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  • ROPA - Record Of Processing Activities Document

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    Record Of Processing Activities

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  • This overarching remuneration policy details the arrangements for and allowances that will be paid to police staff employees for working Overtime, Shifts, Unsocial Hours, Public (Bank) Holidays or Temporary Duty and Overnight (Away from home).

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  • Data Protection Act 2018 Policy (Surrey and Sussex) (7802020)

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    This document outlines how the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA, 2018) (which together with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)(European Union (EU)) 2016/679 and other enactments dealing with data protection, governs how personal data is processed in the UK (Data Protection Law) and applies to the Surrey Police and Sussex Police. Particular reference is paid to the general and security obligations which apply to the processing of personal data, disclosure obligations and exemptions and the specific responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer for both Forces. This policy should be read in conjunction with other force polices that deal with data protection issues.

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  • Privacy Notice - Sussex Police Pension

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    Privacy Notice - Sussex Pension Scheme

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  • Privacy Notice_Force_Child Friendly_V1.1

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    Privacy Notice - Child Friendly Version

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  • Privacy Notice_Force_Full_V2.1

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    Privacy Notice - Sussex Police

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  • Drugs Policy (11472020)

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    This policy provides guidance in relation to drug related crime, including cannabis farms, illicit drugs laboratories and drugs found in schools.

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  • Privacy Notice_JFVU_V1.2

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    Privacy Notice - Joint Force Vetting Unit

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  • Privacy Notice_Force_People Services_V2.1

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    Privacy Notice - People Services

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  • Lawful Business Monitoring Policy (Surrey and Sussex) (11962020)

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    This policy sets out the rationale for lawful and ethical interception (observing live) and monitoring (storing and retrieving) of communications conveyed on the systems of Surrey Police and Sussex Police in order to protect both the Forces, their employees and the public from any unauthorised system use.

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