If you’ve been involved in a road traffic collision, or think you might have witnessed an offence on the roads, find out how to report it using our simple online tool. Just answer the quick questions below to make sure we give you the right advice and gather all of the relevant details.

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Report a road traffic collision viewed by an independent witness

This will depend on whether injury has been caused to any person and/or whether you have provided the required details at the scene of the incident. The Road Traffic Act 1988 (section 170) explains this fully.

If your (motorised) vehicle is involved in an accident you need to take the following steps to ensure you do not break the law.

Your duties are to stop, to give information, in some cases to produce your insurance certificate and in some cases to report the accident to the police.

If, as a driver, you are involved in a road traffic collision/accident and one or more of the following occurs:

  • a person, other than yourself, is injured
  • damage is caused to another vehicle or to someone else’s property
  • an animal has been killed or injured, except in your own vehicle or trailer (an ‘animal’ is defined as ‘any horse, cattle, ass, mule, sheep, pig, goat or dog’. Collisions with any other animals do not need to be recorded).

You must

  • stop and remain at the scene for a reasonable period
  • give your vehicle registration number, your name and address, and that of the vehicle owner (if different), to anyone with reasonable grounds for asking for those details
  • for compliance with The Road Traffic Act 1988 (section 170), the exchange of name and telephone number is not sufficient
  • If you do not exchange those details at the scene, you must report the accident at a police station or to a police constable as soon as you can, and in any case within 24 hours.

In the case of injuries

Where injury is caused to another person, then in addition to the above you must also:

  • Produce your certificate of insurance to anyone at the scene who has reasonable grounds to see it. If you do not, you must report the accident at a police station or to a constable as soon as is practicable and in any case within 24 hours. You’ll need to produce your certificate of insurance.