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Latest on Twitter

Latest on Twitter


6 hours

as it's not freezing a speed check was conducted on the a24 at broadbridge heath. nearly everyone driving to the speed limit apart from the one doing 91 mph in a 60 mph...... summons in the post


7 hours

We'd like to talk to any motorists who were travelling on the A259 Barnhorn Road, , early on Tuesday evening and who recall seeing an eastbound yellow Kia Picanto which crashed into a field. Please get in touch if you can help. 

Latest on Twitter

Latest on Twitter

Latest on Twitter


13 hours

On duty at 2300 hours. One in custody for criminal damage at 23:15. I was Called a vast array of names including a “small 🐀” and various expletives that I’m not allowed to mention on here.

Latest on Twitter


3 days

Officially the coldest ever football match I have had the pleasure to police yesterday at Old Trafford. For those of you who stayed over last night hoping your journey back today was a good one.