Sussex Police is committed to promoting equality and respect for diversity in the way it serves Sussex in delivering policing and also as an employer.  

Whilst the language may have changed over the years, the principles of policing in the UK date back nearly 200 years. In the nineteenth century, Sir Robert Peel developed the principles which defined the ethical requirements police officers must follow in order to be effective.

Sussex Police, at all times, strives to develop and maintain a relationship with local people that gives reality to the fundamental principle that the police are the public and the public are the police; delivering a successful policing service across Sussex, in which people have confidence, is achieved by listening to what local people tell us are their priorities, the style of policing they want and then meeting their needs.

Policing is about putting people first - our values and approach commit us to a service of a consistently high quality. A service that is accessible, responsive and visible and treats people with fairness, respect and dignity.

The delivery of quality services is our first and foremost priority. Making sure that we see things from the public's perspective means speaking with local people, asking them what they want and their views on the changes we're making. Each year, we speak with thousands of people right across Sussex to understand their priorities. These voices feed into our approach and our policies.

Read our 2020-2023 Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Strategy.

Independent advisors and reference groups

Sussex Police has a Strategic Independent Advisory Group, which meets on a regular basis to provide independent views and advice on the strategic development and delivery of our services. Across Sussex, each division has its own Independent Advisory Group, which enables understanding of the differing effects local policing can have on geographical communities. In addition to this, Sussex Police has a number External Reference Groups, specific to Equality Act protected characteristics, chaired by members of the community, to test challenge and inform Sussex police. Engaging directly with the public helps us develop and operate policies and practices that do not exclude, discriminate or have an unjustifiable adverse impact on any particular community.

Equality Champions

Equality Champions, senior police officers and police staff, ensure the Force is well positioned to identify national good practice together with policy and legislative developments at the earliest possible stage.

The Equality Champions make a positive contribution through organisational and community reference groups, where views can be aired on how service delivery and employment policy impacts in practice. The feedback from the numerous groups now follows a clearly defined road map which, as intended from the outset, enables our key decision makers to respond to issues drawn to their attention by the Equality Champions.

Our Equality Champions cover the portfolios of Children and Young PeopleOlder People, Disability and Mental Health, Religion and Belief, Sex and Gender, Gypsies and Travellers, Gender Identity and Expression, Pregnancy (and Maternity, Paternity), Race (and Ethnicity) and Sexual Orientation.

Identity Based Mentoring

We have recently introduced a new Identity Based Mentoring scheme which will enable Sussex Police officers and staff to request a mentor based on a shared identity.

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Pregnancy and Maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation

The scheme is open to anyone in the Force and will be running alongside the existing Mentoring Scheme. Its aim will be to support staff with career progression and personal growth. In addition it will enable them to receive guidance and encouragement from a mentor who shares one or more of the characteristics. 

Diversity data

We produce an annual dashboard which details the diversity breakdown of our staff and officers. You can view the latest version here.

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