Sussex Police is committed to reducing casualties on the roads and making them a safer place for all road users. You can find a snapshot of activity from across Sussex that our teams and volunteers have been doing in response to local issues.


Throughout December the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership are supporting the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s crackdown on drink and drug drivers. Drink and drug driving is one of the most common causes of collisions which results in death or serious injury. Whilst the vast majority of people are safe and competent motorists, there remains a small minority who seem prepared to take the risk. In the past three years (October 2017 – September 2020) there have been 296 collisions in Sussex which have resulted in death or serious injury where drink or drugs has been the main contributory factor.

The consequences of drink and drug driving are far reaching. Even a small amount of alcohol or substances can significantly impair your ability to drive safely; factors such as weight, age and even stress levels can affect your capability on the road. Sussex Safer Roads Partnership are encouraging the public to make the right choice and plan an alternative way to get home after a drink, such as getting a bus, taxi, nominating a designated driver or having someone pick you up. It is important to continue to adhere to Government Guidelines surrounding Covid-19 and ensure additional pressure is not placed on the NHS.

If you know someone is driving while over the limit or after taking drugs, call 999.

Alternatively, people in Sussex can text police on 65999* with the details of people they suspect of drink or drug-driving, or visit the Operation Crackdown website, details below in the 'Engage with us' section. 

Localised activity

West Sussex

Officers have had success through being out and about during their regular patrols with regard to road safety. In Chichester a vehicle was stopped because the vehicle excise licence had expired – this resulted in the discovery of further offences of no insurance, an expired MOT and due to the smell of cannabis emanating from the car a failed drugs test on the driver who was subsequently arrested.

Officers in Arun dealt with a hit and run, the driver was located and was arrested for drink and drug driving. In Fishbourne a van activated the ANPR within the police car that indicated no insurance, this led to also finding out that the van had no tax and no MOT, resulting in the seizure of the van and driver reported for other offences. Whilst officers were waiting in a queue at a roundabout a van drove past them and they spotted the driver using his mobile phone, the officers stopped the van driver and issued the van driver a ticket.

A cheque was presented to the Community Speedwatch (CSW) Team and Singleton parish council to help them fund their own speed calming equipment. This was funded from the Police Property Act Fund (PPAF). You can find out more about PPAF here.

More of our PCSOs have been trained to risk assess sites for the CSW in Bognor, more sites means more opportunities to run CSW operations and make our roads safer for all roads users. Whilst training they identified three additional sites in Chalcraft Lane which has been a particular problem for some time.

RPU attended complaints from residents near Chichester for anti-social driving leading to a group of drivers being dealt with for offences including defective exhausts, illegal number plates, driving otherwise in accordance with a licence and no insurance.

Officers went to Kingsway, Selsey due to reports of a motorcycle being driven in an anti social manner on Lifeboat Green. This was as a result of information from the public, please keep sending the information in and making the calls we will do our best to respond. Whilst no one was found, if they are caught a section 59 warning will be issued which applies to the vehicle and the rider and further stops for the same reason will result in the vehicle being seized.

East Sussex

Our officers have been active throughout December in all areas of the county including Berwick, A267 Five Ashes, Heathfield, Punnets Town, Crowborough, Laughton, Amberstone, Chappel Cross, A26 Herons Ghyll.

The activities that our teams undertook were independent speed checks set up as well as attending supporting speed checks carried out by the Community Speed Watch volunteers.

Anti-social driving was also targeted as well as mobile phone usage. 52 vehicles were stopped for speeding, one resulting in a summons and one vehicle being seized for no insurance.

The Eastbourne Neighbourhood Policing Team have been very successful in the first two weeks of December. They have been engaged across the whole of the town demonstrating the effectiveness of their approach not just on speeding vehicles but other offences being detected.

There were two drug drivers arrested, one of whom had no insurance which meant their vehicle was seized as well. Two other drunk drivers were stopped and arrested, a further four uninsured vehicles were seized.

One of the stops made resulted in the discovery of multiple offences - taking a vehicle without consent which led to the seizure of the vehicle; no insurance; they were found to be in possession of a class B drug;  failing to stop at the scene of an accident and the driver also didn’t have a licence.

Whilst a number of traffic offence report tickets were issued one that was notable was for a vehicle that was parked on zig-zags outside of a school. This driver was issued a ticket as these zig zags are there for the children’s safety and not as a special pick up/drop off point.

Brighton and Hove

Sussex Police are committed to reducing the killed and seriously injured casualties county wide and we in Brighton are working with the Roads Policing Unit (RPU) running an ongoing operation in Brighton aimed at the enforcement around the use of powered two wheelers, this includes e-scooters.

So far in December the RPU have dedicated 146 hours of proactive patrol and engagement. This is particularly important due to the serious injury that occurred when the rider of an e-scooter collided with a car and broke their leg in Eastbourne recently.  

Engage with us

Operation Crackdown is a joint initiative run by Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and Sussex Police, which provides communities of Sussex an opportunity to report specific instances of anti-social driving, as well as abandoned vehicles on the road. In instances where there is sufficient evidence, road users are contacted and educated by Sussex Police to highlight the impact of ant-social behaviour on the roads on the wider community. All reports provide a vital oversight of when and where anti-social driving incidents are taking place, assisting in the long term operational strategy of colleagues within SSRP and Sussex Police.

Community Speedwatch (CSW) is a county wide initiative involving community members working collaboratively with Sussex Police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit are referred to the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership with the aim of educating drivers to reduce their speeds. To find out more about Community Speedwatch operations, please visit CSW online.

If you are interested in joining an existing Community Speedwatch group, or setting up a new group in your local area, get in touch with the Community Speedwatch team.

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If you have any questions about road safety in Sussex, contact the SSRP team. 

If you suspect someone is drink or drug driving and there is an immediate risk dial 999 or text 65999 to report it.