“My work life balance, work load, and job satisfaction has considerably improved as a direct result of my move. I would absolutely recommend a transfer to Sussex for anyone considering it.”  Transferee PC Rob Very, Chichester Response

Are you looking for a change? Less time commuting perhaps or a fresh challenge?

We want to hear from you.

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We warmly welcome experienced officers from other forces.

Whether working in our cities, rural villages or international airport, policing in Sussex is varied and fulfilling.

You’ll be joining a well-funded force that has benefited from precept increases over the past two years.

This funding is being used to boost our local policing teams right across Sussex – we are recruiting 800 PCs and 100 PCSOs by 2020. We are also investing more in the specialist skills we need to catch the most serious criminals and pushing ahead with technologically-driven improvements.

(For more on our vision and improvement plans please see our Transformation Strategy 2018-2022.)

Our officers are highly valued by the force and the people of Sussex.

Join us and enjoy a fresh start in policing.

Choose Sussex.

“I really welcome your interest in joining Sussex Police. It is a privilege to lead the team in Sussex who continuously work selflessly and tirelessly in order to keep people in our county safe.

I am looking for talented and inspirational people who put the needs of the public at the heart of everything that they do and who want to make a difference. So if you feel that you are that person, then I want to hear from you. I wish you all the very best with your application.” Giles York, Chief Constable, Sussex Police

Why work for us

You’ll be a hugely important part of the Sussex Police team.

We will work with you during the selection process to help select the Division you’d prefer to work in.  We also offer:

  • National salary plus £1,500 South East allowance
  • Flexible working patterns to suit you and us
  • Part-time working
  • Opportunities to develop your career and progress within the force
  • Support when joining your new team
  • A detective payment of £850 per annum paid monthly to all Detectives up to DCI in agreed detective posts.
  • An additional specified detective payment of £500 per annum paid monthly to qualified DCs to DCIs inclusive who work in SIUs, POLIT and CAU.
  • A payment of £500 to Police Constables who pass the National Investigators Exam (NIE). A further £500 will be paid upon being signed off the T/DC programme.

Here are even more reasons to work for us.

Find out our commitment to Equality and Diversity here.

Feedback from recent transferees

It is great to see how readily available courses are such as Taser, and response driving. The response, investigation and prevent team split works very well. I find that this balance allows response to concentrate on dealing with immediate graded calls and safeguarding people, followed by a smooth workload handover to other teams to deal with any linked investigations. 

"My work life balance, work load, and job satisfaction has considerably improved as a direct result of my move. I would absolutely recommend a transfer to Sussex for anyone considering it.” 

PC Rob Very, Chichester Response transferred from Kent Police in Jan 2019


"I wanted a better work life balance. I have two children who are 5 and 1 years old. I was finding the stress of travel and childcare commitments unmanageable. 

"Since transferring I have not only been able to return as a full time officer but I am home more so a win win. Stress levels are down and I am learning to enjoy the job again."  

DC Ellen Jones, Specialist Investigation Unit, Crawley transferred from the Metropolitan Police in Jan 2019


“I moved my family from Reigate to Arun district as we priced out of the property up there also property and schooling is better down here too. Now we now live 800 yards from the seafront which is beautiful and amazing!

"Previously I had a three hour, 100 mile round commute to Surrey, now I have a five mile bike ride to and from work. Saving over £300 per month, plus keeping fit whilst working.

"There is also a lot better work/home life balance in custody with the new shift pattern – so I get to see my family a lot more often.”  

Sgt Olly Smith Worthing Custody Centre transferred from Surrey Police


What’s the shift pattern? Our officers work a number of different patterns depending on the role. You will usually be told which section you will be on in your official offer of appointment letter. Once received you can view your shift. 

If successful, when do I find out where I’m posted to? On receiving the ‘offer of appointment’ letter it will state your posting and your home station.

How long does the process take? It can take approximately six months from applying to appointment, this is dependent on our next intake.

What will my salary be? We use the national pay scale, we will put you on the same pay scale as you are currently on and you’ll receive £1,500 South East Allowance.

What about my pension? Usually your pensionable salary is directly transferable from one force to another as long as there are no gaps in your gaps. Your resignation from your current force will be from midnight of your last working day and you’ll start with Sussex Police at 12:01am the following day to ensure there’s no break/gap in your service.

What happens when I accept your offer? We will contact your force for the following information:

  • Present pay scale including next increment date
  • Dates of service
  • Details of any unpaid leave
  • Receipt of either Housing/traditional allowance or regional allowance
  • Training record
  • Pension information:
    • Date of entry into Police Pension Scheme
    • Current pension scheme
    • If you have tapered protection we’ll request the date


We are committed to promoting equality and diversity within the force. To find out more visit our dedicated pages.

If you have any more questions about the transferee process please email our recruitment team.