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Work Experience

Sussex Police's Work Experience Programme is an exciting and valuable scheme offered to all students aged 14-18.

If you are keen to learn more about the police service or considering a career in the police service, then this is a great opportunity for you.

We are keen to further develop a diverse workforce which is fully representative of the communities we serve, therefore we want the Work Experience Programme to be accessible to everyone. We are encouraging as many applicants as we can from Black Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds, giving all communities across Sussex the chance to come and see what it's like to be part of Sussex Police for a week.

During the Work Experience Programme, you will assist and participate in a variety of interesting, challenging and exciting tasks and activities which will help you build on your personal, social and work skills. We will support you throughout the Programme to ensure that you are enjoying and making full use of your experience.

This is not an exhaustive list, but some of the areas that you will visit include:

  • Spending time with the front office staff where members of the public report a wide range of crimes and incidents.
  • Finding out how officers on the Neighbourhood Policing Team work with local people and partners to solve problems within communities.
  • Visiting the property store where evidence from crimes and incidents is held.
  • Seeing how the licensing and events planning team prepare and deal with large scale events and licensed premises around the city.
  • Observing in the control room; understanding how 999 and non emergency calls are resourced.
  • Witnessing how our detainees are dealt within our Custody Suites.

Are you interested in our work Experience Programme, or know someone who might be interested?

The work experience programme lasts for one week and your application should be made through your school or college via your form tutor. Due to the large number of applications that Sussex Police receive in relation to work experience it is with regret that we are unable to accept requests that are not made through your school or college.

Once you have informed your school or college that you are interested in undertaking a period of work experience with Sussex Police, your school or college will send a letter containing details of the date(s) they would like you to participate.

Your school or college will send the letter to the nearest divisional Single Point of Contact (SPOC). (your nearest division and Single Point of Contact will be determined by where you live. The details of the SPOCs are below).  Once the work experience placement has been agreed by the SPOC they will send you the relevant documentation (usually within four weeks), which you will need to complete and return.

On occasions it may not be possible for Sussex Police to accommodate your work experience request. We will write to you if this is the case.

Divisional SPOCs Contact Information

If you are interested in applying please liaise with your school/college who in turn can request further information from one of the contacts below:

Brighton & Hove

East Sussex

West Sussex

We are always looking to help and encourage our young communities who are interested in working for Sussex Police.

If you have other suggestions on how we can increase Black Minority Ethnic representation in our workforce, or know of someone who is interested in joining Sussex Police, please also contact one of the Work Experience Co-ordinators above.

Sussex Police are committed to providing quality in the service we deliver, the opportunities we offer and to increase the diversity of our workforce to reflect the community we serve. We want to do all we can to encourage fair and inclusive opportunities, helping us to ensure that all groups are properly supported and represented.

We're also looking to help and encourage anyone who is interested in working for Sussex Police in a paid role or voluntary capacity. We will ensure that anyone making contact will be able to access appropriate advice, information and support.