Are you a police officer looking for a new challenge?

We are currently looking for experienced officers to join our response teams as well as custody Sergeants.

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Sussex Police is going through a considerable transformation to modernise how we serve our local communities while operating to the highest possible standards. We see an officer’s role as much more than just reducing crime; it’s about reducing the fear of crime too whilst working in partnership with communities to make a real difference and improve the quality of life for those living and working in Sussex.

"My work-life balance, workload and job satisfaction has considerably improved as a direct result of my move. I would absolutely recommend a transfer to Sussex for anyone considering it.”  
Transferee PC Rob Very, Chichester Response

Our Chief Constable's vision for policing in Sussex sees us ”Protecting our communities, prioritising those who are most vulnerable to harm, and being relentless in the pursuit of criminals, as well as operating efficiently to a reduced budget and being a modern, trusted workforce with integrity at our core.”

We are only as good as our people. It's really important to us that our officers and staff can be themselves in the workplace and we know that as an organisation we'll grow from the variety of thinking, approach and skills that diversity can bring; all of which helps us to deliver a better service. We strive to ensure that the service we deliver, the information we provide and how we recruit is open and accessible to all. We work hard to create a safe, open and inclusive culture. To find out more visit our Inclusion page.

If you're an experienced officer from a Home Office force and have completed your probationary period we'd like to hear from you.

We are looking for officers who see themselves as risk managers and can make difficult decisions that stand up to scrutiny. For this, officers will need to be comfortable in using tools such as the National Decision Model and THRIVE, which help you to understand the problem, assess the risk and tackle the issues.

When you join Sussex Police you can expect a career full of variety and diversity in a job that challenges you but is also highly rewarding. It offers you the opportunity to progress through the ranks or specialise in certain business areas while playing a vital role in helping us to achieve our priorities and serve the communities of Sussex.

Sussex is one of the largest counties in the UK and is divided into three divisions: Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex. The vibrant City of Brighton & Hove is lively, diverse and rapidly expanding, which boasts good transport links to the capital. The county also has a varied mix of smaller coastal towns and different rural communities, with some of England's most attractive countryside. Towards the north of Sussex the UK's second largest airport, Gatwick, can be found, which sees millions of passengers each year travelling to around 200 destinations worldwide.

We are only accepting applications from experienced officers from Home Office forces who have completed their probationary period and are confirmed in rank.

To apply to transfer to Sussex Police, you must:

  • Be a substantive officer (at appropriate rank) and not subject to a probationary period.
  • Be a serving police officer in a Home Office Force or BTP.
  • Pass the necessary vetting, occupational health and fitness checks. Such checks will not be carried out until after a successful interview.
  • Have no outstanding discipline, integrity or performance issues.
  • Be able to show commitment to achieving high levels of attendance.
  • Demonstrate a passion and commitment to Sussex Police.
  • Not have made an application to join any other force at the same time.
  • Have resided in the UK for three years immediately prior to submitting your application, or be able to provide a certificate of good conduct from the relevant country.
  • Not be a current or previous member of a proscribed terrorist organisation or group.
  • Declare any business interest.
  • Declare any membership or involvement with the reserve Forces.
  • Not have tattoos which could cause offence (see below for full details).

Not have any existing County Court Judgements (CCJs) outstanding against you or have registered bankrupt and not have been discharged for at least three years.

When you join Sussex Police, you can expect a career with variety, diversity, challenges and rewards. You’ll be a key figure on the front line, a vital job that matters to the public but also matters to us.

We will give you:

  • National salary plus £1,500 per annum South East Allowance.
  • 22 days per year annual leave, rising to 30 days (based on a working day of 8 hours) a year depending on your length of service.
  • Opportunity to progress through the ranks and/or specialise in an area of policing that interests you most.
  • Highly competitive pension scheme.
  • An employee assistance programme for advice and counselling.
  • Access to discounts, savings and cash back rewards.
  • Flexible benefits.
  • Progressive approach to flexible working, enhanced maternity and paternity leave and potential for a career break (after two years’ service).
  • Opportunities to join various support networks, staff associations and sports clubs.
  • Access to subsidised gyms (depending on location).

