The Policing Protocol Order 2011 sets out how the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable of Sussex Police will carry out their functions in relation to each other.

The Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable work within the governance framework as set out in the following key documents:

· Code of Corporate Governance
· Scheme of Delegation for PCCs and CCs
· Memorandum of Understanding
· Decision-making Framework
· Financial Regulations
· Contract Standing Orders
· Stage 2 Scheme of Transfer
· Fees and Charges for the Supply of Goods & Services 2016 -2017
· Surrey Sussex Police Finance Protocol for Collaborated Services

Wherever possible, these align with our key partners – Surrey Police and the Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner - whilst respecting the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act, which provides that chief constables and police & crime commissioners are Corporations Sole.

For further details please visit the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner's website.