The Sussex Police volunteer cadet corp (VCC) is a non-competitive programme of practical and police related activities for cadets upholding the values and standards of Sussex Police.

This programme is primarily a youth inclusion and engagement scheme designed to support the personal and social development of cadets aged 13 to 18 years of age. This is regardless of gender, background, disability, sexual orientation etc or ability and provides the opportunity for young people to engage with Sussex Police.

It offers an individual challenge and encourages young people to undertake constructive, challenging and enjoyable activities in their free time. The VCC actively encourages citizenship and a positive effect on their local communities in Sussex.

Cadet leaders

All cadet leaders are police officers, special constables, members of police staff or volunteers registered with the Extended Police Family Board.

Where possible, all leaders attend the Neighbourhood Schools Initial Police Trainers course provided by the Youth Safety and Intervention Team in Sussex Police, which equips them with specific skills in delivering curriculum based content to young people.

All Cadet Leaders and those involved in training cadets will be Enhanced CRB checked, unless they already hold a higher level of vetting as per their role (such as Police Officer) and this is continually monitored by the Force Vetting Unit.

How do I apply?

You have to be aged 13 before you can join. Most units are unfortunately over-subscribed and so there's a waiting list to join. You will not be usually be allowed to join if you've already reached your 17th birthday.

Email your local Cadet Unit and let them know you’re interested.

Brighton & Hove





Hastings & Rother


Mid Sussex

Worthing & Adur

You will be sent some forms which need to be filled in by you and your parents. Some of the details are needed to complete vetting checks and so must be completed completely and truthfully.

What happens next?

You will then be invited to an informal interview where you'll meet with some Cadet Leaders and discuss your application. It's important that you're clear on your reasons for wanting to join and what's expected of you as a Cadet.

If you're successful as this stage, then you'll be invited to join your local unit as a Recruit Cadet. You'll also be required to sign a declaration under the Official Secrets Act.

Confirmed in rank

You will be a recruit cadet until you've successfully completed your probation period and any other entry conditions of the local unit.

Most will require you to pass an entrance exam which just shows that you understand the VCC rules and some basic Police knowledge, but don't worry as you'll be given time to get to grips with this.

You will then be given a uniform and be confirmed in rank as cadet.

Your career as a cadet

During your time in cadets you will have the opportunity to progress through the following rank structure:

  • Recruit
  • Cadet
  • Leading cadet
  • Section leader
  • Senior cadet

The age limit for the VCC is 18 and all cadets must leave the unit on their 18th birthday.