The Sussex Police Charitable Trust is here to offer a helping hand to Sussex Police officers, staff, special constables, pensioners and dependant family members in their hour of need.

We assist Members who are going through difficult times and in need of a helping hand.

We offer non-judgmental, confidential advice, support and guidance, grants, loans and/or recuperative breaks.

The SPCT is for the benefit of our members only, so help cannot be given to non-members. Membership is open to all Sussex Police Officers, Special Constables and Staff. It's very easy to join. You can join online by clicking here.

You can call us on 01273 470 101 ext 540703, email us at [email protected] or write to us at Sussex Police Charitable Trust, Police Headquarters, Church Lane, Lewes, BN7 2DZ

The decision-making committee sit once a month and the Trust Adviser will inform you when the next meeting will be. You will hear soon after the meeting date.

We're happy to do home visits, within Sussex, at a mutually convenient time.

If you're experiencing a situation that needs addressing urgently the Trust Advisers can put forward emergency applications to the decision-making committee for a rapid response.

No. It's important to approach us at the earliest opportunity as we cannot reimburse you for expenditure you have already made, or committed to.

No. We aim to support you through all kinds of difficult situations.

Help from the SPCT may sometimes be extended to a dependant family member who meets the criteria for support. We can also support you when a family member is unwell.

No, you won't have to repay a grant.

Grants and loans are usually paid directly to a service provider's bank account. Where this isn't possible, we can pay directly to your bank account, on production of valid receipts.

No. The two schemes are separate and you will need to sign up to both schemes to take advantage of the benefits on offer.

Join SPCT.

Join the Death Benefit Scheme.

Possibly. We cannot replace the services available via the NHS service or through the occupational health scheme and these should always be approached first. However if there is a delay or other problem the funding committee can consider a grant towards up to six sessions of physiotherapy.

Possibly. We cannot replace the services available via the NHS, but if there are unacceptable delays, we may be able to consider assistance for an interim test or consultation to hasten the process, providing this doesn't exclude you from NHS treatment.

No. We offer a broad level of support for a very wide variety of issues.


If you, or a family member, have a situation or condition which would benefit from a recuperative break, we can look at a stay in the SPCT bungalow in Dorset, free of charge. If the bungalow is not appropriate we may be able to accommodate you elsewhere. For more details or to apply contact us.

All our information is kept securely and only dealt with by our dedicated team.

See more information on our Confidentiality and Privacy Policy. 

No. All contact is treated confidentially unless you instruct us otherwise.

See more information on our Confidentiality and Privacy Policy.

A common law duty of confidence exists between Trust Adviser and client. Confidentiality would only be compromised in the most exceptional circumstances.

See more information on our Confidentiality and Privacy Policy.

We will always try to give you a high quality service. If you think we haven't, please let us know by phone, email or letter. Your complaint will be handled by the Charity Manager. If the Charity Manager is on leave your complaint will be handled by another staff member unless you specifically request it be handled by the Manager.

If you are still not happy, you can escalate your complaint to the Board of Trustees via the Chair.