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  • Safeguarding of Learners Policy (Surrey and Sussex)

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    This policy and associated procedure is to inform everyone connected with Surrey Police and Sussex Police, and with whom it subcontracts or collaborates, of our agreed policy with regard to the safeguarding of all individuals involved within the learning environment. The policy is in line with OFSTED requirements.

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  • This document describes the approach by Surrey Police and Sussex Police to the recovery of vehicles by the police in varying circumstances. This document will give guidance to police officers and police staff whether operationally seizing vehicles and to back office staff managing the processes. It will cover all circumstances from seizing vehicles evidentially, vehicles used in crime or subject to crime, vehicles involved in collisions, causing an obstruction to the carriageway, seized under Sec 165 or Sec 59. It will cover the return of the vehicles to lawful owners, and who is responsible for any payment before the vehicles are released.

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  • 2019 Public Notice Sussex

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  • Hunt Policy (Surrey and Sussex)

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    The Hunting Act 2004 made the hunting of wild animals with dogs illegal. This policy explains the stance Surrey Police and Sussex Police will take on unlawful hunting activities in accordance with the Act and associated wildlife legislation or other public order incidents connected with Hunt activities.

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  • 2018-19 CC DRAFT Statement of Accounts

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    2018-19 CC DRAFT Statement of Accounts

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  • Estates Asset Register 2017

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    Estates Asset Register 2017

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  • This document provides guidance for the recording of investigative policy decision and the maintenance of investigative policy logs within serious and complex crime investigations. It provides the framework for good practice to ensure the integrity and accessibility of policy decisions and policy logs across both forces.

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  • 2018-19 PCC Group DRAFT Statement of Accounts

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    2018-19 PCC Group DRAFT Statement of Accounts

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  • Body Worn Video Policy (Surrey and Sussex)

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    This policy details how and when Body Worn Video (BWV) should be utilised for overt video recording of police evidence and how the evidence captured should be secured to protect the integrity of the images for potential use in criminal proceedings.

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  • Hostage and Crisis Negotiators Policy (Surrey and Sussex)

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    This policy covers the Surrey and Sussex response to incidents involving the use of Force Crisis and Hostage Negotiators.

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