The city of Brighton and Hove is a diverse and welcoming city with its popular iconic seafront, mix of urban and rural areas. The city has a growing population of more than £300,000 including a high number of students attending our two universities and a large active LGBTQ community.

The two towns of Brighton and Hove in the county of East Sussex were officially granted city status in 2000. Brighton includes many national and internationally recognised landmarks including two piers, the regency Brighton Pavilion and the i360. The city attracts up to eight million visitors a year.

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Acting Chief Inspector Dan Hiles

Dan joined Sussex Police in 2003 where he worked in the response team in Brighton and Hove and in East Sussex before becoming a Custody Sergeant. He later worked in Neighbourhood Policing as an Inspector and then Partnership Manager.

Dan then took the role of force lead for the Tactical Enforcement Unit which provides dedicated and targeted support particularly focused on preventing harm linked to serious organise crime.

After setting up the Tactical Enforcement Units on division he is now back at Brighton as Acting Chief Inspector.

Dan is a father to three children and in his spare time enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Inspector Dan Hiles
  • Inspector Brian McCarthy

  • Acting Sergeant Skinner
  • Acting Sergeant Roberts
  • Sergeant Leahy
  • Sergeant Osborn
  • Sergeant Rebourn
  • Sergeant Hearth
  • Sergeant Renouf
  • Sergeant Szaranek
  • Sergeant Ward

  • PC Baker
  • PC Bond
  • PC Bell
  • PC Mimms
  • PC Colgate
  • PC Barrett
  • PC Very
  • PC Stephenson
  • PC Simpson
  • PC Botting
  • PC Cioffi
  • PC Hall
  • PC Swan
  • PC Perfect
  • PC Maddison
  • PC Dover
  • PC Southam
  • PC Simmons
  • PC Glenister
  • PC Laker
  • PC Cliff
  • PC Lam
  • PC Lambourn
  • PC Edge
  • PC Lanzon
  • PC Egleton
  • PC Very

  • PC Kilroy
  • PC Davies
  • PC Bell
  • PC Paine

Brunswick & Adelaide

  • PCSO Amy Green
  • PCSO Isaac Williams

Central Hove

  • PCSO Karl Humphreys
  • PCSO Celia Joyce

Craven Vale

  • PCSO Ellen Deveson
  • PCSO Jordan Scott

East Brighton

  • PCSO Glenn Ecclestone
  • PCSO Josh Honeysett


  • PCSO Nathan Upperton
  • PCSO Sophie Hughes

Hangleton & Knowle

  • PCSO Richard Wright

Hanover & Elm Grove  

  • PCSO Marlena Duleba
  • PCSO Chris Browning

Hollingdean & Stanmer

  • PCSO Isobel Tugwell

Hove Park

  • PCSO Chloe Darling

Moulsecoomb & Bevendean

  • PCSO George Verall
  • PCSO Barney Reed

North Portslade

  • PCSO Jarrad Quinn


  • PCSO Sarah Rohman
  • PCSO Debbie Kimpton

Preston Park

  • PCSO Daniel Proctor

Queens Park

  • PCSO Marta Koltko
  • PCSO Katie Harris
  • PCSO Vanessa Farrell
  • PCSO Nia Delyn
  • PCSO Sean Chandler


  • PCSO Caroline Derubitus
  • PCSO Michael Douglas
  • PCSO Caroline Batchelor


  • PCSO Harry Scott
  • PCSO Sam Wooller

South Portslade

  • PCSO Joe Higgins

St Peters & North Laine

  • PCSO Sharon Baker
  • PCSO Katie Bothwell
  • PCSO Georgia Messer
  • PCSO Kevin Creasey


  • PCSO Aidan Goodwin


  • PCSO Jessica Lee


  • PCSO Chris Kingswood


  • PCSO Chris Rogers