"I believe that we need to develop our understanding of the link between gender and certain types of criminality. I'd like us to develop our working relationships with organisations that are committed to supporting those areas where men or women are overrepresented as victims of crime, or indeed as offenders. I also believe passionately in a Police Service that reflects the community that it serves and, to that end, am committed to increasing female representation at senior ranks within Sussex Police."

- Detective Chief Inspector Miles Ockwell, Champion for Gender Equality work in Sussex Police.


To become an employer of choice for women in our community. This will involve ensuring there is equality in support, and career development opportunities for female staff and officers.

To ensure there is a policing service which is sensitive to the needs of male and female victims of crimes where gender is a factor, including appropriate levels of victim care and support.

To recognise where ‘Gender’ is a key factor within specific crime types, and ensure an appropriate level of support and intervention is provided to victims and potential offenders.

Our work in this area

As a public service:

  • Priority areas in service delivery for Sex and Gender Equality include to become an employer of choice for gender equality, and to ensure there is a policing service which is sensitive to the needs of male and female victims of crime. Gaining insight on public experiences is central to developing our approach.
  • A key part of this work involves engaging with people in our communities and regular consultation with our external *Gender External reference Group (ERG).
  • We are also committed to ensuring that victims of crime receive appropriate and consistent support service in relation to domestic and sexual violence (including Child Sexual Exploitation).
  • We will work with partners through established networks developed by Public Protection to ensure that service delivery is not affected by the gender of the person requiring support.

*If you would like to help Sussex police improve its service by becoming a member of the Gender ERG, please email us: [email protected]

As an employer:

The diversity staff support group for *Gender is the Evolve. Primarily the support network identifies issues and opportunities relating to Gender and overcomes challenges by working closely with the organisation. Evolve offers both male and female staff and officers the opportunity for development and support with issues - with the aim of instilling confidence and giving everyone the chance to be the best they can be.

*If you work at Sussex Police and would like to become a member of the Evolve, please email us at: [email protected]