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  • Force Report Q1 2020 summary

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    Force Report Q1 2020 summary

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  • Restorative Justice Policy (11982020)

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    Restorative Justice in Sussex works under the umbrella of the Sussex Restorative Justice Partnership (SRJP), via the Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (OSPCC).

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  • Privacy Notice_Force_Full_V2.1

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    Privacy Notice_Force_Full_V2.1

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  • DRAFT - Office Police Crime Commissioner for Sussex and The Chief Constable of Sussex Group Statement of Draft Accounts 2019 2020

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  • DRAFT - The Chief Constable Of Sussex Statement of Accounts 2019 2020

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    DRAFT - The Chief Constable Of Sussex Statement of Accounts 2019 2020

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  • Business Travel & Subsistence Policy (9172018)

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    This policy explains the circumstances under which police officers and police staff may claim and book business travel and subsistence, ensuring the most appropriate and economical form of transport is used on each occasion. It also sets out the requirements for completion, supervision and authorisation of claims.

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  • This policy identifies categories of driver within the organisation, vehicle classifications and procedures to be undertaken by supervisors when they need to deal with a driving incident involving a police driver, police officer or member of police staff.

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  • This policy and procedure introduces the pay and leave provisions for Maternity, Adoption, Shared Parental and Paternity/Parenting Partner (Support) Leave for qualifying police officers and police staff. In addition to these, other types of leave that may be particularly useful for parents to be aware of are included in the Leave Policy; for example, Dependent’s, Parental, and Fostering (Sussex) Leave.

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  • Right to Rectification - Publication Scheme

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    Right to Rectification guidance document

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  • Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy (Surrey and Sussex) (6122018)

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    This policy defines corruption and fraud within the context of policing. It provides a framework for identifying and preventing corruption and details what actions should be taken by an individual where corruption and/or fraud is suspected or has been committed by colleagues.

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