Direct Entry: Inspectors

We are currently closed for applications.

Sussex Police offers a variety of routes into policing including Direct Entry.

The Direct Entry: Inspectors programme aims to introduce new perspectives, skills and experience into policing by attracting professionals from diverse backgrounds who are not currently working in policing. As such, it works alongside our standard promotion channels and the internal Fast Track recruitment programme for internal candidates only.

It is just one of several routes into policing being widely adopted by forces in order to help deliver a diverse workforce that is well equipped to deal with the challenges of modern policing.

Successful candidates are generally those looking for a new, challenging and rewarding career who possess exceptional leadership and management skills. If this is you please consider applying.

No previous experience of policing is necessary as successful candidates are trained over 24 months. Programme members will complete a largely bespoke training programme that will provide all the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the role of inspector. This will not be the same as a regular police officer but will provide recruits with a broad foundation of knowledge and practical exposure on which to build.

While, the focus of this programme is to attract individuals with exceptional leadership skills from outside policing, candidates will still need to take on the responsibilities of being a police officer and so need to meet the same eligibility criteria. These criteria include checks into finances, previous criminal convictions, fitness and membership of political groups. For more details please see our Police Officer page.

We typically expect candidates to hold a level 6/7 degree but will accept applications from candidates who can demonstrate that they are working at that level. 

As a minimum requirement candidates will need to hold a Level 3 qualification.

All candidates who successfully complete the full programme (and pass the ongoing and final assessments) and receive sign off from their force chief constable will be guaranteed an appointment. The starting salary for Inspectors will be £50,160 plus a South East Allowance of £1,500.

Direct Entry Inspector is a fantastic opportunity for those with several years' experience in the workplace. This is a chance to be able to use their skills and talent to help make an impact on policing, the local community and wider society, as well as gain real policing skills.

The application window has closed for 2019, however please visit the LeadBeyond website or the College of Policing website to find out about future application windows.

"I have a varied and challenging role within Sussex, working in a really supportive environment. It was certainly a daunting prospect coming in to policing and potentially it may be even more so coming in at Inspector level, however if you are the right person and willing to put your all in to the role and the people you work with, then it is hugely rewarding and truly a job like no other.”

Superintendent James Collis, who joined the force via the Direct Entry programme