To support your health and wellbeing we have excellent welfare services including employee assistance program, chaplaincy support and mental health first aiders who offer in-house service to support you mental health and wellbeing when you need it. Diffusers also offer post incident trauma support.

Sussex police has a number of staff support networks, Unison support and advice for members, Sussex Police Federation and Sussex Police Charitable Trust who offer a helping hand to Sussex Police officers, staff, special constables, pensioners and dependent family members in their hour of need. We have on-site gyms and a range of sports clubs, all of which aim to promote health, friendship and fun amongst police officers and staff. With 30-plus activities to choose from there’s something for everyone, irrespective of age, rank, experience or sporting ability.

Upon joining Sussex Police you will complete our week long induction training which will signpost and familiarise you with the workings of Sussex Police, equipping you to help us achieve our force prioroties.

As well as providing an overview of Sussex Police you will receive the following:

  • Niche training
  • Inputs from Driver Training, Personal Safety Training, Police Federation, Sussex Police Charitable Trust, Police Mutual and an address from a Chief Officer
  • Sessions on Mobile Data Terminals, Airwaves, National Decision Model, Code of Ethics and Professional Standards, Investigation Framework and a re-attestation.

You will be supported by a mentor once you are assigned a specific role in a team.

After your initial training, we support the continuous professional development of our officers.

The recruitment process consists of the following stages and you will be notified at the end of each stage whether or not you have been successful and therefore eligible to proceed to the next stage.

Stage One: Application form

You will be advised at the end of the application form if you have met all the requirements and are able to progress to the next stage. It is very important that you follow the instructions as incomplete forms will not be accepted. The eligibility assessments within the form checks your eligibility in line with the national recruitment standards.

Stage Two: Online force interview

An interview will be conducted by a panel of Sussex Police representatives. This interview will be based upon the competency and values framework

Stage Three: Pre-employment checks

This is when we begin our pre-employment checks which consist of a medical, vetting and a fitness test.

  • Fitness test: you will need to obtain level 5.4 in the bleep test (unless applying for a specific role). If you have completed the fitness test in your current force within the last 12 months, please send evidence of this into the recruitment team.
  • Medical: you will be required to complete a questionnaire with your medical history which will be reviewed by our Occupational Health Team.
  • Vetting: this will assess you and your families’ criminal record, financial status and business interests.

How long does the transfer process take?

It can take approximately six months from applying to appointment.

Can I apply if I’m in a disciplinary process?

If you have any ongoing complaints or disciplinary procedures, you can still apply however these must be concluded with a satisfactory outcome in order to be appointed within Sussex Police.

What will my salary be?

We use the national pay scale and will put you on the same pay scale as you are currently on. You’ll also receive £1,500 South East Allowance per annum.

What happens with my pension?

Usually your pensionable salary is directly transferable from one force to another as long as there are no gaps in your service.

Can I choose where I will be stationed?

During the selection process you will be asked to identify which division of Sussex Police you would prefer. Your preference will be accommodated where we can but this may not always be possible and you could be posted to anywhere within the county. We review preferences, home address and current vacancies to determine a posting.

What shift patterns do you operate?

Sussex Police operates a number of different shift patterns designed to meet force and local policing operational requirements. If you are successful you will be notified of your posting and details of your exact station in your ‘Offer of Appointment’ letter.Once you receive this you can view your shift pattern at

I am a Constable at the moment, but I have passed my NPPF Step Two Legal examination. Can I transfer in as a Sergeant?

No, we only accept level transfers. You can only apply for promotional opportunities when our promotion boards are advertised externally and you will be required to sit a promotion board panel. You can however level transfer to Sussex Police when we are accepting transfers at the rank of Constable and apply for promotion when the relevant board is held internally.


If you have any further questions about the transfer process, please contact our recruitment team at [email protected]