and has even, at times been his cheeky old self. I'm not counting my chickens just yet, but I really think the future looks hopeful for us with him so a huge thank you to the 2 officers whose names I didn't get I'm afraid.
29 April 2016

We have just moved into a property where people seem to completely ignore the 40 mile an hour speed restriction especially in the evening.

Please could an attempt be made to have a mobile speed camera along the road regularly as it is extremely dangerous for people trying to get in out of of driveways when people are driving at 50-60+ miles an hour.

29 April 2016 I would like to say thank you to the two police officers that came out to my house. I had accidentally locked my 16 month old son and the car key in the car. I was in some distress as his twin brother was outside the car and so I had to look after him while trying to disctract my son who was in the car. They called a locksmith for me and waited with me while he arrived in case my son got in to difficulty in the car and were ready to smash the window if necessary. I'm sure this kind of job is not what are police are primarily for, but for me they provided comfort and practical advice and I am very very grateful. In a stressful situation I honeslty didn't know what to do, and they did. Please pass on my thanks.
27 April 2016 Comment:
I would just like to write to extend my heart felt thanks to an officer. She showed me huge kindness when I visited the Police station last Saturday. I really felt like she understood emotional abuse. I would also like to thank her for being thorough, not making assumptions and looking into the background of my case. This made life changing differences to me. I totally understand that you are stretched to capacity and it must be tempting to cut corners - but for me it would of been horrendous had this officer done so. Please pass on my thanks to her. 
25 April 2016 Comment:

I had a good experience today chatting to one of your officers  and was grateful for a small kindness shown. I was at the end of a 50+ km bike ride from Haywards Heath via Lewes and Shoreham (over the Downs), having to ride the extra to Brighton due to rail replacement buses (they don't like bikes on buses). I had forgotten my wallet and, although I wasn't close to death, I was beyond tired. He offered me an apple and some biscuits from the van. It was a very kind gesture and gave me enough energy to get up the hill to Brighton station.

Would you pass on my thanks?
20 April 2016 I have seen a petition "Sussex Police: NO to arresting and fining rough sleepers!"

[this area] has a similar problem with rough sleepers and it can be very intimidating trying to use a cash machine when you have a rough sleeper sat at your feet asking for change. It would be great if [the local] Police also dealt with rough sleepers in a similar way.

Keep up the great work.
19 April 2016 On Saturday evening the police were called out to a domestic disturbance at my address. I really just wanted to say thank you to the two officers who attended. They handled the situation brilliantly, and I am really greatful to them for their help. The officer I spoke to was professional and listened to what I had to say. He made me feel a lot calmer (and better) in the situation, like I was being taken seriously, and helped rather than 'in trouble' for the disturbance. I've had similar call outs from police years ago, in a different relationship/life - those officers were scary, very hard to talk to and completely lacked empathy. I really want the officers from Saturday night to know how much I appreciate how the call out was conducted - I can't find the words to say how well they responded. Thank you both very much :-)
19 April 2016 Was at Brighton 10k/marathon yesterday just wanted to say what an amazing contribution your cadets made.....very professional.....a fantastic reflection of the training they receive.

Also at the station an exhausted runner had lost his group of friends and your officer let the guy use his mobile #littleactofkindness as his own was flat.

Felt very safe at a very busy event - well done.
15 April 2016 Please can some one assist me and the other residents with the speeding traffic through our village. It has been getting steadily worse for the past 5 years and is now totally unacceptable. Some kind of traffic calming is desperately needed to stop the traffic from travelling through the village at speeds of up to 70 mph. I have had animals killed on the road by speeding cars, there have been many incidents where cars are not able to slow down in time for visitors to cross the road and all in all it is only by the grace of God that there has not been a serious incident here as of yet.
Any help you can give would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance. 
15 April 2016 Hello I think that there should laws on cyclist personal safety because me be a cyclist I know how dangerous is cycling on the road through the day then when I'm driving I see cyclists all the time not wearing lights or helmets which is just dangerous I get hit during the daytime wearing helmet and lights so you can see how dangerous it is not wearing any of those at night time and its always cyclists like that which give cyclists like me a bad name and makes people think we are all the same thank you
12 April 2016 I have been following one of your police vans for over 15 mins. Your officer driving is yet to indicate any turn or roundabout, even [turning] right a few times.
08 April 2016 I was involved in a RTC . It was a two vehicle incident and nobody was injured though myself and the other party were understandably shaken.  I just wanted to thank the female officer in the unmarked police car that happened to be passing very soon afterwards who helped us both get safely to the grass verge, the man from The Highways Agency and also especially to the male officer who attended shortly afterwards for his handling of the situation. I don't know their names but I hope that this message and my heartfelt thanks can be passed on to them.  They were all extremely professional, efficient and reassuring.
06 April 2016 I would like to commend a PCSO.  I emailed with a query about a local man who I had felt intimidated by. She emailed me the next day and spoke to me on the phone. She was soon at my house explaining that they had spoken to the man in question and the issue was resolved.  I was impressed by the speed of her response and her kind, professional manner towards me. I had been unsure whether my issue was a police matter, but she reassured me that it was the right thing to do. I came away from the experience feeling happy and satisfied with the outcome.  If you could pass on my thanks, I would be very grateful!
05 April 2016 Just want to say a huge thank you to the first police officer that arrived on site of the horrific crash.
He took control of the situation with the help of a few others and undoubtedly saved a life.
02 April 2016 I do not like the new format of your web site why change it?
02 April 2016 I'm not someone who usually gives feedback, but in this case, it would be wrong if I didn't!!!       I'm writing this to say a BIG thank you for the service that you provided in my time of need, especially to the PC who dealt with my recent problems in a very professional, speedy, compassionate and reassuring manner. My whole experience of your services over the past few difficult months for me and my family has been quite simply 1st class! - and I'm not saying that lightly! Although I hope to never need to call on yourselves again, I feel reassured that if I had to, it would be dealt with extremely well.  Many thanks to all involved.
02 April 2016 re previous feedback on the saga - police presence much appreciated as antisocial behaviour on hold.  Trust  patrol will continue until the housing authorities get their act together !
02 April 2016 Had to phone 101 tonight as my car broke down on a dangerous part of the road.  Both the breakdown people and the police arrived very quickly and got me and my car to safety.  Thank you.
01 April 2016 Many thanks for the recent EWatch bulletin. It is clear and concise and helps people understand and react to the issues in the local area.