Due to overwhelming interest in this role, we are not currently accepting applications for crime investigators. If this is the career for you, please set up a jobs alert and you will be notified when we open applications.

Did you know you don’t have to be a Police Officer to do this role?

“Having never worked for the Police before, I was a bit apprehensive when starting out in my new career. However, I have found that my colleagues have been overwhelmingly supportive, which has made it very easy to settle in. I am really enjoying the challenging nature of the role and look forward to a long career within Sussex Police.”
Oliver Taylor, Crime Investigator (PIP 1)

Our crime investigators' work and skills are crucial in helping Sussex Police to continue preventing crime and protecting the most vulnerable. A diverse and rewarding role, you will be responsible for investigating crimes such as assault, fraud and vehicle crime as well as cases which involve the protection of vulnerable people.

In return we provide a good starting salary, excellent training and development opportunities with the chance to take the National Investigators Examination (NIE) and obtain Professionalising Investigation Programme (PIP) accreditation. These provide the opportunity for career progression to investigate more serious and complex crime.

“This role is great for anyone who is interested in the law, criminal psychology, or people who like an analytical role and like to ask questions. I would recommend the role and working for Sussex Police to anyone, and I look forward to learning more.”
Rosemarie Winfield, Crime Investigator (PIP 1)

Join us and help make a real difference, together.

We are seeking team players who have a naturally inquisitive mindset and are capable of displaying a high-level of problem solving. You will need to be confident in difficult and unexpected circumstances, capable of learning quickly, have excellent communication skills and be committed to treating people fairly, honest and trustworthy.

As a crime investigator, each day will be different and you will never know what you could be dealing with when you start work. Your shift could include:

  • Interviewing a suspect.
  • Gathering or reviewing evidence.
  • Taking witness statements.
  • Collecting items for forensic examination.
  • Creating files for court.
  • Liaising with the Crown Prosecution Service and other partner agencies.

A highly rewarding role, this is your opportunity to make a difference.

When you join Sussex Police as a crime investigator there are wide-ranging opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge and progress your career with the police, no matter what stage you are at.

As a PIP 1 Crime Investigator we will support you in achieving your PIP 1 accreditation in your first year in the role. With our career pathway, we will support you in taking the National Investigators Examination (NIE) should you wish to. Passing this will allow you to apply for promotion to PIP 2 crime investigator. In this role, you will investigate more serious and complex crimes such as sexual offences and serious assaults.

As a PIP 2 crime investigator we provide ongoing, continuous training to support your development and help you attain your PIP 2 accreditation. Following this there is the opportunity to progress to a PIP 2 Supervisor and oversee a team of crime investigators and police officers.

  • A salary starting from £22,047 for PIP 1 crime investigators and £28,023 for PIP 2 crime investigators plus enhancements to reflect shift and weekend working where applicable.
  • A one off payment of £500 when you pass the National Investigators Exam (NIE) and a further £500 upon being signed off as a competent PIP 2 crime investigator.
  • Excellent ongoing training, continuous development and progression opportunities.
  • A minimum of 24 days holiday a year (based on an average working day of 7.4 hours) and access to many additional benefits. See our 'why work for us' page for more details
  • Opportunities to develop your career and progress within the force.

For PIP 1 crime investigators you will undertake an initial 6 week Investigating Officer course that covers the skills and knowledge required to fulfil your role. This takes place Monday–Friday 8.30am–4.00pm at Sussex Police Headquarters, Lewes. You will be required to attend this course on a full-time basis but part-time working is available following the 6 week training period.

Following the completion of the course you will complete attachments across different teams, receiving on the job training and building your portfolio of evidence required to obtain your PIP 1 accreditation. 

For PIP 2 Crime Investigators you will receive continuous on the job training based upon your training needs.

To apply for the role of Crime Investigator, you will need to:

  • Be aged 18 years or over (on the day you submit your application).
  • Have lived in the UK for three continuous years, immediately prior to application.
  • Have achieved a standard of education equivalent to GCSE level C (or 4-9) in English and Mathematics.
  • Have a full manual driving licence by the time of appointment.
  • Not be a member of the British National Party (BNP) or similar organisations, such as Combat 18 or The National Front.
  • No more than six penalty points on your driving licence and/or two or more motoring offences within three years prior to the application date.


For PIP 2 crime investigator roles an essential requirement is to have a pass in the National Investigators Exam (NIE) or Grandparent rights as well as the commitment to obtain the PIP 2 qualification within 18 months of appointment. Grandparent rights apply to investigators who left the force prior to PIP accreditation being implemented. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further please contact recruitment@sussex.pnn.police.uk.

For PIP 1 crime investigators the recruitment process involves the following stages:

  • Online Application Form.
  • Online Tests – Verbal Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.
  • Shortlisting.
  • Interview.
  • Pre-Employment Checks – Medical Questionnaire and Vetting Checks. 

Once you pass all the above stages we will discuss your availability and you will be offered a place on the next available training course.

For PIP 2 crime investigators the recruitment process involves the following stages:

  • Online Application Form
  • Shortlisting
  • Interview
  • Pre-Employment Checks – Medical Questionnaire and Vetting Checks.

Once you pass all the above stages we will discuss your availability for your potential start date.

If you have any questions about the role or the recruitment process, please contact recruitment@sussex.pnn.police.uk.