Who can join Race Equality Network?

All staff, officers and volunteers who have an interest in equality in the workplace for all people who identify with a particular race, colour and nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin. Our goal is to achieve something positive by progressing equality in Sussex Police and your thoughts and contributions will play the most significant role in this process.

Why join?

We believe it is our moral, legal and business responsibility to make Sussex Police a fairer place with ethnically diverse people. Diversity can help to build trust and confidence in the police: the more a police force reflects the composition of the local population, the higher the force's reputation among residents, which can provide a foundation to build further trust. 

The benefits of joining

The personal involvement will very much depend on how passionate you are about race equality issues at your work place and in general. It may vary from being a member to being a Secretary, an Executive Committee Member or joining us via various other roles that we have available. We would very much encourage your membership and involvement.

  • Support, monitor and provide feedback on the organisation activities to advance recruitment, retention and progression for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic officers and staff. If there are posts/job advertised at Sussex Police that require Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic officer or staff, you will hear about them first. We run members recruitment sessions providing advice about job interviews. We are also involved in the prestigious Professional Action Learning Sets programme which aims to equip participants with skills necessary for a career progression.
  • Work jointly with Sussex and Surrey Diversity Department to maintain and develop working relationships with other staff associations such as Evolve, LGBT+ Network and trade unions.
  • Assist in empowering employees to challenge, understand and improve issues associated with race and ethnicity
  • It will provide an opportunity to build new networks and meet other colleagues with similar interests from across the organisation. Our meetings are sometimes attended by Racial Equality Group (RAG).

Our mission statement

The Race Equality Network is an opportunity for police officers and police staff to be a part of their own (unique) network.

We aim, to actively seek cultural change, be honoured to be different and to inspire others to be proud of their differences. 

Aims to ensure a better representation of ethnic minority staff members across the force and in all ranks.  

Be part of the Race Equality Network, invest in yourself with a network that can offer you mentoring, here to support your aspirations with a view to promotion and specialisation within the service.  Join and be a part of a network that invests in difference. 

Professional Action Learning Sets (PALS)

The aim of the PALS Programme is to identify, retain and develop officers and staff with potential within Surrey Police and Sussex Police. The programme consists of an introductory workshop and six action learning sets which will give delegates the opportunity to create an ongoing development plan, be matched with a force mentor, and complete self-assessments including a Personal Development Plan, with the aim of supporting them to progress in their careers.

Action Learning Sets

What is an action learning set?

Small groups of 5-7 people (the set) meet on a regular basis to find ways of understanding and solving their role challenges, problems etc. The sessions are structure to give everyone "air time" about their individual issues/challenge.   During a participants "air time" other members of the set will attentively listen to the participant presenting the issue and will ask questions to help them better understand and begin to resolve the issue themselves through effective questioning, reflection and if appropriate the suggestion of options. The challenges/issues should not require specialist knowledge from set members e.g. about a subject discipline.

Between set meetings each participant is charged with the responsibility of "taking action" and learning from the results (hence the name action learning).  Sets have a trained facilitator to ensure that participants are asking effective questions, helping each other to resolve issues, take action and learn.

Some benefits of action learning

  • It gives participants the opportunity to learn from each other and engage in shared learning;
  • Provides opportunities to network, build strong cross organisational relationships and learn about other areas;
  • It allows participants to focus on their problems, areas where they have special interest, or development needs;
  • Enables participants to deal with the kind of complex issues such as leadership, interpersonal and organisational problems which cannot easily be resolved through lectures/seminars or individual study; and
  • Supports participants to develop action plans, to change and make changes and improvements in their area of responsibility.

Surrey and Sussex recognise the importance and significance of having a diverse workforce to help enhance the capability and capacity of delivering a high quality service to our communities.  Both Forces recognise that there can be real or perceived barriers to progression for some and so it is important that we take positive action to provide bespoke support, particularly for those from underrepresented groups.

The PALS programme is specifically designed and delivered with this in mind.  Senior officers and staff from Surrey and Sussex are personally committed to the programme and are keen to observe the journey of the delegate's progression.