Chichester district covers a large geographical area within West Sussex division and has a population of over 118,000. It encompasses Selsey at the south coast, the Hampshire border at Emsworth to the west, and the Surrey border as far as Camelsdale to the north.

There are 67 parishes in Chichester. Together with the City of Chichester, there are three towns (Midhurst, Selsey and Petworth) and the remaining parishes are villages.

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Chief Inspector Jon Carter

Jon joined Sussex Police 25 years ago and was posted to Haywards Heath. He has worked in Response, Neighbourhood Policing, Roads Policing, Investigation and Custody as a PC, Sergeant and Inspector.

Jon returned to West Sussex as Operations Chief Inspector and is now the District Commander for Chichester and Arun.

"I am honoured to be able to work in this area as the District Commander, and am passionate about working with others to keep our community safe. I find the role immensely rewarding, and am proud to work with fantastic colleagues, both inside and outside of Sussex Police."

  • Inspector Jason Parry
  • Inspector Sharon Sawyer

  • Sergeant Christine Holyoake
  • Sergeant Daniel West
  • Sergeant Paul Coles
  • Sergeant Max Palfrey
  • Sergeant Amy Mcalees
  • Sergeant Matthew Phelps

  • PC Jared Gobey
  • PC Rachel Walsh
  • PC Harriet Kay
  • PC Hayley Wright
  • PC Maria Bowles
  • PC Elliot Crump
  • PC Rob Paterson
  • PC Thomas Fisk
  • PC Steven Self
  • PC Nick Meyer
  • PC Kieron Morgan
  • PC Liz Nelson

  • PC Victoria Aldridge
  • PC Daniel Sibun
  • PC Sarah Pack
  • PC David Phillips


  • PCSO Baylee Reed

Chichester East

  • PCSO Rich Moorey

Chichester North

  • PCSO Jason Lemm
  • PCSO Reece Osborn

Chichester South

  • PCSO Jess Taylor  
  • PCSO Matt Isles 

Chichester West

  • PCSO Karen Turrell
  • PCSO Scott Wrein


  • PCSO Jack Keen  
  • PCSO Nathan Ford


  • PCSO Neil Billingham 

Rother Valley

  • PCSO Angelika Morge


  • PCSO Oli Broad
  • PCSO Jessica Giles  

The Witterings

  • PCSO Lucasz Kowalski