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Sussex Police make the dreams of a boy with a rare heart condition come true

02 Nov, 2017 14:52 News Force News
Sussex Police make the dreams of a boy with a rare heart condition come true

Sussex Police took time out of their busy schedules to help make the dreams come true of one little boy and his family.

Danny Herbert, from Bognor Regis, had always wanted to be a policeman and he was determined to not let his terminal heart condition get in the way.

The seven-year-old has pulmonary atresia condition which is an extremely rare birth defect involving the heart and lungs. Danny's pulmonary valve was not formed correctly, meaning blood from the right side of the heart is unable to travel to the lungs to collect oxygen before being pumped around the body.

Chief Inspector Marc Clothier of the Arun district said: “When I was contacted by the Make a Wish charity about Danny, I was really keen to make his dream of becoming a police officer a reality. The support and enthusiasm shown by colleagues across the force was amazing and we all really tried to make the day as special as possible.

“Danny had the opportunity to join one of the Roads Policing Units and undertook speed checks in Bognor Regis. We knew Danny had always wanted to hold a speed gun, so it was fantastic for us to allow this to happen.”

Danny, who was born with his condition, was joined by his sister Sky, six, and his mum Fran.

The trio were initially taken to Chichester police station, where Danny “arrested” a suspicious man who was spotted ‘drawing’ on police cars.

The youngster booked the suspect into custody and escorted him into the cells where the new recruit gave him a stern telling off.

Afterwards the family were taken to Sussex Police Headquarters where they met two firearms officers, the dog unit and Chief Constable Giles York.

Mum Fran said: “It was such a fantastic day for Danny and he truly loved every minute of it.

“Danny has always been interested in the emergency services and he was lucky enough to meet a fireman and this was set up by Tyler’s Trust.

“He has all of the uniforms at home and will often dress up in them for role-play.

“Danny loved being able to hold the speed gun and he was in awe of everyone he met on the day.”


You can see all of the pictures from the day by clicking here.


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