Rural crime

This area of policing has been the focus of a recent uplift, and we implemented a full team to tackle rural crime in the summer of 2020. The team is made up of two sergeants, eight constables and five Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), and will be operating out of bases at Midhurst (West Sussex) and Heathfield (East Sussex) to serve the county. They have a specialist focus on agricultural, equine, wildlife and heritage issues, and aim to serve the rural community, to increase confidence and encourage reporting through preventing crime and pro-active investigations.

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Business crime

Throughout December, we are focusing on supporting retail workers as they are on the front line during seasonal shopping. Our aims are to improve reporting, catch prolific offenders, and work closely with businesses to improve their overall security. We are linking in with partners, in particular the Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, in order to tackle business crime and promote the good work going on in this area.

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This past year has seen a shift in burglary trends, and instead of the traditional residential break-ins we would normally see, the focus has been on business burglaries. The rate of which we solve burglaries is improving across Sussex, and we are working hard to bring those responsible to justice while improving home and business security to prevent crimes happening.

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