The Sussex Police Charitable Trust is here to offer a helping hand to Sussex Police officers, staff, special constables, pensioners and dependant family members in their hour of need.

The Sussex Police Charitable Trust administers the voluntary Death Benefit Scheme on behalf of Sussex Police.

This scheme is a quick and efficient way of making a small donation to the loved ones of another scheme member should they die in service, for whatever reason.

How it works

When a member of the scheme dies in service, £2 is deducted from all the other scheme members' pay. 100% of the money collected is given to the deceased's beneficiary/ies. We aim to make that payment within 72 hours of notification.

It's a great scheme and the more members we have the greater the financial help we can give to those left behind.

Remember this isn't a monthly cost, just £2 should another scheme member die.

Please note: the Sussex Police Death Benefit Scheme and The Sussex Police Charitable Trust are two different schemes. To take advantage of both schemes please join both.

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