Feedback from our Crime Investigators

The crime investigators training was interesting and varied.  Since taking up the post after training, I have found the work to be enjoyable as every day is different and it uses a variety of skill sets.  The work environment feels relaxed and the team I have joined seem keen to help me, and my Sergeant is very supportive.  The work includes interviewing suspects and witnesses, as well as pursuing lines of enquiry and building case files for potential prosecution.  The role is great for anyone who is interested in the law, criminal psychology, or people who like an analytical role and like to ask questions.  So far I have really enjoyed working for the Police and the job itself is highly rewarding.  I am glad that I took the fantastic opportunity to apply to be an Investigator and so far I would recommend the role and working for the Police to anyone and I look forward to learning more within my role.” – Rosemarie Winfield, Crime Investigator (PIP 1)

I have always wanted to join the Police throughout University but I never knew if I would be able to meet expectations. Since joining Sussex I have not felt like that once, not only throughout training but in my first 2 months after being posted to division the support I have received and the wonderful team I work within have given me confidence and knowledge. I am now well involved and feel a valued member of the team. Anyone thinking they would like to give it a try, I would highly recommend it” – Perry Humphreys, Crime Investigator (PIP 1)

Having never worked for the Police before, I was a bit apprehensive when starting out in my new career. However upon starting, I have found that the support from my colleagues has been overwhelming which has made it very easy to settle in. I am enjoying the challenging nature of the role and look forward to a long career within the Police.” – Oliver Taylor, Crime Investigator (PIP 1)