"Not only is it important to protect older people from the devastating effects of crime, it is essential to work together to try and tackle the disproportionate effect that fear of crime has on them. Older people have a wealth of knowledge, experience and good ideas on how to address the policing issues that concern them most. Protecting the most vulnerable in our communities will always be at the core of policing efforts."

- Chief Superintendent Lisa Bell, Champion for Older People Equality work in Sussex Police.


  • To understand the policing related issues which most concern and affect older people in our communities, and work with them to develop solutions
  • To recognise where 'older age' is a common factor within specific crime types and provide an appropriate level of support and preventative action
  • To provide a policing service that is accessible for all older people in our communities. Ensure that access to our services is easy and provide a number of ways for people to contact us
  • Work with our staff and partners to deliver or signpost services for older people. Develop joint working initiatives with local people and partners
  • Engage effectively to improve trust and confidence in reporting crimes. Engage effectively to improve trust and confidence in reporting crimes

Our work in this area as a public service

Priority areas in service delivery for Older People Equality include accessibility, effective engagement and working to understand policing related issues which most affect older people in our communities. Gaining insight on public experiences is central to developing our approach.

Safe Space Sussex also provides information about older peoples services locally.

We are proud to be a Dementia Friend. Dementia touches the lives of millions of people across the UK. Dementia Friends was launched by the Alzheimer’s Society to tackle the fear and lack of understanding that means many people with the condition experience loneliness and social exclusion. 

If you would like to help Sussex police improve its service by providing feedback, please email [email protected]