Sussex Police serves East and West Sussex and the city of Brighton & Hove - an area of 3,780km. A resident population of 1.65m grows significantly with millions of visitors, holidaymakers, students, seasonal workers and the 39 million passengers who travel through Gatwick Airport.

Urban areas, with their day and night-time economies and more sparsely populated rural areas present contrasting policing challenges from alcohol and drug related crime to wildlife crime.

Already a low-cost force (spending £36m below the national force average), since 2010 the Force has made savings of nearly £90m. It continues to systematically transform its services, most recently with a new, flexible local policing approach introduced in late 2017.

With Surrey, further collaboration in the areas of specialist crime and operations is well underway to deliver even greater efficiency and effectiveness, improving services and resilience at a reduced cost.

To address recent crime and incident reporting increases, Sussex is embarking on a significant four-year investment programme - strengthening how it prevents crime and to enhance public contact services - ensuring Sussex remains a low-crime area.

Sussex Police works ever more closely with other forces, emergency services and wider partners. With the Surrey, Hampshire & Thames Valley forces (the South East Regional Integrated Policing programme) its ambitious programme to converge key policing, business functions and technology systems will deliver substantial benefits.

Committed to innovation, sharing resources and systems, collaboration and working smarter Sussex will continue to enhance its capacity and capabilities to tackle emerging crime threats to keep Sussex a safe place.

The force has almost 2,500 police officers and 1,800 police staff, 196 police community support officers and a team of dedicated volunteers that includes over 230 special constables and around 190 police cadets.

Recruitment during 2021/22

We are planning to recruit over 249 new officers within the 2021/22 financial year; ensuring we achieve both our precept and government-funded positions, as well as replacing those who leave or retire.

By the end of March 2022, we will have a net growth of 117 officers – an increase of 121 from the Government-funded uplift (20,000 new officers in England and Wales) and 30 officers funded through the precept rise. These increases are offset by a reduction of 34 officer posts funded by Gatwick Airport Limited which are being reduced following the changing policing requirements at the Airport. This net growth is on top of the 179 increase in officers we achieved in the 2020/21 financial year.

Sussex Police have an agreed establishment of 292 PCSOs (following a reduction of 4 which had been externally funded). Our recruitment plans for 2021/22 will allow the force to maintain these numbers.

Sussex Police Priorities

  • Protecting our communities.
  • Catching criminals.
  • Delivering an outstanding service to victims, witnesses and the public.

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