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Why become a Police Constable?

Who better to tell you than the officers themselves?


"Born and raised in Mumbai, I had a long career in hospitality. After settling in the UK I needed a new challenge. I have always admired the police and last year, I saw an advert for new police recruits. I thought, I may be over 40 and born in another country, but what’s to stop me chasing my dream? I was selected!

"The recruitment and training process is tough, but I am so grateful to be given the opportunity, and for all of the support that I have received.

"I am still in training - learning and gaining new skills and experiences on every shift. As ‘Sussex Rookie’, I would like to encourage anyone of any age, or from any background to believe in themselves and apply to Sussex Police."

PC Deepak Hegde

Watch Deepak talk through his first week of training Rookie Cop:

“I have worked for Sussex Police as a regular police officer for about two years. I started as a Special Constable and then successfully joined the full time ranks. I always wanted to do a job that made a difference and this certainly ticks that box!

"It’s a varied and rewarding job and I love it. I am keen to see our teams expand and grow to reflect the diverse communities in Sussex. I hope that when young people see me policing, they will be encouraged and inspired to come and join Sussex Police and help to make a positive difference.”

PC Alexandra Bailey

“I joined Sussex Police in 2003 having previously been in retail management. The only excitement I used to get in my previous job, was catching shoplifters and I always had the upmost respect for the officers who would come and take the offenders away. One day, I figured I could be a police officer.

“Not once have I regretted making that decision.  I've spent the last 13 years on the front line, working with a team of people I genuinely consider to be my friends. We laugh together every day as well as deal with some really emotional things but most importantly, what we do matters. I'm proud to be a police officer and part of an organisation that makes a difference on a personal level to people's lives.”

PC James Daniels

“I always knew I wanted to work within the criminal justice system but I wasn't sure where.

"After graduating from university in London with a criminology and law degree, I worked with the Criminal Justice Race Unit within the Home Office, CPS and victim support, but I wanted something more hands on so I joined the police as staff within the Intelligence and the Domestic Violence Unit.

“I then decided to apply to be a Police Constable with Sussex Police, so I could really challenge myself and grow my skills set. A year in, I don’t regret joining and I am learning every day whilst doing a fulfilling and challenging job. It is hard work and does have unsociable hours but it's worth it and there are many opportunities during your career if policing and justice is something you are passionate about.”

 PC Davina Barber